Submissions from 2014

Get Friendly with your Fascia, Deborah Vogel

College is Still for Creating Citizens, Steven S. Volk and Marvin Krislov

A dynamics approach to a low order climate model, James Walsh and Esther Widiasih

The Lady in the Song, Sylvia Watanabe

Microstructures and rheology of a calcite-shale thrust fault, Rachel K. Wells, Julie Newman, and Steven F. Wojtal

The company they keep and avoid: Social goal orientation as a predictor of children’s ethnic segregation, Travis Wilson, Philip C. Rodkin, and Allison M. Ryan

The unreasonable ubiquitousness of quasi-polynomials, Kevin Woods

The Portrait of a Lady: “No intention of deamericanising”, Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 2013

Mechanochemical Conversions Between Crystalline Polymorphs of a Complex Organic Solid, Benjamin D. Altheimer, Silvina Pagola, Matthias Zeller, and Manish A. Mehta

The Bordering of America: Colonialism and Citizenship in the Philippines and Puerto Rico, Richard Baldoz and Cesar Ayala

Study of the kinetics and equilibria of the oligomerization reactions of 2-methylglyceric acid, Adam W. Birdsall, Cassandra A. Zentner, and Matthew J. Elrod

Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Atmospherically Relevant Aqueous Phase Reactions of α-Pinene Oxide, Dylan B. Bleier and Matthew J. Elrod

Figurative mosaics from flexible Truchet tiles, Robert Bosch and Urchin Colley

Orbit spaces of gradient vector fields, Jack S. Calcut and Robert E. Gompf

Connected sum at infinity and Cantrell-Stallings hyperplane unknotting, Jack S. Calcut, Henry C. King, and Laurent C. Siebenmann

Fighting Words, Disarming Music: Jorge Luis Borges’ “Milonga del muerto”, Ana Cara

That’s Him, That’s the Guy, Dan Chaon

Homeowners Associations and the Demand for Local Land Use Regulation, Ron Cheung and Rachel Meltzer

Determination of trace level cadmium in SRM 3280 multivitamin/multielement tablets via isotope dilution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, Steven J. Christopher and Robert Q. Thompson

Algebra, Analysis, and Eating Corn, Susan Jane Colley

Computing Severi degrees with long-edge graphs, Susan Jane Colley, Florian Block, and Gary Kennedy

Falling, Ann Cooper Albright

On the Ground in Greece, Ann Cooper Albright

Microwave Spectra of the Deuterium Isotopologues of cis-Hexatriene and a Semiexperimental Equilibrium Structure, Norman C. Craig, Yihui Chen, Hannah A. Fuson, Hengfeng Tian, Herman van Besien, Andrew R. Conrad, Michael J. Tubergen, Heinz Dieter Rudolph, and Jean Demaison

Analysis of the rotational structure in the high-resolution infrared spectra of cis,cis- and trans,trans-1,4-difluorobutadiene-1-d1 and trans,trans-1,4-difluorobutadiene-1,4-d2, Norman C. Craig, Yihui Chen, Yuhua Lu, Christopher F. Neese, Deacon J. Nemchick, and Thomas A. Blake

Experimentally observed soft-tissue preservation near a marine brine seep, Bradley Deline and Karla Parsons-Hubbard

Limits on the Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background from the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves, Paul B. Demorest, Robert D. Ferdman, and Daniel R. Stinebring

Cue-induced conditioned activity does not incubate but is mediated by the basolateral amygdala, Geoffrey W. Diehl, Jonathan M. Wachtel, and Tracie A. Paine

U.S. Congressional Campaign Communications in an Internet Age, James N. Druckman, Martin J. Kifer, and Michael Parkin

La rebelión de los pesimistas. ¿Cómo defender las humanidades?, Sebastiaan Faber

Los exiliados españoles y las instituciones mexicanas: Entre la autonomía y la cooptación, Sebastiaan Faber

The Man Who Can’t Say No: Paul Preston Is Working Harder Than Ever, Sebastiaan Faber

The Spanish Bloodlands: Ángel Viñas, Warrior Historian, Sebastiaan Faber

Writing Lives of Indians in Early Nineteenth Century India and Britain, Michael H. Fisher

Highly Selective Quantum Sieving of D2 from H2 by a Metal–Organic Framework As Determined by Gas Manometry and Infrared Spectroscopy, Stephen FitzGerald, Christopher J. Pierce, Jesse L.C. Rowsell, Eric D. Bloch, and Jarad A. Mason

Submissions from 2019

W/D 110819E, Oberlin College

Submissions from 2013

The Art of Grieving: West Sumatra's Worst Earthquake in Music Videos, Jennifer Fraser

Are Color Experiences Representational?, Todd Ganson

Visual Prominence and Representationalism, Todd Ganson and Ben Bronner

Does the gray squirrel’s (Sciurus carolinensis) response to heterospecific alarm calls depend on familiarity or acoustic similarity?, Cynthia M. Getschow, Pearl Rivers, Samantha Sterman, David C. Lumpkin, and Keith A. Tarvin

