Submissions from 2014

Ancient Life in the Information Age, Aaron D. Goldman

Picturing Autonomy: David Smith’s Photography and the Sculptural Group, Sarah Hamill

Horizon Keep, DeSales Harrison

The Corporation as Concept, John Harwood

The Other End of the Trajectory: Danger Zones, John Harwood

Particle Moment Canting in CoFe2O4 Nanoparticles, K. Hasz, Yumi Ijiri, Kathryn L. Krycka, Julie A. Borchers, R. A. Booth, S. Oberdick, and S. A. Majetich

Hiaki (Yaqui) reduplication redux: Evidence for morphological and prosodic targets in syllabic reduplication, Jason D. Haugen

Island Outlook: Warm and Swampy, Dennis K. Hubbard, Eberhard Gischler, Peter Davies, Lucien Montaggioni, Gilbert Camoin, Wolf-Christian Dullo, Curt Storlazzi, Michael Field, Charles Fletcher, and Eric Grossman

Kinetics of the reactions of isoprene-derived hydroxynitrates: gas phase epoxide formation and solution phase hydrolysis, Michael I. Jacobs, W. J. Burke, and Matthew J. Elrod

Variations on a theorem of Davenport concerning abundant numbers, Emily Jennings, Paul Pollack, and Lola Thompson

Zora Neale Hurston and Then Ishmael Reed: Syncretizing Moses with 'Sympathetic' Comic Rhetoric, Gillian Johns

Understanding United States v. Windsor and the Symposium Contributions Using Unidirectional and Bidirectional Models of Supreme Court Decision Making, Ron Kahn

Evidence for multiple paternity in two species of Orconectes crayfish, A. F. Kahrl, Roger H. Laushman, and Angela J. Roles

Sangro Valley Project Report on the 2013 Excavations at San Giovanni Di Tornareccio (Comune Di Tornareccio, Provincia Di Chieti, Regione Abruzzo), Susan Kane and Alexis Christensen

M2(m-dobdc) (M = Mg, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni) Metal-Organic Frameworks Exhibiting Increased Charge Density and Enhanced H2 Binding at the Open Metal Sites, Matthew T. Kapelewski, Stephen J. Geier, Matthew R. Hudson, David Stück, Jarad A. Mason, Jocienne N. Nelson, Dianne J. Xiao, Zeric Hulvey, Elizabeth Gilmour, and Stephen FitzGerald

Speed-accuracy tradeoff under response deadlines, Hakan Karsilar, Patrick Simen, Samantha Papadakis, and Fuat Balci

Origin of Surface Canting within Fe3O4 Nanoparticles, Kathryn L. Krycka, Julie A. Borchers, R. A. Booth, Yumi Ijiri, K. Hasz, J. J. Rhyne, and S. A. Majetich

Men Are from Missouri, Women Are from Massachusetts: Perspectives on Narratives of Violence on the Border between Slavery and Freedom, Carol Lasser

Blood parasite infection differentially relates to carotenoid-based plumage and bill color in the American goldfinch, David C. Lumpkin, Troy G. Murphy, and Keith A. Tarvin

Monitoring Co-Crystal Formation via In Situ Solid-State NMR, Venkata S. Mandala, Sarel J. Loewus, and Manish A. Mehta

Reconsidering Raw Material Selection: Skeletal Technologies and Design for Durability in Subarctic Alaska, Amy V. Margaris

Dominated Splittings and the Spectrum for Almost Periodic Jacobi Operators, Chris Marx

Urban Agriculture in Rust Belt Cities, Brad Masi, Janet Fiskio, and Md Rumi Shammin

Nation-State Science: Lappology and Sweden's Ethnoracial Purity, Greggor Mattson

At the Mercy of Nature, Carl McDaniel

Durable Communities Emerge from Homes and Landscapes Powered by Sunshine, Carl McDaniel

John Bull, Angelica Catalani and Middle-Class Taste at the 1820s British Musical Festival, Charles Edward McGuire

