Events from 2012

Corporate Presence in Trinidad and Tobago: The Stories of Protest Media, Melissa Elie

Mind the Gap, Meghan Farnsworth

Nuclear Power Policy in Japan, Sarah Fries

Los niños que se quedan atrás: The Double Standard of Bilingualism for Minority Language Children in American Public Schools, Emily Gazda

Archaeometric Characterization of Roman Tile Fabrics from the Sangro Valley, Italy, Eli Goldberg

Dos caras a la luz: El lugar de la objetividad en obras españoles de la época posfranquista, Evanne Gordon

Elimination of Implant-Induced Distortions in Computed Tomography Images, Christopher Haddad

The Acrosome Reaction of Paired Sperm in Monodelphis domestica, Jebran Haddad

Tract-Tracing Study in the Goldfish: A Suspected Homologue of the Mammalian Central Nucleus of the Amygdala, Matt Hartsock

The Utility of Social Media in Public Diplomacy, Owen Henry

Interpretation as Analysis: Sonata Form in the First Movement of Ravel's String Quartet, Amy Hess

Robert of Hangest's Beauvais Missal: Reconstructing a Medieval Illuminated Manuscript, Claire Jenson

Why Study Violence?: Trauma and Survival After the Pinochet Dictatorship, Hannah Joseph

The Sino-Tibetan Dialogue, Rene Kamm

Location Security in Android Smartphones, Aaron Kanter

“Trying to Say”: Memory, Overheard Mothers, and the Rhetoric of Modernity in Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury, Arielle Kaplan

The Funding of Education in Ohio and the Perpetuation of Inequality, Roger Kligerman

The Reinvention of Britain: British National Identity and the European Community, 1967-1975, J. Meade Klingensmith

Evangelical Protestants and Political Trust, Phil Lee

A Biological-Historical Narrative of the Bengal Famine of 1943-44, Joseph Leffler

Classical References in the Révolutions de Paris and the Rise of Republicanism, June-September 1791, Suzanne Levin

Re-Transforming Identity: Testimonial Literature by Jewish Argentine Survivors of Argentina's Dirty War, Maya Matalon

Automatic Generation of Shakespearean Sonnets, Claire Nelson

A Never-Changing Map: Cartographic Experiments and a Return to the Subject in Cloud Atlas, Rebecca Nieto

Authorship, Ambiguity, and Authoritarianism in the Fictionalized Prison Writing of Sinan Antoon’s I’jaam and Dulce Chacón’s La Voz Dormida, Naila Paul

Living Greguerías, Violet Peña

Phylogenetics and Phylogeography in a Gypsum Endemic Clade: Haploësthes and Sartwellia, Rachel Plumb

Canon, Code, and Cloister: A Legal History of the Nuns' Revolt at Sainte-Croix, 589-591, Jake Purcell

Egalitarianism, Musical Excellence, and Style Preservation in the Barbershop Vocal Contest, Chad Putka

The Mozart Effect: Music, Success, and Socioeconomic Status in an American Classroom, Netta Rappaport

Taiko Drumming in the Northeastern United States: Transmission, Innovation and Power, Galen Rogers

Nonactive Verb Morphology in Classical Nahuatl, Miriam Rothenberg

Education, Citizenship, and Participation: Defining Variables for Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sonia Roubini

Role of pYap1 in Trophoblast Formation in the Laboratory Opossum, Nadia Safa

(Inter)active Listening: A study of Video Game Music, Daniella Sanchez

French Choral Music from the Renaissance to the 20th Century, Lydia Stout

Community Based Stormwater Management Action: OSWAMP, Annika Sullivan

HIV Cell Entry and Genetic Host Factors, Inyang Udo-Inyang

Sexual Relationships at the Transition to College, Rose Wesche

The Legacy of Quetzalcoatl and Huitzilopochtli: Indigenous Imagery in the Murals of Mexico City and Los Angeles, Samantha Williams