Events from 2018

"A Spectacle of Vice": Sex Work and Moralism Under the Paris Commune, Eliza Guinn

Effects of Emerald Ash Borer on Ant Diversity at Chance Creek Nature Preserve, Stephanie Gunter

Bearing the Dream: Undocumented Students in Higher Education, Zurisaday Gutierrez Avila

“Overrun all this country…”: Two New Mexican lives through the U.S. Civil War, Izzy Hannigan

Using Filipino American National Democratic Activism as a Lens for Redressing American Empire in the Philippines, Melissa Harris

“Get Yourself Out of Whatever Cage You Find Yourself In”: The Queerness of Form in Contemporary Queer Literature, Elly Higgins

Defining Success: A Study of Oberlin College Programming, Rayna Storm Holmes

Gendering Genitals: Medical Discourse and Healthcare Provider Education on Intersex Conditions, Tess Jewell

Simulation of Interstellar Scattering of Pulsar Signals, Adam Jussila

Political Survival and the Yasukuni Problem: The Logic Behind the Rising Chinese Popular Nationalism Towards Koizumi Junichiro’s Annual Prime Ministerial Visits to Yasukuni Shrine and Koizumi’s Diplomatic Policy in Relation to China, Yingyue Kang

Madness and Memory: Reading Collaboration as Trauma in Kim Sa-ryang’s “Tenma” and Patrick Modiano’s La Place de l’étoile, Melissa Karp

Gay Shamans and Gatekeepers: Radical Faeries and the Implications of “Playing Indian” in the New Age, Claire Kotarski

"Crooked" Language: Moroccan Heritage, Identity, and Belonging on Youtube, Radia Lahlou

Limitations of NAGPRA: The Mohegan Mask in the Penn Museum’s Collection, Elka Lee-Shapiro

The Cognitive Science of Moral Judgment, Chester Leopold

After the End of History, Steven Levin

The Effect of Living-Cost Adjusted Minimum Wage on Low Birth Weights: A County-Level Analysis, Louisa Liles

Sí, Me Afectó: The Women of Bracero Households in Michoacán, 1942-1964, Eleanor Lindberg

The Chinese Student Commencement Speech Controversy: A Discourse Analysis of Responding Microblogs, Jenny Xin Luan

Art and Havana's Experience of the "Special Period", Josephine Marshall


An Exploration of Native Alaskan Cultural Heritage through Technology, Ethnography, and Oral History, Val Masters

The Terror Experts: Producing and Policing Terrorist Subjects at a University Research Center, Liam McLean

Underneath the Mythical Iceberg: Musings on My Novel-in-Progress, Brandi Lee Metzger

Demystifying the Education Crisis: An Analysis of the Foundational Causes for Poor Academic Outcomes in South African Rural Schools, Thobeka Mnisi

Healing and Restoration Under Slavery, and The Public Memory That Lets Us Remembers, Muntaha Mohamed

An Environmental and Cost Comparison between Petroleum-Based Plastic Drinking Straws and a "Greener" Alternative, Madeline Moran

Creating Barriers to Determination of Structurally Cohesive Subgroups (Keynote), Yasmeen Mussard-Afcari and Adam Eck

The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo: Motherhood as a Tool to Undermine the Patriarchy, Tal Netter-Sweet


Testing the Production of Scintillation Arcs with the Pulsar B1133+16, Stella Ocker

De pura cepa: Seis cuentos, Rita M. Pérez-Padilla

Betwixt Recorded Worlds: Comparing Studio and Live Sound through Musical Affect, Gus Perkins

Das Lied von der Erde: A Cross-cultural Approach, Hanyu Qu

The Green Revolution in Africa: How Domestic Institutions Empower Market-Oriented Development Projects, Julia Ranney


Invertebrate Diversity in an Agricultural and Post-Agricultural Field in Oberlin, Ohio, Hannah Rodgers

Gender Nonconformity and the Stereotype Content Model, Ari Rosenblum

The Literature of Pompeii, Rose Rosenthal

The Courage You're Looking For: Linking Academics to Community Based Arts Programs in Oberlin, Naomi Roswell

Strengthening Networks of Expertise: Midwives, Obstetricians, and Complementarity in Danish Obstetrics, Christina Ruggiero-Corliss


Oppression in Musical Theater Songwriting: How the “I Want” Song Illuminates Formal Dilemmas, Jennifer Schapire

Elementary School Students and STEM: Creating an Archaeology Lesson Plan for Get With the Program, Emma Schechter

“It Takes a Village”: How the Investment in Self, Community, and Environment Can Influence Low Income Black Children to Succeed, Niya Smith-Wilson

Internet Censorship in Egypt and Iran, Sydney Solomon

"An Island Reborn": Imagery of Japan in Mid-twentieth Century American Magazines, Alexander Somogyi

Identifying with Mental Illness at Oberlin: Social Barriers to Help-seeking, Charis Stanek

Philosophy of Truth, and Philosophical Life of Michel Foucault, Jiyao Tang

"Unsex Me Here": Teaching Shakespeare Across Race and Gender, Han Taub

Deviations from Ideality: Quantum Cluster Equilibrium Theory and the Methanol-Benzene Binary Mixture, Nic Vigilante

Optimization of Magnetic Fluidic SELEX to Select Aptamers for Ovarian Cancer Biomarker HE4, Gabrielle Walsh

Structure-Function Study of the Lab Opossum Prostate, Julie Watiker

Distinguishing Between Romans and Non-Romans in Tacitus' Germania and Agricola, Tara Wells

