Events from 2019

The Sound & the Surplus: Speculation as a Radical Mode of Resistance, Emma B.B. Doyle

Recordando y reconstruyendo una memoria: una crónica del Comité 68 y el Movimiento de 1968 en México, Emmanuel Navarro

Events from 2018

The Metonymic Carnival: Showman Figures in Modern German Drama, Leah Barber

Cuban Literature in Translation: Fina García Marruz’s Créditos de Charlot, Sonia Bloom

Horror Without End: Narratives of Fear Under Modern Capitalism, Andrés Emil González

Madness and Memory: Reading Collaboration as Trauma in Kim Sa-ryang’s “Tenma” and Patrick Modiano’s La Place de l’étoile, Melissa Karp

The Nature of Narratives and the Narratives of Nature: Wildlife Film, the Ecology of Folklore, and Wild Metamorphoses, Cella Wright

Tōkaidō in Modern Representation, Yiyin (Mia) Zhong

Events from 2017

Musical Translation: The Translation and Transformation of an Eighteenth-Century German Play into a Modern Opera, Serena Creary

Shock Therapy: Horror Aesthetics in German Modernism, Sean Lambert

Reading' the Tracking Shot in Nadja and Marienbad, Eleanor H. Van Buren

Georges Bataille: A Body in Motion, Daniel West

Events from 2016

Playing Porteño: Translating History Across Cultural Stages, Rebecca Cohen

Post-structural Sounds: Listening to the Relationship Between Post-structuralism and Music in Debussy, Mann, and Joyce, Flora Hollifield

Twelve Syllables and Counting: Translating Racine's Andromaque (1667) in Alexandrines, Manon Hume

Events from 2015

German-Persian Connections: Goethe and Hafez in Dialogue in West-östlicher Divan, Caroline de Vries

Shakespeare in the Round: Harmonic Logic of the Globe, Sophia Richardson

Misreading the River: Heraclitean Hope in Postmodern Texts, Nancy Roane

Lost in Translating: Exploring the Poetry of Guido Catalano, Arianna Valocchi

Reconstructing Seville: A Translation and Contextualization of Capital Sur, Hannah Varadi

Translation, Interpretation, a New Creation: Stefan George and His Umdichtungen, Mariko Wakayama

“Oh, come è bello e morbido!”: Exposing the Strangeness of Puccini’s La Boheme, Parkorn Wangpaiboonkit

“Das Dennoch jedes Buchstabens”: Hilde Domin’s Writing and Resistance, Emily Wilkerson

Events from 2014

Anxious Seas: Reading Affect in Dazai and Murdoch, Joseph Lubitz

Events from 2013

A Translation of Ränder by Jürgen Becker, Emma Hosford

Translation: Alexandra David-Néel's Writings on China and Tibet, Megan MacDonald

Luis García Montero's Quedarse sin ciudad: The City as Phoenix in Post-Dictatorial Spain, Alice McAdams

César Aira and Spanish Inheritors of the French Avant-Garde, Emma Smart

Obsession, Incest and Eating Dirt: Internalization and the Reader's Response in One Hundred Years of Solitude, Laura Weiss

Events from 2012

Authorship, Ambiguity, and Authoritarianism in the Fictionalized Prison Writing of Sinan Antoon’s I’jaam and Dulce Chacón’s La Voz Dormida, Naila Paul