Events from 2016

Geologic Mapping of Putative Paleolake Deposits in a Coprates Catena, Mars, Joe Martin

Inverted Quarantine: Individual Response to Collective Fear, Katherine Moncure

Terrorism in Kenya: The Role of Foreign Involvement in Islamic Radicalization, Sophie Mvurya

Children's Endorsement of Mastery Goals Predicts Their Academic Competence, Carly Oddleifson

John the Fearless: Demagogue, Tyrant and Visionary – The Second Valois Duke of Burgundy and the Parisian Mob, Sean Para

The Earned Income Tax Credit in the American Political Economy, Madeline Peltz

Dimension to Virtual Reality: Ear-eye Coordination with Frequency-responsive Beam Tracing, James Quintana

Viewing the Underground with Ground Penetrating Radar, Ashley Ratigan

Pliocine Diatom Abundance as Proxy for Temperature in Weddell Sea: ODP Site 697, Elena Robakiewicz

Waging Wars in Cyberspace: International Law and the Stuxnet Operation, Willa Rubin

An Ontological Inquiry into the Western Art Composer, Joseph Schlam

Effects of Grain Size, Mineralogy, and Acid-Extractable Grain Coatings on the Distribution of Fallout Radionuclides in River Sediment, Adrian Singleton

Don't Look Back: A Retrospective on Orpheus and Eurydice in Augustan Poetry, Emma Sterling

Covering His Asterick: Allusions to Catullus in Martial Epigrams, Book 9, Katharine Stevens

The Relationship Between Fat-centric Programming and the Anti-fat Stigma, Briana Thompson

Black Male: Representation Within the Art Museum, Orly Vermes

Re-Gendering the Eden Serpent, Juliet Vincente

The True Helen: Identity and Characterization in Euripides, Ryan Walton

Vaping to Lose Weight: Predictors of Adult E-cigarette Use for Weight Management, Amy Wedel

Habitat Selection and Activity Patterns Among Wading Birds, Nathaniel Wehr

All the Stages of Our Lives: Dramatizing Stories with Men in Prison, Lillian White

Events from 2015

Selfish Routing on the Deterministic Queuing Model, Christine Antonsen

The Tomb of Ny-ankh-nesut, Will Austin

Timekeeping in Roundworm Digestion, Christopher Ayoub

Gaels, Galls and Friars: The Dominican Order and Ethnic Tension in Ireland, 1224-1536, Sarah Blenko

The Feminine in Singer-songwriter Music: On Agency, Vulnerability, and the Right to Wear Flowers in our Hair, Autumn Burnett

Community-based Art and Community Formation: A Case Study in West Oakland, Pablo Cerdera

Damsels in Distress no More: Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Modern Conceptions of Girlhood, Kasey Cheydleur

Gene-Environment Interaction in a Cell Model of Parkinson’s Disease: Alpha-synuclein Modulates Cadmium Transport Dynamics and Homeostasis, Weelic Chong

Rainbows and the Rising Sun, Simone Christen

Ethnography and the Surrealist Lens: Photographer Roger Parry and André Malraux’s Le Musée Imaginaire, Mallory Cohen

“The Whole Vexed Question”: Seamus Heaney, Old English, and Language Troubles, Una Creedon-Carey

The Efficacy of the Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct Training Program Among Student Athletes, Kaitlyn Custer

Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct: The Development of an Intervention Program at Oberlin, Jolie De Feis

German-Persian Connections: Goethe and Hafez in Dialogue in West-östlicher Divan, Caroline de Vries

Exposure to Chlorpyrifos and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in a Striatal Cell Model of Huntington’s Disease, Gifty Dominah

Epigenetic Modifying Drugs and Cohesin Mutations in Leukemia, Ellen Drake

Devil in a White Dress: From Survival to Policing in the Modesty Standards of Black Holiness Congregations, Ambre Dromgoole

Broken Windows, Workfare, and the Battle for Public Space in Giuliani’s New York, Jacob Ertel

Climate Change and Displacement: Defining Rights in Rising Tides and Stormy Seas, Mary Esler

An Ethic of Care: Trans* Children, Hormone Therapy, and Parental Responsibility, Anna Field

Norman Jacobson’s Search for Authenticity, Kai Gardner

The White Feminist Movement, Obstetrical Reform, and the Invisible Narratives of Working-class Women and Women of Color, Ronni Getz

Genetic Control of Lateral Root Positioning and Root Elongation, Jeremy Gottfried

Schoenberg’s Moses und Aron and Modernism’s Bilderverbot, Andrew Groble

Eat me/Drink me: Lewis Carroll’s Alice as Canonical Commodity, Emma Hadden

Violence and Nonviolence in the Gospels, Sarah Johnson

Hildegard of Bingen’s Music and Unknown Language, Sarah Kahn

Reading the Landscape: Race, Gender, and Capital in Western Constructions of Nature, Asher Kaplan

Multilateralism and its Discontents: India in the Post-independence Era and the United Nations, Saksham Khosla