Criteria for Spontaneous Processes Derived from the Global Point of View, Eric A. Gislason and Norman C. Craig

Ni-rich spinels and platinum group element nuggets condensed from a Late Archaean impact vapour cloud, Steven Goderis, Bruce M. Simonson, Iain McDonald, Scott W. Hassler, Andrei Izmer, Joke Belza, Herman Terryn, Frank Vanhaecke, and Philippe Claeys

The Memory I Am, The Memory I Follow, DeSales Harrison

Roots and the derivation, Jason D. Haugen and Daniel Siddiqi

Influence of human pressure on forest resources and productivity at stand and tree scales: The case study of Yunnan pine in SW China, Thomas M. Hinckley, Philip M. Chi, R. Keala Hagmann, Stevan Harrell, Amanda C. Henck Schmidt, Lauren S. Urgenson, and Zong-yong Yeng

Influence of human pressure on forest resources and productivity at stand and tree scales: The case study of Yunnan pine in SW China, Thomas M. Hinckley, Philip M. Chi, R. Keala Hagmann, Stevan Harrell, Amanda C. Henck Schmidt, Lauren S. Urgenson, and Zong-yong Yeng

(Don’t) Write My Lips: Interpretations of the Relationship Between German Sign Language and German Across Scales of SignWriting Practice, Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway

Notes from JLA’s Outgoing Book Review Editor, Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway

Phyllotaxis and Rhizotaxis in Arabidopsis Are Modified by Three PLETHORA Transcription Factors, Hugo Hofhuis, Marta Laskowski, Yujuan Du, Kalika Prasad, Stephen Grigg, Violaine Pinon, and Ben Scheres

Words, Worlds, and Time: Nine Days on the Grand Canyon, Laurie Hovel McMillin

Holocene reef building on eastern St. Croix, US Virgin Islands: Lang Bank Revisited, Dennis K. Hubbard, Ivan P. Gill, and Randolph B. Burke

‘For now hath time made me his numbering clock’: Shakespeare’s Jacquemarts, Wendy Beth Hyman

Inverted Linear Halbach Array for Separation of Magnetic Nanoparticles, Yumi Ijiri, Chetan Poudel, P. Stephen Williams, Lee R. Moore, Toru Orita, and Maciej Zborowski

’The Worthless Stories of Pilgrims’? The Art Historical Imagination of Fifteenth-Century Travelers to Jerusalem, Erik Inglis and Elise Christmon

Application of laser ablation-ICP-mass spectrometry for 2-dimensional mapping of element distributions in a Late Archean impact spherule layer, Andrei Izmer, Steven Goderis, Bruce M. Simonson, Iain McDonald, Scott W. Hassler, Philippe Claeys, and Frank Vanhaecke

Catalyzing Educational Transformation: The PULSE Project, Nitya Jacob, Melanie Lee-Brown, Taylor Allen, Sharon Gusky, and Thomas Jack

Rate Constants and Products of the OH Reaction with Isoprene-Derived Epoxides, Michael I. Jacobs, Adam I. Darer, and Matthew J. Elrod

The Commerce Clause and Executive Power: Exploring Nascent Individual Rights, Ron Kahn

Lessons Learned from Libya, Susan Kane

Timescale Invariance in the Pacemaker-Accumulator Family of Timing Models, Peter Killeen, Francois Rivest, Fuat Balci, Patrick Simen, and Elliot A. Ludvig

Solving for X: Kennan, Containment, and the Color Line, Clayton R. Koppes

Anharmonic Vibrational Analysis of the Gas-Phase Infrared Spectrum of 1,1-Difluoroethylene Using the Operator Van Vleck Canonical Perturbation Theory, Sergey V. Krasnoshchekov, Norman C. Craig, and Nikolay F. Stepanov

Lateral root initiation is a probabilistic event whose frequency is set by fluctuating levels of auxin response, Marta Laskowski

How the Iranian Civilization and Shi‘ism should help the Making of Iran’s Foreign Policy, Mohammad Jafar Mahallati

Peacekeeping Contributor Profile: Chile, Kristina Mani

Grassroots Organizations in China: Definitions, Categories, and Significance in the Emergence of Civil Society, Qiusha Ma

Alutiiq Fish Camp Excavated at Cliff Point, Amy V. Margaris

Sequential loss of genetic variation in flea beetle Agasicles hygrophila (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) following introduction into China, Rui-Yan Ma, Xiao-Yun Jia, Wen-Zhong Liu, Roger H. Laushman, Long-Long Zhao, Dong Jia, and Ren Wang.