How Are Homeowners Associations Capitalized Into Housing and Land Values?, Rachel Meltzer and Ron Cheung

An intestinal gap-junction protein is needed for normal acetylcholine response in Caenorhabditis elegans, Gabriel Moore, Phoebe Hammer, and Maureen A. Peters

Predictors of Middle School Students’ Interest in Participating in an Incentive-Based Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program, Meghan E. Morean, Deepa R. Camenga, Grace Kong, Dana A. Cavallo, Ty S. Schepis, and Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin

Psychometrically Improved, Abbreviated Versions of Three Classic Measures of Impulsivity and Self-Control, Meghan E. Morean, Kelly S. DeMartini, Robert F. Leeman, Godfrey D. Pearlson, Alan Anticevic, John H. Krystal, Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin, and Stephanie S. O’Malley

First Drink to First Drunk: Age of Onset and Delay to Intoxication Are Associated with Adolescent Alcohol Use and Binge Drinking, Meghan E. Morean, Grace Kong, Deepa R. Camenga, Dana A. Cavallo, Christian Connell, and Suchitra Krishnan‐Sarin

Same trait, different receiver response: unlike females, male American goldfinches do not signal status with bill colour, Troy G. Murphy, Joe A. West, Tiffany T. Pham, Lucy M. Cevallos, Richard K. Simpson, and Keith A. Tarvin

Rejection sensitivity and adolescents’ perceptions of romantic interactions, Jerika C. Norona, Joseph F. Salvatore, Deborah P. Welsh, and Nancy Darling

Oklahoma!, “Lousy Publicity,” and the Politics of Formal Integration in the American Musical Theater, James O'Leary

Seeing Through a Glass Darkly, David Orr

Systems Thinking and the Future of Cities, David Orr

The Oberlin Project, David Orr

Elevated testosterone advances onset of migratory restlessness in a nearctic-neotropical landbird, Jennifer C. Owen, Mary C. Garvin, and Frank R. Moore

A Garnet-Zircon Oxygen Isotope Record of Subduction and Exhumation Fluids from the Franciscan Complex, California, F. Zeb Page, Eric J. Essene, Samuel B. Mukasa, and John W. Valley

Effects of disrupting medial prefrontal cortex GABA transmission on decision-making in a rodent gambling task, Tracie A. Paine, A. O’Hara, B. Plaut, and Daniel C. Lowes

The Voting Rights Act and Latino Voter Registration: Symbolic Assistance for English Speaking Latinos, Michael Parkin and Frances Zlotnick

Using Sociotechnical Feedback to Engage, Educate, Motivate, and Empower Environmental Thought and Action, John E. Petersen, Cynthia M. Frantz, and Md Rumi Shammin

Using Sociotechnical Feedback to Engage, Educate, Motivate, and Empower Environmental Thought and Action, John E. Petersen, Cynthia M. Frantz, and Md Rumi Shammin

Using Sociotechnical Feedback to Engage, Educate, Motivate, and Empower Environmental Thought and Action, John E. Petersen, Cynthia M. Frantz, and Md Rumi Shammin

Clientelism Versus Social Learning: The Electoral Effects of International Migration, Tobias Pfutze

The Effect of Mexico’s Seguro Popular Health Insurance on Child Mortality, Tobias Pfutze

Honesty of a dynamic female aggressive status signal: baseline testosterone relates to bill color in female American goldfinches, Tiffany T. Pham, P. S. Queller, Keith A. Tarvin, and Troy G. Murphy

Demonstrating urban environmental changes using toxic metals of road dust and roadside soil in Chengdu, southwestern China, Xue Qiao, Yuhui Xu, Ya Tang, Amanda C. Henck Schmidt, and Chaosheng Zhang

Chemogenetic silencing of neurons in retrosplenial cortex disrupts sensory preconditioning, Siobhan Robinson, Travis P. Todd, Anna R. Pasternak, Bryan W. Luikart, Patrick D. Skelton, Daniel G. Urban, and David J. Bucci

