Submissions from 2020

A Parametric Version of LLL and Some Consequences: Parametric Shortest and Closest Vector Problems, Tristram Bogart, John Goodrick, and Kevin Woods

Reducing luteinizing hormone levels after ovariectomy improves spatial memory: Possible role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, Nathaniel Bohm-Levine, Alexander R. Goldberg, Monica Mariani, Maya Frankfurt, and Janice E. Thornton

Using Latent Class Analysis to Examine Susceptibility to Various Tobacco Products Among Adolescents, Krysten W. Bold, Eugenia Buta, Patricia Simon, Grace Kong, Meghan E. Morean, Deepa Camenga, and Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin

Conversation with a Prominent Propagator: Leo Porter, Heather Bort, David P. Bunde, Zack J. Butler, Christopher L. Hovey, Jaime Spacco, and Cynthia Taylor

Korean War: Open Questions, Gregg Brazinsky, Chen Jian, Sheila Miyoshi Jager, Jiyul Kim, and Michael Devine

"Following Echo": Speech and Common Profit in Chaucer’s Clerk’s Tale, Jennifer E. Bryan

Conversation with a Prominent Propagator: Michael Kolling, David P. Bunde, Zack Butler, Christopher L. Hovey, and Cynthia Taylor

Conversation with a Prominent Propagator: Sushil Prasad, David P. Bunde, Zack Butler, Christopher L. Hovey, and Cynthia Taylor

Chasing Charley, Finding Reed: Reaching Toward the Ghosts of the Archive, KJ Cerankowski

The Substance of Kinship: How Ruth the Moabite Became a Daughter in Judah, Cynthia Chapman

Using Validated Assessments to Learn About Your Students, Michael Clancy, Cynthia Lee, Soohyun Nam Liao, Leo Porter, Cynthia Taylor, and Kevin C. Webb

Enormous ‘Fatherbodies’: Kafka’s Brief an den Vater and Peter Stephan Jungk’s Die Reise über den Hudson, Gabriel Cooper

Facing East: Orientalism and Antisemitism in Heine's Hebräische Melodien, Gabriel S. Cooper

What Good is the Canon for a Diversified and Decolonized Curriculum?, Gabriel S. Cooper

Global Cities versus Rustbelt Realities: The Dilemmas of Urban Development in Russia, Stephen Crowley

The Factory Joins the Square: Putin’s Nightmare Unfolds in Belarus, Stephen Crowley

Diversity, distribution, development, and evolution of medullary bundles in Nyctaginaceae, Israel L. da Cunha Neto, Marcelo R. Pace, Norman A. Douglas, Michael H. Nee, Cyl Farney C. de Sá, Michael J. Moore, and Veronica Angyalossy

Resistance of South American opossums to vWF-binding venom C-type lectins, Danielle H. Drabeck, Alexandra Rucavado, Erika Hingst-Zaher, Yolanda P. Cruz, Antony M. Dean, and Sharon A. Jansa

Campaign Rhetoric and the Incumbency Advantage, James N. Druckman, Martin J. Kifer, and Michael Parkin

Making Sense of Increased Synchronization in Global House Prices, John V. Duca

The Other (Commercial) Real Estate Boom and Bust: The Effects of Risk Premia and Regulatory Capital Arbitrage, John V. Duca and David C. Ling

Scalable Decision-Theoretic Planning in Open and Typed Multiagent Systems, Adam Eck, Maulik Shah, Prashant Doshi, and Leen-Kiat Soh

The ALMaQUEST survey – III. Scatter in the resolved star-forming main sequence is primarily due to variations in star formation efficiency, Sara L. Ellison, Mallory D. Thorp, Lihwai Lin, His-An Pan, Asa F.L. Bluck, Jillian Scudder, Hossen Teimoorinia, Sebastian F. Sánchez, and Mark Sargent

The ALMaQUEST Survey – II. What drives central starbursts at z ∼ 0?, Sara L. Ellison, Mallory D. Thorp, His-An Pan, Lihwai Lin, Jillian Scudder, Asa F.L. Bluck, Sebastian F. Sanchez, and Mark Sargent

