Submissions from 2017

Parents' Psychological Process of Caregiver-Recipient Role Reversal From Children's Perspectives, Noriko Toyokawa, Nancy Darling, and Teru Toyokawa

Tibullus' Comedy: A Note on Tib.1.2.87-98, Christopher Trinacty

A C-13 solid-state NMR investigation of four cocrystals of caffeine and theophylline, Nicolas J. Vigilante and Manish A. Mehta

Finding Core Stability, Deborah Vogel

Widespread paleopolyploidy, gene tree conflict, and recalcitrant relationships among the carnivorous Caryophyllales, Joseph F. Walker, Ya Yang, Michael J. Moore, Jessica Mikenas, Alfonso Timoneda, Samuel F. Brockington, and Stephen A. Smith

Diffusive heat transport in Budyko's energy balance climate model with a dynamic ice line, James Walsh

When Legitimacy Shapes Environmentally Responsible Behaviors: Considering Exposure to University Sustainability Initiatives, Lesley Watson, Karen A. Hegtvedt, Cathryn Johnson, Christie L. Parris, and Shruthi Subramanyam

Bayes and MCMC for Undergraduates, Jeffrey Witmer

An Efficient Field and Laboratory Workflow for Plant Phylotranscriptomic Projects, Ya Yang, Michael J. Moore, Samuel F. Brockington, Alfonso Timoneda, Tao Feng, Hannah E. Marx, Joseph F. Walker, and Stephen A. Smith

The first complete plastome sequence of the basal asterid family Styracaceae (Ericales) reveals a large inversion, Minghui Yan, Michael J. Moore, Aiping Meng, Xiaohong Yao, and Hengchang Wang

Exploring inhibitors of the periplasmic chaperone SurA using fluorescence anisotropy, Erica J. Zheng, Eric W. Bell, and Lisa M. Ryno

Submissions from 2016

Ornamenting the Unthinkable: Visualizing Survival Under Occupation, Rebecca A. Adelman and Wendy Kozol

Dallapiccola's Second Thoughts: the Epilogue to the Concerto per la notte di Natale dell'anno 1956, Brian Alegant

Missal; May; Zephyr, Kazim Ali

Calcineurin homologous proteins regulate the membrane localization and activity of sodium/proton exchangers in C. elegans, Erik Allman, Qian Wang, Rachel L. Walker, Molly Austen, Maureen A. Peters, and Keith Nehrke

Assignment Games with Conflicts: Robust Price of Anarchy and Convergence Results via Semi-Smoothness, Elliot Anshelevich, John Postl, and Tom Wexler

Removed title, Zaven Arzoumanian, Adam Brazier, Sarah Burke-Spolaor, Sydney J. Chamberlin, Shami Chatterjee, Brian Christy, James M. Cordes, Neil J. Cornish, Kathryn Crowter, and Paul B. Demorest

The NANOGrav Nine-Year Data Set: Limits on the Isotropic Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background, Zaven Arzoumanian, Adam Brazier, Sarah Burke-Spolaor, Sydney J. Chamberlin, Shami Chatterjee, Brian Christy, James M. Cordes, Neil J. Cornish, Kathryn Crowter, Paul B. Demorest, X. Deng, Timothy Dolch, Justin A. Ellis, Robert D. Ferdman, Emmanuel Fonseca, Nathan Garver-Daniels, Marjorie Gonzalez, Fredrick A. Jenet, Glenn Jones, Megan L. Jones, Victoria M. Kaspi, Michael Koop, Michael T. Lam, T. Joseph W. Lazio, Lina Levin, Andrea N. Lommen, Duncan R. Lorimer, Jing Luo, Ryan S. Lynch, Dustin R. Madison, Maura A. McLaughlin, Sean T. McWilliams, Chiara Mingarelli, David J. Nice, Nipuni Palliyaguru, Timothy T. Pennucci, Scott M. Ransom, L. Sampson, S. A. Sanidas, A. Sesana, Xavier Siemens, Joseph Simon, Ingrid H. Stairs, Daniel R. Stinebring, Kevin Stovall, Joseph Swiggum, S. R. Taylor, Michele Vallisneri, Rutger van Haasteren, Yan Wang, and Weiwei Zhu

A decision model of timing, Fuat Balci and Patrick Simen

Renewing Alliances in Troubled Times, Magdalena Barrera and Shelley Sang-Hee Lee

Typhoid Fever, Water Quality, and Human Capital Formation, Brian Beach, Joseph Ferrie, Martin Saavedra, and Werner Troesken