Beyond 'Self-Congratulatory Celebration': Complicating Civil Rights Anniversaries, Renee C. Romano

The Blues Tribute Poem and the Legacies of Gertrude 'Ma' Rainey and Bessie Smith., Emily Rutter

Liberalism and the Question: Strauss and Derrida on Politics and Philosophy, Jade Schiff

Hypergraphs of bounded disjointness, Alex Scott and Elizabeth Wilmer

Full Spectrum Sustainability— Developing Working Models for Community Transformation, Md Rumi Shammin, John E. Petersen, Cynthia M. Frantz, and David Orr

Full Spectrum Sustainability— Developing Working Models for Community Transformation, Md Rumi Shammin, John E. Petersen, Cynthia M. Frantz, and David Orr

Full Spectrum Sustainability— Developing Working Models for Community Transformation, Md Rumi Shammin, John E. Petersen, Cynthia M. Frantz, and David Orr

Full Spectrum Sustainability— Developing Working Models for Community Transformation, Md Rumi Shammin, John E. Petersen, Cynthia M. Frantz, and David Orr

Phylogenetic signal detection from an ancient rapid radiation: Effects of noise reduction, long-branch attraction, and model selection in crown clade Apocynaceae, Shannon C.K. Straub, Michael J. Moore, Pamela S. Soltis, Douglas E. Soltis, Aaron Liston, and Tatyana Livshultz

Chloroplast phylogeography of the East Asian Arcto-Tertiary relict Tetracentron sinense (Trochodendraceae), Yanxia Sun, Michael J. Moore, Liangliang Yue, Tao Feng, Haijia Chu, Shaotian Chen, Yunheng Ji, Hengchang Wang, and Jianqiang Li

Towards an Understanding of The Performance of Ambient Tax Mechanisms in The Field: Evidence from Upstate New York Dairy Farmers, Jordan Suter and Christian A. Vossler

Computer Science Concept Inventories: Past and Future, Cynthia Taylor, Daniel Zingaro, Leo Porter, Kevin C. Webb, C. B. Lee, and M. Clancy

Adolescents let sufficient evidence accumulate before making a decision when large incentives are at stake, Theresa Teslovich, Martijn Mulder, Nicholas T. Franklin, Erika J. Ruberry, Alex Millner, Leah H. Somerville, Patrick Simen, Sarah Durston, and B. J. Casey

Optimized ratiometric calcium sensors for functional in vivo imaging of neurons and T-lymphocytes, Thomas Thestrup, Julia Litzlbauer, Ingo Bartholomäus, Marsilius Mues, Luigi Russo, Hod Dana, Yuri Kovalchuk, Yajie Liang, Georgios Kalamakis, Yvonne Laukat, Stefan Becker, Gregor Witte, Anselm Geiger, Taylor Allen, Lawrence C. Rome, Tsai-Wen Chen, Douglas S. Kim, Olga Garaschuk, Christian Griesinger, and Oliver Griesbeck

Variations on a question concerning the degrees of divisors of x^n-1 J, Lola Thompson

What's in a name? Distinguishing between routine disclosure and self-disclosure, Lauree C. Tilton-Weaver, Sheila K. Marshall, and Nancy Darling

Oenothera gayleana (Oenothera sect. Calylophus, Onagraceae), a new gypsophile from Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, Billie Turner and Michael J. Moore

Traditional Livelihoods, Conservation and Meadow Ecology in Jiuzhaigou National Park, Sichuan, China, Lauren S. Urgenson, Amanda C. Henck Schmidt, Julie Combs, Stevan Harrell, Thomas M. Hinckley, Qingxia Yang, Ziyu Ma, Li Yongxian, Lü Hongliang, and Andrew MacIver

A Long PCR–Based Approach for DNA Enrichment Prior to Next-Generation Sequencing for Systematic Studies, Simon Uribe-Convers, Justin R. Duke, Michael J. Moore, and David C. Tank