A 16th-century Franco-Venetian Book of Hours in Oberlin Library’s Special Collections, Emma Kimmel

The Efficacy of the Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct Training Program Among Student Athletes, Sarah MacFadden

Cross-Cultural Communication and Musical Affect Through the Music of Diali Cissokho and KairaBa, Joseph MacPhail

Debussy’s Departure: A Meditation on the Preludes, Michael Martinez

Negotiating the Musical “Active”: Political and Creative Agency in Hip Hop in Dakar, Oberlin, and Beyond, Dylan McDonnell

The Language of Intersex: Definitions of Sex and Gender in Research on Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Sophie Meade

The Importance of Water Availability for Plant Community Structure in Restored Prairies, Laura Messman

Not Just for Teenage Girls: Adult Fans of One Direction, Edmund Metzold

Sperm Pairing in the Gray Short-tailed Opossum, Monodelphis domestica, Megan Michel

A Story of Old Bones, Margaret Miller

Moved by the Spirit or the Music? Analyzing Modern Evangelical Worship Music Practices, Gabriel Moore

The Effects of Light on Ant-Aphid Mutualisms, Annika Nelson

Faust “Feminized”: Reconceptualizing the Role of Marguerite in Romantic Music, Natalie Oswald

Revealing a Continuity of Sequence Similarity Between Seemingly Unrelated Protein Structures, Sarah Page

Errors in Judgment: The Fundamental Attribution Error and Supreme Court Decision-making, Kalind Parish

A Reevaluation and Reinterpretation of the Association for the Advancement of Women, 1873-1897, Claire Payne

Partnerships and Mandates: Power Relations Between Donor and Recipient NGOs Promoting Gender Equality in Nicaragua, Alyssa Phelps

Shakespeare in the Round: Harmonic Logic of the Globe, Sophia Richardson

Suddenly, I Remember: Hormonal Treatments and Memory Rescue in an Animal Model of Schizophrenia, Alexander Riordan

Misreading the River: Heraclitean Hope in Postmodern Texts, Nancy Roane

Sobreviviendo the Academic Industrial Complex: A Medicinal History of Oberlin College’s La Alianza Latinx, Ana Robelo

Conceptualizing a Developmental State in Post-genocide Rwanda, Simbarashe Runyowa

Tracing the Language of Multiracialism in Postwar Japan, Taiyo Scanlon-Kimura

The Politics of Narrative in Post-9/11 Conceptions of Justice, Michael Stenovec

Competitive Facility Location: Where Should I Put my Banana Stand?, Amanda Strominger

Investigating Filovirus Expression in Monodelphis domestica, Daniel Stuff

Northern Goshawk Diversity and Connectivity Among the Forests of the Northern Great Basin, Stephanie Szarmach

America in Wonderland: Defining the Nation in the Early Amusement Parks of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Kathleen Thornton

Sound Worlds: How Video Games Immerse Us, Teresa Tippens

Lost in Translating: Exploring the Poetry of Guido Catalano, Arianna Valocchi

Freewheeling Women? The Conservative Normalization of American Women’s Cycling, 1890-1900, Hanna Van Reed

Reconstructing Seville: A Translation and Contextualization of Capital Sur, Hannah Varadi

Translation, Interpretation, a New Creation: Stefan George and His Umdichtungen, Mariko Wakayama

“Oh, come è bello e morbido!”: Exposing the Strangeness of Puccini’s La Boheme, Parkorn Wangpaiboonkit

Designing the CRISP Document Format: A Secure Declarative Language for the Web, Laura Watiker

Four Lives in One: The Autobiographical Prose of Ruth Zernova, Will Watkins

Slave Life at Madison’s Montpelier: Comparing Field and House Slave Quarters, Laura Weiner

Untenable Boundaries: J.M. Coetzee’s Summertime and the Autobiography of All Writing, Sarah Westbrook

“Das Dennoch jedes Buchstabens”: Hilde Domin’s Writing and Resistance, Emily Wilkerson

Promoting Systems Thinking Through Metaphor, Annie Winneg

Validating Measures of Alcohol Expectancies, Responses, and Consequences in Adolescents, Stephanie Zellers

Events from 2014

Minds, Bodies, and Political Selves: Embodying Pro-Choice Activism, Samantha Aisen

Becoming the Breath: Experience in the Practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Alexander Bianchi

Ethnic and National Identities in Jewish and Israeli Minority Literature, Hadas Binyamini

An Arbitrary Death? Capital Punishment and the Supreme Court, Truman Braslaw

An Exploratory Investigation of Word Aversion, Christopher Bromberg

Between Force and Law: The Early Years of the Pinochet Regime, Lily Bryant

Luteinizing Hormone and the Brain: Implications for Post-Menopausal Memory Decline, Veronica L. Burnham

Comparing Students’ and Educators’ Perspectives on Composing Music in the Elementary Classroom, Siena Castañares

Symmetries in Practice: Ruth Crawford Seeger's Diaphonic Suites in Graphical Representation, Technical Analysis, and Historiographic Discussion, Alyssa Civian