Submissions from 2018

Review: EDGI: Environmental Data & Governance Initiative [internet resource], Alison S. Ricker

Review: Oklahoma Winter Bird Atlas, Alison S. Ricker

Review: Speaking for the River: Confronting Pollution on the Willamette, 1920s-1970s, Alison S. Ricker

Review: The Oceanographer's Companion: Essential Nautical Skills for Seagoing Scientists and Engineers, Alison S. Ricker

Review: UN Climate Change Newsroom [internet resource], Alison S. Ricker

Vote as if Your Life Depends on it: Engaging Students in Advocacy for Science and the Environment, Alison S. Ricker


Estradiol and luteinizing hormone regulate recognition memory following subchronic phencyclidine: Evidence for hippocampal GABA action, Alexander Riordan, Ari W. Schaler, Jenny Fried, Tracie A. Paine, and Janice E. Thornton

Something Old, Something New: Black Women, Interracial Dating, and the Black Marriage, Crisis,, Renee Romano

Hamilton: A New American Civic Myth?, Renee C. Romano

Historians on Hamilton: How a Blockbuster Musical is Restaging America's Past, Renee C. Romano

Review: Robert Penn Warren’s Who Speaks for the Negro?: An Archival Collection, Renee C. Romano

Quantifying natural seasonal variation in mutation parameters with mutation accumulation lines, Matthew T. Rutter, Angela J. Roles, and Charles Fenster

Biological Impact and Ethical Implications of Pesticide Use: A Short Module for Upper-Division-Undergraduate Biochemistry Courses, Lisa M. Ryno and Cheryl Cottine

The Whale Brings Us Together: Humanistic Approaches to Cultural Resilience to Climate Change on the Arctic Slope of Alaska, Chie Sakakibara

Sanctuary Communities: Answering to a Higher Law, Anne Cuyler Salsich

After the Rent Strike: Neoliberalism and Co-op City, Annemarie Sammartino


The New Socialist Man in the Plattenbau: The East German Housing Program and the Development of the Socialist Way of Life, Annemarie Sammartino

Review: Democracy and the Death of Shame: Political Equality and Social Disturbance, Jade Schiff

Welcoming Refugees: Mindful Citizenship and the Political Responsibility of Hospitality, Jade Schiff


Validation and application of a new microwave-digestion/ICP-MS method for the analysis of trace metals in tree increment cores, Johan Schijf and Mary C. Garvin

A Generalization of the Practical Numbers, Nicholas Schwab and Lola Thompson


Energy performance of LEED-certified buildings from 2015 Chicago benchmarking data, John Scofield and Jillian Doane

Astroquizzical: A Curious Journey Through Our Cosmic Family Tree, Jillian Scudder

How to Answer Cosmic Queries, Jillian Scudder

Cosmic happenstance: 24-µm selected, multicomponent Herschel sources are line-of-sight projections, Jillian Scudder, Seb Oliver, Peter D. Hurley, Julie L. Wardlow, Lingyu Wang, and Duncan Farrah


Socioeconomic status and adolescent e-cigarette use: The mediating role of e-cigarette advertisement exposure, Patricia Simon, Deepa R. Camenga, Meghan E. Morean, Grace Kong, Krysten W. Bold, Dana A. Cavallo, and Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin

Archive, Danielle C. Skeehan

An Angle Never Seen: Milt Hinton as Jazz Documentarian, Jeremy Smith

Sovereignty at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, Leonard V. Smith


Disparity, diversity, and duplications in the Caryophyllales, Stephen A. Smith, Joseph W. Brown, Ya Yang, Riva Bruenn, Chloe P. Drummond, Samuel F. Brockington, Joseph F. Walker, Noah Last, Norman A. Douglas, and Michael J. Moore

A-1, Claire Solomon

El fabricante de fantasmas = The Manufacturer of Ghosts, Claire Solomon

Los significados de Manu: Estilo, raza y globalizatión en la cultura del básquetbol, Claire Solomon

Machine Translations and Translation Machines in Roberto Arlt's Los siete locos (1929) and Los lanzallamas (1931), Claire Solomon

Using and navigating the plant tree of life, Douglas E. Soltis, Michael J. Moore, Emily B. Sessa, Stephen A. Smith, and Pamela S. Soltis

Archipelagoes and Oceania in Asian Pacific American Literary Studies, Harrod Suarez