AIG1 and ADTRP are endogenous hydrolases of fatty acid esters of hydroxy fatty acids (FAHFAs) in mice, Meric Erikci Ertunc, Bernard P. Kok, William Parsons, Justin G. Wang, Dan Tan, Cynthia J. Donaldson, Antonio F.M. Pinto, Joan M. Vaughan, Nhi Ngo, Kenneth M. Lum, Cassandra L. Henry, Aundrea R. Coppola, Micah J. Niphakis, Benjamin F. Cravatt, Enrique Saez, and Alan Saghatelian

"En Europa, Ocasio-Cortez y Biden estarían en partidos distintos", Sebastiaan Faber

"España tardará muchos años en resolver su relato nacional", Sebastiaan Faber

Hispanófilo, bibliófilo, antifascista. Las peleas y pasiones de Herbert Southworth (I), Sebastiaan Faber

How the Fight Over Spain’s Antifascist Legacy Involves a Former ‘Nation’ Editor, Sebastiaan Faber

"Javier Pradera daba miedo, mucho miedo", Sebastiaan Faber

"La CIA ha sido el chivo expiatorio de todos los presidentes de EE.UU.", Sebastiaan Faber

¿Resistencia o adaptación? Holanda reconsidera su lucha contra el agua, Sebastiaan Faber

"Sontag no hubiera podido sobrevivir en la cultura actual. No se permite decir nada que pueda ser ofensivo", Sebastiaan Faber

Spain Just Formed Its First Left Coalition Government in More Than 80 Years, Sebastiaan Faber

The Transition Revisited: From Compression to Cuidado, Sebastiaan Faber

Effects of Communication Modality and Speaker Identity on Metaphor Framing, Stephen J. Flusberg, Mark Lauria, Samuel Balko, and Paul Thibodeau

"New Right" Leaders Are Co-opting Progressive Languaget to Mislead Voters, David M. Forrest

An Alternative to the Causal Theory of Perception, Todd Ganson

A Role for Representations in Inflexible Behavior, Todd Ganson

A survey of trace metal burdens in increment cores from eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoides) across a childhood cancer cluster, Sandusky County, OH, USA, Mary C. Garvin, Johan Schijf, Sonya R. Kaufman, Courtney Konow, Dong Liang, Anne E. Nigra, Norberth H. Stracker, Rebecca J. Whelan, and Gregory C. Wiles

Deep History in Western China Reveals How Humans Can Enhance Biodiversity, Jade D'Alpoim Guedes, Stevan Harrell, Keala Hagmann, Amanda C. Henck Schmidt, and Thomas Hinckley

Libertad para los feos: Luces artificiales (2002) de Daniel Sada, Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón

Satire and the Lie of Politics: El Mono (México, 1833), Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón

The Family Context as a Foundation for Romantic Relationships: A Person-Centered Multi-Informant Longitudinal Study, Hana Hadiwijaya, Theo A. Klimstra, Nancy Darling, Jeroen K. Vermunt, Susan Branje, and Wim H.J. Meeus

The Association of Impulsivity and Family History of Alcohol Use Disorder on Alcohol Use and Consequences, Angela M. Haeny, Ralitza Gueorguieva, Meghan E. Morean, Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin, Kelly DeMartini, Godfrey D. Pearlson, Alan Anticevic, John H. Krystal, and Stephanie S. O'Malley

Ligand Geometry Directs the Packing and Symmetry of One-Dimensional Helical Motifs in Lead Oxide Naphthoates and Biphenylcarboxylates, Arden C. Hammer, Xiwen Jia, Matthias Zeller, Ezra J. Coughlin, Weiguo Zhang, and Catherine M. Oertel

The complex phylogenetic relationships of a 4mC/6mA DNA methyltransferase in prokaryotes, AJ Harris and Aaron D. Goldman

Uto-Aztecan Lexicostatistics 2.0(1), Jason D. Haugen, Michael Everdell, and Benjamin A. Kuperman

Barring Fulbright scholars in Hong Kong and China will only hurt U.S. interests, Amanda Henck Schmidt

Multiple measures of monsoon-controlled water storage in Asia, Amanda Henck Schmidt, Stefan Lüdtke, and Christoff Andermann