Computational Study of the Cyclization of 5-Hexenyl, 3-Oxa-5-hexenyl and 4-Oxa-5-hexenyl Radicals, Albert Matlin and Matthew C. Leyden

The Discipline of Abandonment: Emersonian Properties of Transdisciplinarity & the Nature of Method, T. S. McMillin

Context Effects in a Negatively Framed Social Dilemma Experiment, Kent D. Messer, Jordan Suter, and Jubo Yan

Engagement and skill development in biology students through analysis of art, Liliana Milkova, Colette Crossman, Stephanie Wiles, and Taylor Allen

Mothers, Daughters, Dolls: On Disgust in Elena Ferrante's La figlia oscura, Stiliana Milkova

Expression patterns of Oct4, Cdx2, Tead4, and Yap1 proteins during blastocyst formation in embryos of the marsupial, Monodelphis domestica Wagner, Jeremy T. Morrison, Niels S. Bantilan, Vicki N. Wang, K. M. Nellett, and Yolanda P. Cruz

Catalog of 174 Binary Black Hole Simulations for Gravitational Wave Astronomy, Abdul H. Mroué, Mark A. Scheel, Béla Szilágyi, Harald P. Pfeiffer, Michael Boyle, Daniel A. Hemberger, Lawrence E. Kidder, Geoffrey Lovelace, Serguei Ossokine, Nicholas W. Taylor, Anil Zenginoglu, Luisa T. Buchman, Tony Chu, Evan Foley, Matthew Giesler, Robert Owen, and Saul A. Teukolsky

Performing Wom[e]n' and the Gendered National Imagination: An Exploration of Shyam Benegal's Sardari Begum, Anuradha Needham

The Thermodynamics of Desire in Turgenev's Notes of a Hunter, Tom Newlin

Mantetsu Democracy, Emer O’Dwyer

Leucocyte response to Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis Encephalitis virus in a wild passerine bird, Jennifer C. Owen, E. A. Cornelius, D. A. Arsnoe, and Mary C. Garvin

Medial prefrontal cortex lesions impair decision-making on a rodent gambling task: Reversal by D1 receptor antagonist administration, Tracie A. Paine, Samuel K. Asinof, Geoffrey W. Diehl, Anna Frackman, and Joseph Leffler

Specificity of Control: The Case of Mexico’s Ejido Reform, Tobias Pfutze and Paul Castañeda Dower

On geometric trilateral-free (n_3) configurations, Michael Raney

Social goals, social behavior, and social status in middle childhood., Philip C. Rodkin, Allison M. Ryan, Rhonda S. Jamison, and Travis Wilson

Hidden No More, Renee C. Romano

Beyond small and nurturing: Tapping the potential of liberal arts teacher education, Deborah Roose

Ideology and the Recasting of Bourgeois Europe, Annemarie Sammartino

Anticorrelation between low δ13C of eclogitic diamonds and high δ18O of their coesite and garnet inclusions requires a subduction origin, Daniel J. Schulze, Ben Harte, F. Zeb Page, John W. Valley, Dominic M. DeR. Channer, and A. Lynton Jaques

Efficacy of LEED-certification in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission for New York City office buildings, John Scofield

Distribution of squarefree values of sequences associated with elliptic curves, Akhtari Shabnam, David Chantal, Hahn Heekyoung, and Lola Thompson

Sôzô jô no sensô: bunka ni totte reisen to wa nani ka (An imaginary war: What is the Cold War to Culture?), Ann Sherif

Effects of the interstellar medium on detection of low-frequency gravitational waves, Daniel R. Stinebring

A Targeted Enrichment Strategy for Massively Parallel Sequencing of Angiosperm Plastid Genomes, Gregory W. Stull, Michael J. Moore, Venkata S. Mandala, Norman A. Douglas, Heather-Rose Kates, Xinshuai Qi, Samuel F. Brockington, Pamela S. Soltis, Douglas E. Soltis, and Matthew A. Gitzendanner

She’s Come Undone, Harrod Suarez

Complete Plastid Genome Sequencing of Trochodendraceae Reveals a Significant Expansion of the Inverted Repeat and Suggests a Paleogene Divergence between the Two Extant Species, Yanxia Sun, Michael J. Moore, Aiping Meng, Pamela S. Soltis, Douglas E. Soltis, Jianqiang Li, and Hengchang Wang

Returns to Residential Energy Efficiency and Conservation Measures: A Field Experiment, Jordan Suter and Md Rumi Shammin

Returns to Residential Energy Efficiency and Conservation Measures: A Field Experiment, Jordan Suter and Md Rumi Shammin

An Emergent Approach to Analogical Inference, Paul Thibodeau, Stephen J. Flusberg, Jeremy J. Glick, and Daniel A. Sternberg

On the divisors of xn − 1, Lola Thompson

Novel separation for the determination of cadmium by isotope dilution ICP-MS in samples containing high concentrations of molybdenum and tin, Robert Q. Thompson and Steven J. Christopher

Is the Returning Farmland to Forest Program a Success? Three case studies from Sichuan, Christine Jane Trac, Amanda C. Henck Schmidt, Stevan Harrell, and Thomas M. Hinckley