Plastome phylogenomics of the early-diverging eudicot family Berberidaceae, Yanxia Sun, Michael J. Moore, Jacob B. Landis, Nan Lin, Li Chen, Tao Deng, Jianwen Zhang, Aiping Meng, Shoujun Zhang, Komiljon Sh. Tojibaev, Hang Sun, and Hengchang Wang

“My Conscience is Free and Clear”: African-Descended Women, Status, and Slave Owning in Mid-Colonial Mexico, Danielle Terrazas Williams

Are subjective ratings of metaphors a red herring? The big two dimensions of metaphoric sentences, Paul Thibodeau, Les Sikos, and Frank H. Durgin

Review: Film, Art, and the Third Culture: A Naturalized Aesthetics of Film, Katherine Thomson-Jones

Robust Effects of Affective Person Learning on Evaluation of Faces, Sara C. Verosky, Jenny Porter, Joel E. Martinez, and Alexander Todorov


Galaxy pairs in the SDSS – XIII. The connection between enhanced star formation and molecular gas properties in galaxy mergers, Giulio Violino, Sara L. Ellison, Mark Sargent, Kristen E.K. Coppin, Jillian M. Scudder, Trevor J. Mendel, and Amelie Saintonge

From cacti to carnivores: Improved phylotranscriptomic sampling and hierarchical homology inference provide further insight into the evolution of Caryophyllales, Joseph F. Walker, Ya Yang, Tao Feng, Alfonso Timoneda, Jessica Mikenas, Vera Hutchison, Caroline Edwards, Ning Wang, Sonia Ahluwalia, Julia Olivieri, Nathanael Walker-Hale, Lucas C. Majure, Raúl Puente, Gudrun Kadereit, Maximilian Lauterbach, Urs Eggli, Hilda Flores-Olvera, Helga Ochoterena, Samuel F. Brockington, Michael J. Moore, and Stephen A. Smith


Neoproterozoic glacial ages in a nonsmooth conceptual model, James Walsh


Assessing the Potential Mechanisms of Isomerization Reactions of Isoprene Epoxydiols on Secondary Organic Aerosol, Alex C. Watanabe, Santino J. Stropoli, and Matthew J. Elrod

The Archaeology of Ritual in the Domestic Sphere: Case Studies from Karanis and Pompeii, Andrew Wilburn

AdaM and GrahaM Play the Stock Market, Kevin Woods


Improved transcriptome sampling pinpoints 26 ancient and more recent polyploidy events in Caryophyllales, including two allopolyploidy events, Ya Yang, Michael J. Moore, Samuel F. Brockington, Jessica Mikenas, Julia Olivieri, Joseph F. Walker, and Stephen A. Smith

Plastid phylogenomics resolves infrafamilial relationships of the Styracaceae and sheds light on the backbone relationships of the Ericales, Minghui Yan, Peter W. Fritsch, Michael J. Moore, Tao Feng, Aiping Meng, Jing Yang, Tao Deng, Congxiao Zhao, Xiaohong Yao, Hang Sun, and Hengchang Wang

Engaging Contradictions: Sigourney's Sketch of Connecticut, Forty Years Since, Sandy A. Zagarell

Review: Unconventional Politics: Nineteenth-Century Women Writers and U.S. Indian Policy, Sandy A. Zagarell

Sarah Orne Jewett's The Country of the Pointed Firs, Sandy A. Zagarell

Plastome Characteristics of Cannabaceae, Huanlei Zhang, Jianjun Jin, Michael J. Moore, Tingshuang Yi, and Dezhu Li


Complete plastome sequence of Erythropalum scandens (Erythropalaceae), an edible and medicinally important liana in China, Zhi-Xin Zhu, Jian-Hua Wang, Ya-Cheng Cai, Kun-Kun Zhao, Michael J. Moore, and Hua-Feng Wang

Submissions from 2017


Egypt’s Coming Revolt Against the Poor, Zeinab Abul-Magd

Militarizing the Nation: The Army, Business, and Revolution in Egypt, Zeinab Abul-Magd


Understanding the Physical Safety, Security, and Privacy Concerns of People with Visual Impairments, Tousif Ahmed, Roberto Hoyle, Patrick Shaffer, Kay Connelly, David Crandall, and Apu Kapadia

Checkpoint, Kazim Ali

Mad Heart Be Brave: Essays on the Poetry of Agha Shahid Ali, Kazim Ali


Spectral theory of extended Harper’s model and a question by Erdős and Szekeres, A. Avila, S. Jitomirskaya, and Chris Marx

