Events from 2017

The Vagrant: Where the Soviet Love of Bollywood Began, Sarah Chatta

Judaism Despite Modernity: Schoenberg and the German Tradition, Maurice Cohn

“Urban Provincianos”: La Música Chicha and Cultural Identity in 1970s and 1980s Lima, Perú, Julian Cranberg

Musical Translation: The Translation and Transformation of an Eighteenth-Century German Play into a Modern Opera, Serena Creary

Imagine Trees Like These — A Virtual Reality Narrative Concerning Forests, Futurity, and Ephemerality, Andres Cuervo

Investigating the Effects of Antide Treatment on the Preventative and Restorative Effects of Hippocampal Damage in Alzheimer’s Disease Rats, Emily Curley

Ninety Seconds in Charleston: How Historical Memory and Myth Sustain Racial Inequality in America, Kaia Diringer

Thomas Paine's (Un)Common Sense and the Politics of Disagreement, Jordan Ecker

Rethinking Redevelopment: New Urbanism, Neoliberalism, and Sustainable Urban Design Initiatives in Cleveland, Ohio, Julian Geltman

The Underground Soviet: Shaping Soviet Culture in the Leningrad Metro, Ian Gilchrist

Consider the Mantis Shrimp: Semiotics and Authorship in Italo Calvino’s If on a winter’s night a traveler, Zoe Ginsberg

Structure and Randomness in Iannis Xenakis' Analogique A, Sam Goree

Towards a Relative-Pitch Neural Network System for Chorale Composition and Harmonization, Sam Goree

Mapping Mikt’sqaq Angayuk: A GIS Analysis of a Nineteenth-Century Sod House, Maggie Gossiaux

Inadvertent Naturalists: Turgenev, Aksakov, and Russia's New Ornithology, Walker Griggs

Collaborative Resource Sharing Between the Prospect Elementary School Library and the Oberlin Public Library, Natalie Hartog

Investigating Allomorphy in a Coordinating Conjunction: A Corpus Study of Hiaki (Yaqui) Into(k(o)), Olivia Hay and Mattea Scheiber Koon

The Problem of Genre in Opera and Musical Theater, Lily Johnson

The Impact of Music Education on Language Development, Gabrielle Kaufman

Shock Therapy: Horror Aesthetics in German Modernism, Sean Lambert

By Any Genes Necessary: Enlightened Self-Interest in Soren Kierkegaard’s Works of Love, Noah Last

Nurturing a Community of Trust and Resilience: Coalition Building and Faith-Based Organizing at El Centro, Rachel Leader

"A Wilderness of Mirrors": Reality TV, Fake News, and Surveillance in the Trump Era, Elizabeth Levinson

Bird Chatter as an Indicator of Safety: To What Extent Do Eastern Gray Squirrels Rely on Public Information?, Marie Lilly

Whipped Cream, Whiskey, and Weight Loss: Exploring the Versatility of E-cigarette Use in Adolescents and Adults, Alexa L'Insalata and Meghan Morean

Depth of Field: Giovanni di Paolo's Landscapes in Fifteenth-Century Siena, Noah Margulis

A Journey Through the Forest: The Evolution of Concept Albums and Song Cycles, Perry Maybrown

It’s a Boys’ Club, Isn’t It?: One Dimensionality in Portrayals of the Female Rocker, Kristin McFadden

Who Is “The Scholar"? or, Looking for Truth with Emerson, Liam McMillin

Barbershop Quartets and American Popular Music, Samuel Mellman

Transformation through Installation: Portraying Ovidian Metamorphoses via Multimedia, Jackie Milestone

To Make You Feel Something: Analyzing Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’s An Octoroon, Anthony Moaton

Oberlin College Hoops: Sport and Diversity in Higher Education, Zach Moo Young

Dignity and Dining Halls: Relations of Power in Oberlin Labor, Jeeva Muhil

Between and Beyond the Binary: Gender Pronouns and Community Support, Al Nadeau-Rifkind

The Sonification of Money: Applying Creative Innovation in the Music Industry, Grover Neville

Who is Neotraditional?: Visualizing Postcolonial Identities in J. D. 'Okhai Ojeikere's Hairstyles Photographs, Alexandra Nicome

The Endangerment Turn: Tracking the Transition of Vegetarian Discourse in Contemporary China, Brendan Nuse

Experiential Composition: An Exploration of Virtual-Environmental Music, Isaac Pearl

Experimental Biomechanics on Trinucleid Fringe Pits (trilobita), Kirk Pearson

Codeswitching in Hiaki Conversational Discourse: An Evaluation of Myers-Scotton's Matrix Language Frame Model, Sophie Pierson

"And There in the Postwar Silence": Olga Berggolts and Postwar Soviet Subjectivity, 1945-1954, Lillian Posner

Granary C113 from Karanis: A Case of Misidentification, Shelby Raynor

Community-Based Social Marketing Research: Sustainable Behavior Change in Oberlin, Lauren Rhodes and Abigail Carlstad

Articulations of Mestizaje in Early Twentieth-Century Mexican Art, Juan Omar Rodriguez

Voices from the Forge: Work, Space, and Communication in Early Cistercian Monasticism, Jacob Roosa

Flight, Musical Expression and Virtuosity, Christiana Rose

Poetry by Langston: Lessons Taught and Learned Through Writers-in-the-Schools (WITS), Nick Rowan Bassman