Polling Tools, Suzanne Bernsten and Rosalinda H. Linares

Studying up in critical NGO studies today: reflections on critique and the distribution of interpretive labour, Crystal Biruk

Toward the Comparative Analysis of Transitions from State Socialism: Structure, Agency and Contingency, Marc J. Blecher

Lights Out Animations, Robert Bosch

Alcohol Use, Alcohol-Related Outcome Expectancies, and Partner Aggression Among Males Court-Mandated to Batterer Intervention Programs: A Brief Report, Hope Brasfield, Meghan E. Morean, Jeniimarie Febres, Ryan C. Shorey, Todd M. Moore, Heather Zuckosky Zapor, JoAnna Elmquist, Caitlin Wolford-Clevenger, Lindsay Labrecque, and Maribel Plasencia

Bayesian Inference of Recursive Sequences of Group Activities from Tracks, Ernesto Brau, Colin Dawson, Alfredo Carrillo, David Sidi, and Clayton T. Morrison

“A berd! A berd!”: Chaucer’s Miller and the Poetics of the Pun, Jennifer Bryan

Rational angled hyperbolic polygons, Jack S. Calcut

Double branched covers of theta-curves, Jack S. Calcut and Jules R. Metcalf-Burton

Modern Terms and their Ancient Non-Equivalents Patrilineality and Gender in the Historical Study of the Bible, Cynthia Chapman

Before Protesting at the Republican National Convention, Learn to Protect Your Phone, Julia Christensen

During the RNC, Two Art Projects Amplify the Voices of Ohio’s Citizens, Julia Christensen

Taking the Next Step: Dance Advocacy in Greece, Ann Cooper Albright

Frequency-dependent Dispersion Measures and Implications for Pulsar Timing, James M. Cordes, Ryan M. Shannon, and Daniel R. Stinebring

Role Modeling in an Early Confucian Context, Cheryl Cottine

Microwave spectra for the three C-13(1) isotopologues of propene and new rotational constants for propene and its C-13(1) isotopologues, Norman C. Craig, Peter Groner, Andrew R. Conrad, Ranil Gurusinghe, and Michael J. Tubergen

Monotowns and the political economy of industrial restructuring in Russia, Stephen Crowley

What Will Putin Do Without America As His Enemy, Stephen Crowley

Is Putin About to Face a 'Colored Revolution'?, Stephen Crowley and Irina Olimpieva

Russian Labor Protest in Challenging Economic Times, Stephen Crowley and Irina Olimpieva

"Hacerse digno de buena muerte": devoción y arrepentimiento femeninos en la Historia de la Villa Imperial de Potosí 1700-1720, Ana Maria Diaz Burgos

Single-Source Gravitational Wave Limits From the J1713+0747 24-hr Global Campaign, Timothy Dolch, Justin A. Ellis, Shami Chatterjee, James M. Cordes, Michael T. Lam, C. G. Bassa, B. Bhattacharyya, D. J. Champion, I. Cognard, Kathryn Crowter, Paul B. Demorest, Jason W.T. Hessels, G. Janssen, Fredrick A. Jenet, Glenn Jones, C. Jordan, R. Karuppusamy, M. Keith, V. I. Kondratiev, M. Kramer, P. Lazarus, T. Joseph W. Lazio, Duncan R. Lorimer, Dustin Madison, Maura A. McLaughlin, Nipuni Palliyaguru, D. Perrodin, Scott M. Ransom, J. Roy, R. M. Shannon, R. Smits, Ingrid H. Stairs, B. W. Stappers, Daniel R. Stinebring, Kevin Stovall, J.P.W. Verbiest, and Weiwei Zhu

Image Politics: U.S. Aid to the Spanish Republic and its Refugees, Sebastiaan Faber

Expression analysis of Cdx2 and Pou5f1 in a marsupial, the stripe-faced dunnart, during early development, Mary Familari, Phil Chi Khang Au, Robb U. de longh, Yolanda P. Cruz, and Lynne Selwood

Parenting Transgender Children in PFLAG, Taylor L. Field and Greggor Mattson

Collaborators and Empire, Michael H. Fisher

Cultivating Community: Black Agrarianism in Cleveland, Ohio, Janet Fiskio, Md Rumi Shammin, and Vel Scott