Exploring Implications of Artistic Motivations in Dance, Shai Wolf

The Nature of Narratives and the Narratives of Nature: Wildlife Film, the Ecology of Folklore, and Wild Metamorphoses, Cella Wright

Flying Tigers: Transnational Memories of a World War II Collaboration, Shang Yasuda

Mori Ogai’s Suicidal Samurai and Bushido in Early Twentieth Century Japan, Xun Zheng

Tōkaidō in Modern Representation, Yiyin (Mia) Zhong

Events from 2017

Deconstructing Hypermasculinity: Combatting the War on Black Men, Aliyah Abu-Hazeem

“Head Start Works,” But Why?: Understanding the Persistence of an American Welfare Program, Leah Awkward-Rich

At the Edges of Queer: Navigating Ambiguity, Community, and Erasure, Maddie Batzli

Re-Contextualizing the Object: Fred Wilson's Wildfire Test Pit and the Semiotics of Museum Labels, Elana Bell

Documenting Oberlin's Native Arctic Collection, Alice Blakely and Cori Mazer

Hydrology and Terracing in the Monte Pallano area of Abruzzo, Italy, Lucas Brown

Volatile Components of Preen Gland Secretions and Community-Level Interactions in Disease Transmission, Maxwell Butler

"Interrogating the And": A Study of Environmentalism and Disability, Melissa Cabat

Does Position Along the Watershed Affect Hybridization Dynamics Between the Native Orconectes Sanbornii and Invasive O. rusticus?, Elisa Casado Henderson

The Vagrant: Where the Soviet Love of Bollywood Began, Sarah Chatta

Judaism Despite Modernity: Schoenberg and the German Tradition, Maurice Cohn

“Urban Provincianos”: La Música Chicha and Cultural Identity in 1970s and 1980s Lima, Perú, Julian Cranberg

Musical Translation: The Translation and Transformation of an Eighteenth-Century German Play into a Modern Opera, Serena Creary

Imagine Trees Like These — A Virtual Reality Narrative Concerning Forests, Futurity, and Ephemerality, Andres Cuervo

Investigating the Effects of Antide Treatment on the Preventative and Restorative Effects of Hippocampal Damage in Alzheimer’s Disease Rats, Emily Curley

Ninety Seconds in Charleston: How Historical Memory and Myth Sustain Racial Inequality in America, Kaia Diringer

Thomas Paine's (Un)Common Sense and the Politics of Disagreement, Jordan Ecker

Rethinking Redevelopment: New Urbanism, Neoliberalism, and Sustainable Urban Design Initiatives in Cleveland, Ohio, Julian Geltman

The Underground Soviet: Shaping Soviet Culture in the Leningrad Metro, Ian Gilchrist

Consider the Mantis Shrimp: Semiotics and Authorship in Italo Calvino’s If on a winter’s night a traveler, Zoe Ginsberg

Structure and Randomness in Iannis Xenakis' Analogique A, Sam Goree

Towards a Relative-Pitch Neural Network System for Chorale Composition and Harmonization, Sam Goree

Mapping Mikt’sqaq Angayuk: A GIS Analysis of a Nineteenth-Century Sod House, Maggie Gossiaux

Inadvertent Naturalists: Turgenev, Aksakov, and Russia's New Ornithology, Walker Griggs

Collaborative Resource Sharing Between the Prospect Elementary School Library and the Oberlin Public Library, Natalie Hartog

Investigating Allomorphy in a Coordinating Conjunction: A Corpus Study of Hiaki (Yaqui) Into(k(o)), Olivia Hay and Mattea Scheiber Koon

The Problem of Genre in Opera and Musical Theater, Lily Johnson

The Impact of Music Education on Language Development, Gabrielle Kaufman

Shock Therapy: Horror Aesthetics in German Modernism, Sean Lambert

By Any Genes Necessary: Enlightened Self-Interest in Soren Kierkegaard’s Works of Love, Noah Last

Nurturing a Community of Trust and Resilience: Coalition Building and Faith-Based Organizing at El Centro, Rachel Leader

"A Wilderness of Mirrors": Reality TV, Fake News, and Surveillance in the Trump Era, Elizabeth Levinson

Bird Chatter as an Indicator of Safety: To What Extent Do Eastern Gray Squirrels Rely on Public Information?, Marie Lilly

Whipped Cream, Whiskey, and Weight Loss: Exploring the Versatility of E-cigarette Use in Adolescents and Adults, Alexa L'Insalata and Meghan Morean

Depth of Field: Giovanni di Paolo's Landscapes in Fifteenth-Century Siena, Noah Margulis

A Journey Through the Forest: The Evolution of Concept Albums and Song Cycles, Perry Maybrown

It’s a Boys’ Club, Isn’t It?: One Dimensionality in Portrayals of the Female Rocker, Kristin McFadden

Who Is “The Scholar"? or, Looking for Truth with Emerson, Liam McMillin

Barbershop Quartets and American Popular Music, Samuel Mellman

Transformation through Installation: Portraying Ovidian Metamorphoses via Multimedia, Jackie Milestone

To Make You Feel Something: Analyzing Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’s An Octoroon, Anthony Moaton

Oberlin College Hoops: Sport and Diversity in Higher Education, Zach Moo Young

Dignity and Dining Halls: Relations of Power in Oberlin Labor, Jeeva Muhil

Between and Beyond the Binary: Gender Pronouns and Community Support, Al Nadeau-Rifkind

The Sonification of Money: Applying Creative Innovation in the Music Industry, Grover Neville