The Role of Millet in Pre-Roman Italy, Scott Russell

Fearless Foreign Women: Exploring Tamar And Ruth As Characters Within A Post-Exilic Debate on Intermarriage, Rachel Sacks

Optimization of Emulsion PCR for Aptamer Selection, Naviya Schuster-Little

Lessons in Resilience: From Biological Systems to Human Food Systems, Liv Scott

Symphonies of Horror: Musical Experimentation in Howard Shore’s Work with David Cronenberg, Vikram Shankar

"We Need Not Weep Alone": Evelyn C. White's Vision of a World Where Black Women are Free, Natalia Shevin

Infrared and Thermal-Desorption Spectroscopy of Hydrogen in Metal-Organic Frameworks, Kai Shinbrough

Goddess Killing: The Combat Myth and Politics in the Revelation of John, Emma Snape

"This is a Closed Space for Queer Identifying Folx": Queer Spaces on Campus, Tory Sparks

What's In A Neanderthal: A Comparative Analysis, Taylorlyn Stephan

Grooves on the Mind: The Call for Music Therapy Practices Applicable to Communities of Color, Khalid Taylor

Pathways In & Out of STEM: An Exploration of School Structure and Its Effects on Underrepresented Minorities at Oberlin College, Xavier Tirado

Including Interstellar Scattering Effects in Pulsar Timing, Jacob Turner

Reading' the Tracking Shot in Nadja and Marienbad, Eleanor H. Van Buren

Violence in the Feed: Accelerated Productions and Circulations of Police Brutality Videos, Natalie Ventura Villasana

Synthetic Melanin Filtration Agents, Alejandro Vera

Georges Bataille: A Body in Motion, Daniel West

Responsible Songwriting: Ethical Challenges in Collaborative Autoethnographic Composition, Alexandra Wilder

Gustavo Gutiérrez's Liberation Theology: A Hermeneutic of Utopian Hope, Hunter Zepeda

Events from 2016

Breaking Down “Development”: A Music Theoretical Approach to Understanding Journey in Music, Henry Aberle

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: How the Demolition of the Chicago Housing Projects Affected Gun Violence, Jasmine Adams

Boston's Villa Victoria: A Space Produced, Madeleine Aquilina

Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Towards Transgender People: The Role of Demographic and Psychosocial Variables, Stephanie Atwood

Luteinizing Hormone and the Brain: A Role for Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, Nate Bohm-Levine

Spiritual Approaches to Type 2 Diabetes Management, Zoe Braunstein

Contested Land, Contested Representations: Re-visiting the Arab Revolt of 1936-1939 in Palestine, Gabriel Brown

Contextualizing Affordable Housing Resistance and Exclusion, Yvette Chen

Clades Variana: The Literary Shadows of Teutoburg in Tacitus' Annals, Timothy Chung

Playing Porteño: Translating History Across Cultural Stages, Rebecca Cohen

Black and Still Gold: Africana Cultural Approaches to Knowledge and Formal Education, Alexandria Cunningham

Quantifying Land Use and Erosion in Southwest China, Megan Curiel and Zanna Doak

Exact Pattern Containment in Restricted Growth Functions, Robert Dorward

Critical Pedagogy and Arts-integrated Curriculum in K-12 Schools, Miriam DuVall

Analyzing Geomorphic Impact of Early Agriculture on the Tibetan Plateau, Dominic Fiallo

Demonic Bodies Under Construction, Miriam Finkelman

The Los Angeles Beat Scene: Using MIDI Tracing as a Framework for Transcription, Analysis, and Creation, Alex Frank

To Come Alive in Our Experience: The Sounds of Listening in Sigurd F. Olson, Allison Fulton

The Effects of the Munich Visiting Program on German-Jewish Memory of the Holocaust, 1960-1972, Jesse Gamoran

“Music-making in a Joyous Sense”: Community and the Dangers of Modernity at Benjamin Britten's Aldeburgh Festival of Music and the Arts, Daniel Hautzinger

Post-structural Sounds: Listening to the Relationship Between Post-structuralism and Music in Debussy, Mann, and Joyce, Flora Hollifield

Twelve Syllables and Counting: Translating Racine's Andromaque (1667) in Alexandrines, Manon Hume

Managing Racist Pasts: The Black Justice League’s Demand for Inclusion and Its Challenge to the Promise of Diversity, Tomoyo Joshi

Architecture and Connectedness to Nature, Sarah Kahl

Entomopathic Nematodes Found in a Population of Emerald Ash Borers from Connecticut, Alexandra Kahn

Women in Resistance: Impacts on Land, Life, and Community, Zia Kandler

On the Approximability of DAG Edge Deletion, Nathan Klein

Ethel Merman: The Effect of "Belt" on the Broadway Musical, Eve Kummer-Landau

To Sound Jewish: An Exploration of Faith in the Music of Felix Mendelssohn, Lisa Learman

How Do You Describe a New Species? Botanical Illustration of Gysophilic Plants from the Chihuahan Desert, Mexico, Elena Loke

Do Squirrels Let Birds Do Their Work for Them?, Emma Lucore

Soundscaping: The Art and Theory of Audio Engineering, Cole Lumpkin

Analyzing Hunch-based Decision-making, William Lynch