Dependence of the Density of States on the Probability Distribution for Discrete Random Schrödinger Operators, Peter D. Hislop and Chris Marx

Dependence of the Density of States on the Probability Distribution. Part II: Schrodinger Operators on R-d and Non-compactly Supported Probability Measures, Peter D. Hislop and Chris Marx

Figure (of Personhood) Drawing: Scaffolding Signing and Signers in Nepal, Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway

Massive Fluid Influx beneath the Colorado Plateau (USA) Related to Slab Removal and Diatreme Emplacement: Evidence from Oxygen Isotope Zoning in Eclogite Xenoliths, William F. Hoover, F. Zeb Page, Daniel J. Schulze, Kouki Kitajima, and John W. Valley

Privacy Norms and Preferences for Photos Posted Online, Roberto Hoyle, Luke Stark, Qatrunnada Ismail, David Crandall, Apu Kapadia, and Denise Anthony

E-cigarette devices used on school grounds, Asti Jackson, Grace Kong, Ran Wu, Meghan E. Morean, Danielle R. Davis, Deepa R. Camenga, Dana A. Cavallo, Krysten W. Bold, Patricia Simon, and Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin

Association between preference for using alcohol beverage-named e-liquids and alcohol use among high school youth, Asti Jackson, Ran Wu, Grace Kong, Deepa R. Camenga, Meghan E. Morean, Patricia Simon, Krysten W. Bold, Angela M. Haeny, and Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin

I cannot be the only one: creating a community of practice for outreach librarians, Eboni A. Johnson

What Do Signatures Signify?: The Curious Case of Seventeenth-Century English Key, Megan Kaes Long

New and Old Sources on Select Korean War Topics and Issues, Jiyul Kim and Sheila Miyoshi Jager.

Dripping and Vape Tricks: Alternative E-cigarette Use Behaviors among Adolescents, Grace Kong, Meghan E. Morean, Krysten W. Bold, Ran Wu, Harmanpreet Bhatti, Patricia Simon, and Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin

As Militarism Runs Rampant, Even the Virus Falls Victim, Wendy Kozol

Can Machine Learning on Economic Data Better Forecast the Unemployment Rate?, Aaron Kreiner and John V. Duca

The Buck Stops Where? Federalism, Uncertainty, and Investment in the Brazilian Water and Sanitation Sector, Evan Plous Kresch

Political determinants of investment in water and sanitation: Evidence from Brazilian elections, Evan Plous Kresch and Rodrigo Schneider

Privacy and Activism in the Transgender Community, Ada Lerner, Helen Yuxun He, Anna Kawakami, Silvia Catherine Zeamer, and Roberto Hoyle

Reactivity of Metabolic Intermediates and Cofactor Stability under Model Early Earth Conditions, Thora R. Maltais, David VanderVelde, Douglas E. LaRowe, Aaron D. Goldman, and Laura M. Barge

Are Latin America’s Militaries Taking on Too Much Power?, Kristina Mani

Mit dem Militär gegen das Virus, Kristina Mani

‘The Soldier Is Here to Defend You.’ Latin America’s Militarized Response to COVID-19, Kristina Mani

Using the Military to Quash Protests Can Erode Democracy – As Latin America Well Knows, Kristina Mani

Revitalizing a "Dangling" Ethnographic Collection: Materiality, Arctic Traditional Knowledge, and the Liberal Arts, Kristina Mani and Rosemary Ahtuangaruak

Lowering luteinizing hormone (LH) reverses spatial memory deficits associated with neurotoxin infusion into the hippocampus of ovx rats, Monica A. Mariani, Kirsten Mojziszek, Emily Curley, and Janice E. Thornton

Analysis method for detecting topological defect dark matter with a global magnetometer network, Hector Masia-Roig, Jospeh A. Smiga, Dmitry Budker, Vincent Dumont, Zoran Grujic, Dongok Kim, Derek F. Jackson Kimball, Victor Lebedev, Madeline Monroy, Szymon Pustelny, Theo Scholtes, Perrin C. Segura, Yannis K. Semertzidis, Yu Chang Shin, Jason E. Stalnaker, Ibrahim Sulai, Antoine Weis, and Arne Wickenbrock