Lateralized readiness potentials reveal properties of a neural mechanism for implementing a decision threshold, Marieke K. Van Vugt, Patrick Simen, Leigh Nystrom, Philip Holmes, and Jonathan D. Cohen

Get Friendly with your Fascia, Deborah Vogel

College is Still for Creating Citizens, Steven S. Volk and Marvin Krislov

A dynamics approach to a low order climate model, James Walsh and Esther Widiasih

The Lady in the Song, Sylvia Watanabe

Microstructures and rheology of a calcite-shale thrust fault, Rachel K. Wells, Julie Newman, and Steven F. Wojtal

The company they keep and avoid: Social goal orientation as a predictor of children’s ethnic segregation, Travis Wilson, Philip C. Rodkin, and Allison M. Ryan

The unreasonable ubiquitousness of quasi-polynomials, Kevin Woods

The Portrait of a Lady: “No intention of deamericanising”, Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 2013

Mechanochemical Conversions Between Crystalline Polymorphs of a Complex Organic Solid, Benjamin D. Altheimer, Silvina Pagola, Matthias Zeller, and Manish A. Mehta

The Bordering of America: Colonialism and Citizenship in the Philippines and Puerto Rico, Richard Baldoz and Cesar Ayala

Study of the kinetics and equilibria of the oligomerization reactions of 2-methylglyceric acid, Adam W. Birdsall, Cassandra A. Zentner, and Matthew J. Elrod

Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Atmospherically Relevant Aqueous Phase Reactions of α-Pinene Oxide, Dylan B. Bleier and Matthew J. Elrod

Figurative mosaics from flexible Truchet tiles, Robert Bosch and Urchin Colley

Orbit spaces of gradient vector fields, Jack S. Calcut and Robert E. Gompf

Connected sum at infinity and Cantrell-Stallings hyperplane unknotting, Jack S. Calcut, Henry C. King, and Laurent C. Siebenmann

Fighting Words, Disarming Music: Jorge Luis Borges’ “Milonga del muerto”, Ana Cara

That’s Him, That’s the Guy, Dan Chaon

Homeowners Associations and the Demand for Local Land Use Regulation, Ron Cheung and Rachel Meltzer

Determination of trace level cadmium in SRM 3280 multivitamin/multielement tablets via isotope dilution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, Steven J. Christopher and Robert Q. Thompson

Algebra, Analysis, and Eating Corn, Susan Jane Colley

Computing Severi degrees with long-edge graphs, Susan Jane Colley, Florian Block, and Gary Kennedy

Falling, Ann Cooper Albright

On the Ground in Greece, Ann Cooper Albright

Microwave Spectra of the Deuterium Isotopologues of cis-Hexatriene and a Semiexperimental Equilibrium Structure, Norman C. Craig, Yihui Chen, Hannah A. Fuson, Hengfeng Tian, Herman van Besien, Andrew R. Conrad, Michael J. Tubergen, Heinz Dieter Rudolph, and Jean Demaison

Analysis of the rotational structure in the high-resolution infrared spectra of cis,cis- and trans,trans-1,4-difluorobutadiene-1-d1 and trans,trans-1,4-difluorobutadiene-1,4-d2, Norman C. Craig, Yihui Chen, Yuhua Lu, Christopher F. Neese, Deacon J. Nemchick, and Thomas A. Blake

Experimentally observed soft-tissue preservation near a marine brine seep, Bradley Deline and Karla Parsons-Hubbard

Limits on the Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background from the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves, Paul B. Demorest, Robert D. Ferdman, and Daniel R. Stinebring

Cue-induced conditioned activity does not incubate but is mediated by the basolateral amygdala, Geoffrey W. Diehl, Jonathan M. Wachtel, and Tracie A. Paine

U.S. Congressional Campaign Communications in an Internet Age, James N. Druckman, Martin J. Kifer, and Michael Parkin

La rebelión de los pesimistas. ¿Cómo defender las humanidades?, Sebastiaan Faber