Events from 2019

The Birth of a Colonial Clinic: Medical Colonization in Dakar, Maite Abadia-Manthei

The Brothers Size​: Directing in the Africana Aesthetic, Ti Ames and Caroline Jackson Smith

Tourism and the Selling of Settler Colonialism in New Mexico, RubyJane Anderson

Carpooling on Campus, Ilana Ascher and Skyler (Yuxuan) Yin

Cold Turkey: How the Political Climate Affects Family Interactions, Joshua Ashkinaze

Peklo the Dance Film, Sophia Attebery

Death was Creeping Through the Air: Post-War American Politics and the 1918 Influenza Epidemic, Emma Baker

The Recording Studio as an Instrument, Maddy Baltor

General Game Playing as a Bandit-Arms Problem: A Multiagent Monte-Carlo Solution Exploiting Nash Equilibria, Matt Banda

A Discussion of White Hegemony within Black Cultural Curriculum at a Predominantly White Institution and a Proposal for an Application of Goal Attainment Scaling to Measure Black Student Success, Jazmen Bell

Skilled Narration, Beautiful Language, and Sympathy for the Villain: How Texts Dehumanize the Lolitas and Ledas of Literature, Julia Berrebi

A Translation of Ideas: An Analysis of Sight-based Metaphor Between Saint Augustine, Plato and the Neo-Platonists, Justin Lorenzo Biggi

Crafting Pedagogical Intimacies: The Potential of Feminist Zines in Sex Education, Lotte Brewer

Examining the Current Realities of Indie Music Distribution in Cape Town, South Africa, Lauren Brown


Community Genomic Drivers of Moss Microbiome Assembly and Function in Rapidly Changing Alaskan Ecosystems, Julia Butler

Historical Influences on Implicit Racism: White Immigrant Identity in New York City Council Campaigns, Becca Chant

Antirealism: A History, Ben Diener

The Sound & the Surplus: Speculation as a Radical Mode of Resistance, Emma B.B. Doyle

Power of Programming: The History and Theory of Film Curation, Emma Dreyfuss

Ash Loss in an Era of Climate Change: Examining the Growth and Distribution of Understory Trees in High-ash Mortality Areas, Sophie Everbach

Oberlin's Experimental Hazelnut Orchard: Exploring Woody Agriculture’s Potential for Climate Mitigation & Food System Resilience, Naomi Fireman

How Do Black Americans Talk about Personal Responsibility?, Jaques Forbes

The Multi-Track to the Mind: An Analysis of Studio Production Techniques, Isabel Forden


Identifying the Effects of T cell Deficient Mice in Alzheimer’s Disease Model, Lauren Fries

The Sounds of Objects In Spaces: Sound Sculpture as a Compositional Medium, Dante Giramma

Progression of State & Federal Education Policy, Funding, and Legislation in Public Schools Since 1983, Daniel Gonzales

Indigenous Superheroism in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Juliette Greene

The Elements in Historical Propaganda Recurring in Criminal Procedurals: A Study of NCIS and its Portrayal of the War on Terror, Yonce Hitt


Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: Approaching Music Education with a Cultural Lens, Daniel Huerta

A Libertarian Idea: Redistributive Taxation as a Violation of Property Rights, Shizhe Hu

Catastrophe Cypher: Hip Hop as Resistance after Hurricane Maria, Mobey Irizarry-Lambright

Project Hózhó : Youth, Arts and Environment in the Navajo Nation, Brian James, Kieran Minor, and Rashad Saleh


Intellectual Insurgency and the Subversive Academy: Palestinian Women, Violent Resistance, and the Erasure of Political Subjectivity, Nicholas Kattoura

Birds of a Feather: The Connection Between Moral Codes and Friendship, Kennedy Kline

The Life of John Laurens, Alex Kohn

Legal Weapons: The Supreme Court and the Decline of Tribal Sovereignty, Lior Krancer

Incorporating Movement into High School Choral Classrooms: A Practical Approach, Peri Leavitt

Memories of Silence: Music and Privilege in Communist Czechoslovakia, Catherine Lytle

A Theory of Christian Appeals, Andrew MacPhail


Written in the Margins, Katherine Maleckar

General Music Classrooms: Where Neurodiversity Meets Neurotypicality, Ryn McWhirter

Phylogeny of Gypsum Endemic Gaillardia Species: How Location Influences Gene Flow Across the Chihuahuan Desert, Cameron Moss

Recordando y reconstruyendo una memoria: una crónica del Comité 68 y el Movimiento de 1968 en México, Emmanuel Navarro

Rhyme Scheme in Musical Theater and its Relation to Phrase Structure, Alex Ngo

The Origin of Cellularity and Organismal Individuality in Digital Life Simulations, Diep Nguyen


Different Paths to the Same Failure: American and French Military Involvement in Vietnam from 1945-1973, Samuel Paul


Close-Knit: A Brief History of Knitting, Family, and Activism in African-American Communities, Nina Pulley

Love & Relationships in The Digital Era, Alexandra Roman

Destierro and Desengaño: The Disabled Body in Golden Age Spanish Portraiture, Colin Sanborn

Harrowing the Church: Gregory VII, Hugh of Die, and Religious Transformation of France in the 1070s, John Schechtman-Marko