Shuttered by the Coronavirus, Many Gay Bars – Already Struggling – Are Now on Life Support, Greggor Mattson

Small-City Gay Bars, Big-City Urbanism, Greggor Mattson

Weaponization: Ubiquity and Metaphorical Meaningfulness, Greggor Mattson

Molecular and Morphological Evidence Reveals a New Species of Antiphytum (Echiochiloideae, Boraginaceae) from Guerrero, Mexico, Nidia Mendoza-Díaz, Helga Ochoterena, Michael J. Moore, and Hilda Flores-Olvera

Dispatches: Mythologies, Stiliana Milkova

Elena Ferrante’s The Lying Life of Adults (special issue), Stiliana Milkova

Mediterranean Crossings: Nadia Terranova’s "Farewell, Ghosts", Stiliana Milkova

Translators and Their Ghosts: Iginio Ugo Tarchetti’s "Fantastic Tales", Stiliana Milkova

Editors’ Introduction: Special issue on Elena Ferrante, Stiliana Milkova and Barbara Halla

Open Question: The Lasting Legacies of Korean War Special Operations, Sheila Miyoshi Jager and Jiyul Kim

High school students’ use of flavored e-cigarette e-liquids for appetite control and weight loss, Meghan E. Morean, Krysten W. Bold, Grace Kong, Deepa R. Camenga, Patricia Simon, Asti Jackson, Dana A. Cavallo, and Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin

Querying About the Use of Specific E-Cigarette Devices May Enhance Accurate Measurement of E-Cigarette Prevalence Rates Among High School Students, Meghan E. Morean, Deepa R. Camenga, Krysten W. Bold, Grace Kong, Asti Jackson, Patricia Simon, Dana A. Cavallo, and Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin

Psychometric Evaluation of the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) Nicotine Dependence Item Bank for Use With Electronic Cigarettes, Meghan E. Morean, Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin, Steve Sussman, Jonathan Foulds, Howard Fishbein, Rachel Grana, and Stephanie S. O'Malley

Lesion of striatal patches disrupts habitual behaviors and increases behavioral variability, Jacob A. Nadel, Sean S. Pawelko, Della Copes-Finke, Maya Neidhart, and Christopher Howard

Ectomycorrhizal fungal diversity interacts with soil nutrients to predict plant growth despite weak plant-soil feedbacks, Jake Nash, Roger H. Laushman, and Christopher Schadt

Diversity, distribution, development, and evolution of medullary bundles in Nyctaginaceae, Israel L. da Cunha Neto, Marcelo R. Pace, Norman A. Douglas, Michael H. Nee, Cyl Farney C. de Sá, Michael J. Moore, and Veronica Angyalossy

Tropical Moscow. Narratives of Deep Time in Nineteenth-Century Russia, Thomas Newlin

English Designs on Central America: Geographic Knowledge and Imaginative Geographies in the Seventeenth Century, Karl Offen

English Designs on Central America: Geographic Knowledge and Imaginative Geographies in the Seventeenth Century, Karl Offen

Subsidy from Nature: Green Sea Turtles in the Colonial Caribbean, Karl Offen

Contribution of GABAA receptor subunits to attention and social behavior, Tracie A. Paine, Sara Chang, and Rachel Poyle

Ecological Footprints of War: An Exploratory Assessment of the Long-Term Impact of Violent Conflicts on National Biocapacity from 1962-2009, Swapna Pathak

Building Global Institutional Synergies to Accelerate the Ambition Mechanism of the Paris Agreement, Swapna Pathak and Siddarth Pathak

Storytelling Philosophy and Self Writing—Preliminary Notes on Elena Ferrante: An Interview with Adriana Cavarero, Isabella Pinto, Stiliana Milkova, and Adriana Cavarero

Externalities and Spillovers from Sanitation and Waste Management in Urban and Rural Neighborhoods, Evan Plous Kresch, Molly Lipscomb, and Laura Schechter

"And the Jet Would Be Invaluable": Blackness, Bondage and The Beloved, Matthew Rarey