The TIM Barrel Architecture Facilitated the Early Evolution of Protein-Mediated Metabolism, Aaron D. Goldman, Joshua T. Beatty, and Laura F. Landweber

What is a Genome?, Aaron D. Goldman and Laura F. Landweber

Configurationality in Classical Nahuatl, Jason D. Haugen

Towards a Restricted Realization Theory: Multimorphemic Monolistemicity, Portmanteaux, and Post-linearization Spanning, Jason D. Haugen and Daniel Siddiqi

Returns on Indian Art during 2000-2013, Jenny R. Hawkins and Viplav Saini

Influence of topography and human activity on apparent in situ Be-10-derived erosion rates in Yunnan, SW China, Amanda C. Henck Schmidt, Thomas B. Neilson, Paul R. Bierman, Dylan H. Rood, William B. Ouimet, and Veronica Sosa Gonzalez

A Collision of Values: Text, Music, and Nascent Enlightenment JC Gottsched's and JS Bach's Trauerode, Steven R. Huff and Daniel Zager

Expertise, Artifacts, and Time in the 1534 Inventory of the St-Denis Treasury, Erik Inglis

Age-related differences in memory for time, temporal reconstruction, and the availability and use of temporal landmarks, Fiona Jack, William J. Friedman, Elaine Reese, and Rachel Zajac

Spherule layers, crater scaling laws, and the population of ancient terrestrial impactors, Brandon C. Johnson, Gareth S. Collins, David A. Minton, Timothy J. Bowling, Bruce M. Simonson, and Maria T. Zuber

Parenting practices and styles associated with adolescent sexual health in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Lusajo J. Kajula, Nancy Darling, Sylvia F. Kaaya, and Hein De Vries

Modulation of oxidative stress and subsequent induction of apoptosis and endoplasmic reticulum stress allows citral to decrease cancer cell proliferation, Arvinder Kapur, Mildred Felder, Lucas Fass, Justanjot Kaur, Austin Czarnecki, Kavya Rathi, San Zeng, Kathryn Kalady Osowski, Colin Howell, May P. Xiong, Rebecca J. Whelan, and Manish S. Patankar

Moving While Black: Intergroup Attitudes Influence Judgments of Speed, Andreana C. Kenrick, Stacey Sinclair, Jennifer Richeson, Sara C. Verosky, and Janetta Lun

Preference for gain- or loss-framed electronic cigarette prevention messages, Grace Kong, Dana A. Cavallo, Deepa R. Camenga, Meghan E. Morean, and Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin

Listening to the Victorian Telephone: Class, Periodicals, and the Social Construction of Technology, Jessica Kuskey

Disease-Toxicant Interactions in Parkinson’s Disease Neuropathology, Gunnar Kwakye, Rachael A. McMinimy, and Michael Aschner

Supramolecular Assembly of Tris(4-carboxyphenyl)arenes: Relationship between Molecular Structure and Solid-State Catenation Motifs, Holden W.H. Lai, Ren A. Wiscons, Cassandra A. Zentner, Matthias Zeller, and Jesse L.C. Rowsell

Without Historical Perspective, We Are Dangerously Adrift, Shelley Sang-Hee Lee

Olsalazine-Based Metal–Organic Frameworks as Biocompatible Platforms for H2 Adsorption and Drug Delivery, Dana J. Levine, Tomče Runčevski, Matthew T. Kapelewski, Benjamin K. Keitz, Julia Oktawiec, Douglas A. Reed, Jarad A. Mason, Henry Z.H. Jiang, Kristen A. Colwell, Christina M. Legendre, Stephen FitzGerald, and Jeffrey R. Long

The NANOGrav Nine-Year Data Set: Monitoring Interstellar Scattering Delays, Lina Levin, Maura A. McLaughlin, Glenn Jones, James M. Cordes, Daniel R. Stinebring, Shami Chatterjee, Timothy Dolch, Michael T. Lam, T. Joseph W. Lazio, Nipuni Palliyaguru, Zaven Arzoumanian, Kathryn Crowter, Paul B. Demorest, Justin A. Ellis, Robert D. Ferdman, Emmanuel Fonseca, Marjorie E. Gonzalez, Megan L. Jones, David J. Nice, Timothy T. Pennucci, Scott M. Ransom, Ingrid H. Stairs, Kevin Stovall, Joseph K. Swiggum, and Weiwei Zhu