Debt: What Do We Owe Each Other?, Gabriel Shestack

Deconstructing the Politics, Erotics, and Poetics of Contemporary Feminist Text in the Post Me Too Era, Gabi Shiner

Developing a Novel Measure of College Student’s Attitudes towards Sexual Misconduct, Eli Silverman-Lloyd

The Enigmatic Abundance of Rare Earth Elements: The Political Economy of Green Technology, Rex Simmons


Drum Playing Modulates the Post Auricular Muscle Response: Intention or Attention?, Zoe Swann


Cadmium Induced Neurotoxicity in Huntington's Disease, Morgan Thomas

Sensing the Visual: A Critical Disability Studies Approach to the Allen Memorial Art Museum, Hannah Tishkoff


From the Castle to the Margins: The Decline and Fall of the Central European Left, Nick Vachon

Interactive and Immersive Sound Design in Video Games: 8-bit to Adaptive Virtual Reality, Felipe Velay Ferreira

Call it Nature, Call it Instinct, Call it Education; A Curriculum for Urban Eco-Poetics, Otto Vock

Towards More Complicated Human Security: Solving the Measurement Paradox, Sage Vousé

The Effect of Systems Thinking on Pro-Environmental Behavior, Emery Webster


Japanese Buddhist Temples and their Adaptions to Contemporary Society, Julia Weldon

It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know: Networking and Getting into Law School and Beyond, Jakheem Wheatley

Queer Fashion Within Hegemonic Institutions: The Development of a Queer and Trans* People of Color Aesthetic at Predominately White Institutions, Le'Priya White

Reading the Oberlin Landscape-A Place Based Natural History Exco, Will Wickham

Reconceptualizing Accountability and Harm: Transformative Justice at Oberlin, Hanne Williams-Baron and Joseph Flegel-Mishlove

Come to the Cabaret, You Swine: French Cabaret Theater as Innovative Social Commentary, Anthony Zicari

Events from 2018

A Covenantal Theology of Protest: The Jewish Tradition of Moral Confrontation with God, Ethan Aronson

Understanding Film Sound Through Musical Theory, Matthew Bach-Lombardo

Tombstones as Witnesses: A Cross-cultural Study on the Yangzhou Latin Tombstones, Mengtian Bai

The Metonymic Carnival: Showman Figures in Modern German Drama, Leah Barber

A Reconstruction of Emerald Ash Borer-induced Mortality in a Northeast Ohio Forest, CJ Blair

Zebrafish (D. Rerio) Preferentially Associate with Bolder, but not Familiar Conspecifics, Aviva Blonder

Cuban Literature in Translation: Fina García Marruz’s Créditos de Charlot, Sonia Bloom

Stories of the Material Record, Christian Bolles

Medical Cannabis Expectancies Questionnaire, Ellyn R. Butler

Searching For Utopia in Postwar British Urban Planning, Julia Butterfield

Testing and Disciplining Young Men of Color in Urban Public Schools, Brian Cabral

Surviving Death: The Possibility of an Afterlife, Cameron Campbell


Capturing the Past Through Elyria’s Architecture, Walter Campbell


Responsibility in Just War Theory, Isabel Canfield

The Chicago Renaissance: Activism in Chicago's Music Scene, Andre Jamal Cardine Jr.

French Exotic Music and the Musical Construction of Spain, Monica Chen

A Friendly Discourse: How Should A Person Be? At the Intersection of Female Friendship and Epistolarity, Leah Cohen

Historical Record and Narratives of Israel's Operation Cast Lead (27 December 2008 – 18 January 2009) in Gaza, Thomas Cohn


Investigating Restorative Justice: A Four-Year Journey, Megan Cox

Making Modernity in Saudi Arabia: Technology, Territory, and Global Networks of Control, Madeleine Cravens

The Restricted Section: A Study of Chromatic Mediants and Their Effect on Film Music, Anthony Dennis

The Left Wing of the Possible: Building an American Labor Party in the Shadow of the New Deal: 1936-1947, Jesse Docter


The Language of Sport: Understanding Chile through Marathon Races and Fútbol Games, Lilah Drafts-Johnson

A Melody in a Different Key: Reconstructing Cultural Subjectivity from Shaw to O’Casey to Hansberry, Henry DuBeau

Phylogenetics and Niche Evolution in Members of the Four O'clock Family, Abronia and Tripterocalyx, Caroline Edwards

Purifying the Sacred: How Hindu Nationalism Reshapes Environmentalism in Contemporary India, Owen Ellerkamp

Ancient Textile Production in the Archaeological Record of Karanis, Egypt, Susanna Faas-Bush

Queering the Grid: Zanele Muholi’s Archival Project, Michelle Fikrig

The Nominally Morphological Behavior of the Intejection 'Ori' in Hiaki, James Fleming, Laura Jingyi Li, and Nina Lorence-Ganong

Chopin Onscreen: Media Representations of Frederic Chopin, Monika Cecilia Franaszczuk

Horror Without End: Narratives of Fear Under Modern Capitalism, Andrés Emil González

The Path to Fertilization: SPAM 1 and Sperm Pairing in Monodelphis domestica, Kobi Griffith