Microsatellites for Oenothera gayleana and O.hartwegii subsp. filifolia (Onagraceae), and Their Utility in Section Calylophus, Emily M. Lewis, Jeremie B. Fant, Michael J. Moore, Amy P. Hastings, Erica L. Larson, Anurag A. Agrawal, and Kriss A. Skogen

Comparing Apples to Oranges: An Exploration of the Use of Libguides in ARL Libraries, Rosalinda H. Linares and Anna Marie Johnson

Parametrizing Shimura subvarieties of A1A1 Shimura varieties and related geometric problems, Benjamin Linowitz and Matthew Stover

On the Generality of Experience: A Reply to French and Gomes, Neil Mehta and Todd Ganson

Artistic Tradition and Feminine Legacy in Elena Ferrante’s L’amore molesto, Stiliana Milkova

Ekphrasis and the frame: on paintings in Gogol, Tolstoy, and Dostoevsky, Stiliana Milkova

The Translator’s Visibility or the Ferrante-Goldstein Phenomenon, Stiliana Milkova

Decoding North Korea’s Bluster, Sheila Miyoshi Jager

Latent class analysis of current e-cigarette and other substance use in high school students, Meghan E. Morean, Grace Kong, Deepa R. Camenga, Dana A. Cavallo, Patricia Simon, and Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin

Nicotine concentration of e-cigarettes used by adolescents, Meghan E. Morean, Grace Kong, Dana A. Cavallo, Deepa R. Camenga, and Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin

Psychometric validation of measures of alcohol expectancies, retrospective subjective response, and positive drinking consequences for use with adolescents, Meghan E. Morean, S. Zellers, M. Tamler, and Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin

Demonstrating Ingenuity: The Display and Concealment of Knowledge in Renaissance Artists' Workshops, Christina Neilson

Connecting with the Courts: Online Access to State Judicial Systems, Michael Parkin and Justin Wedeking

On integers n for which X-n-1 has a divisor of every degree, Carl Pomerance, Lola Thompson, and Andreas Weingartner

Accurate determination of ferric iron in garnets, Ryan J. Quinn, John W. Valley, F. Zeb Page, and John Fournelle

Reducing Therapist Contact in Parenting Programs: Evaluation of Internet-Based Treatments for Child Conduct Problems, Sarah M. Rabbitt, Erin Carrubba, Bernadette Lecza, Emily McWhinney, Jennifer Pope, and Alan E. Kazdin

Library Instruction and Information Literacy 2015, Latisha Reynolds, Samantha McClellan, Susan Finley, George Martinez, and Rosalinda H. Linares

Field measurements of genotype by environment interaction for fitness caused by spontaneous mutations in Arabidopsis thaliana, Angela J. Roles, Matthew T. Rutter, Ian Dworkin, Charles B. Fenster, and Jeffrey K. Conner

Mass Housing, Late Modernism, and the Forging of Community in New York City and East Berlin, 1965–1989, Annemarie Sammartino

Review: Purging the Empire: Mass Expulsions in Germany, 1871-1914, Annemarie Sammartino

Root patterning: it takes two to tangle, Ben Scheres and Marta Laskowski

Can the International Criminal Court Contribute to the Responsibility to Protect?, Benjamin Schiff

Gentlemen and Revolutionaries: Politics and Pedagogy in Strauss and Rancière, Jade Schiff

Why does time seem to fly when we're having fun?, Patrick Simen and Matthew Matell

Scale (In)Variance in a Unified Diffusion Model of Decision Making and Timing, Patrick Simen, Ksenia Vlasov, and Samantha Papadakis

Texts and Textiles: Commercial Poetics and Material Economies in the Early Atlantic, Danielle C. Skeehan

Shock-metamorphosed rutile grains containing the high-pressure polymorph TiO2-II in four Neoarchean spherule layers, Frank C. Smith, Billy P. Glass, Bruce M. Simonson, Joseph P. Smith, Alexandra E. Krull-Davatzes, and Karl S. Booksh

Recent Efforts Toward Collaborative Preservation of Recorded Sound, Jeremy Smith

Drawing Borders in the Middle East after the Great War: Political Geography and ‘Subject Peoples’, Leonard V. Smith

France, the Great War, and the "Return to Experience", Leonard V. Smith

It's Spring Again, Abraham Socher

Marmorshers!, Abraham Socher