Trajectories of Neoliberal Transformation: European Industrial Relations Since the 1970s, Lucio Baccaro and Chris Howell


In the Seat of Authority: Debating Temple Spaces and Community Identity in a Vaiṣṇava Sampradāy of Contemporary Gujarat, Emilia Bachrach


Review: Seeing Krishna in America: The Hindu Bhakti Tradition of Vallabhacharya in India and Its Movement to the West, Emilia Bachrach


Asian Americans During The Cold War, Richard Baldoz

Joseph Addison’s Lucretian Imagination, Laura Baudot

Targeting the Treatment: The Strategy behind Lyndon Johnson's Lobbying, Matthew N. Beckmann, Neilan S. Chaturvedi, and Jennifer Rosa Garcia

Counting isospectral manifolds, Mikhail Belolipetsky and Benjamin Linowitz

Developmental Neurobiology, Lynne M. Bianchi


Reduced bioavailable manganese causes striatal urea cycle pathology in Huntington's disease mouse model, Terry Jo Bichell, Michal Wegrzynowicz, K. Grace Tipps, Emma M. Bradley, Michael A. Uhouse, Miles Bryan, Kyle Horning, Nicole Fisher, Karrie Dudek, Timothy Halbesma, Preethi Umashanker, Andrew D. Stubbs, Hunter K. Holt, Gunnar F. Kwakye, Andrew M. Tidball, Roger J. Colbran, Michael Aschner, M. Diana Neely, and Aaron B. Bowman


Ethical gifts?: An analysis of soap-for-information transactions in Malawian survey research worlds, Crystal Biruk


Review: Para-States and Medical Science: Making African Global Health, Crystal Biruk

Gay for Pay in an Economy of Harms: Reflections from an LGBTI-Rights NGO in Malawi, Crystal Biruk and Gift Trapence


Parametric Presburger arithmetic: logic, combinatorics, and quasi-polynomial behavior, Tristram Bogart, John Goodrick, and Kevin Woods


Early age of e-cigarette use onset mediates the association between impulsivity and e-cigarette use frequency in youth, Krysten W. Bold, Meghan E. Morean, Grace Kong, Patricia Simon, Deepa R. Camenga, Dana A. Cavallo, and Suchitra Krisnan-Sarin


Alcohol stimulation and sedation: A critical review of the Biphasic Alcohol Effects Scale, Stephen J. Boyd, William R. Corbin, Meghan E. Morean, and Christopher S. Martin

Achievement Effects of Individual Performance Incentives in a Teacher Merit Pay Tournament, Margaret Brehm, Scott A. Imberman, and Michael F. Lovenheim


Capitalization of Charter Schools into Residential Property Values, Margaret Brehm, Scott A. Imberman, and Michael Naretta


Multiple hypotheses explain variation in extra‐pair paternity at different levels in a single bird family, Lyanne Brouwer, Martijn van de Pol, Nataly Hidalgo Aranzamendi, Glen Bain, Daniel T. Baldassarre, Lesley C. Brooker, Michael G. Brooker, Diane Colombelli-Negrel, Erik Enbody, Kurt Gielow, Michelle L. Hall, Allison E. Johnson, Jordan Karubian, Sjouke A. Kingma, Sonia Kleindorfer, Marina Louter, Raoul A. Mulder, Anne Peters, Stephen Pruett-Jones, Keith A. Tarvin, Derrick J. Thrasher, Claire W. Varian-Ramos, Michael S. Webster, and Andrew Cockburn


Memories, Dreams, Shadows: Fantasy and the Reader in Susan Cooper’s The Grey King, Jennifer Bryan


Luteinizing hormone acts at the hippocampus to dampen spatial memory, Veronica L. Burnham, Christopher Sundby, Abigail Laman-Maharg, and Janice Thornton

A Coarse Stratification of the Monster Tower, Alex Castro, Susan Jane Colley, Gary Kennedy, and Corey Shanbrom

Ill Will: A Novel, Dan Chaon


α-Synuclein Enhances Cadmium Uptake and Neurotoxicity via Oxidative Stress and Caspase Activated Cell Death Mechanisms in a Dopaminergic Cell Model of Parkinson’s Disease, Weelic Chong, Jessica Jimenez, Matthew McIIvin, Mak A. Saito, and Gunnar Kwakye

Crossing Listening Thresholds, Julia Christensen

The First 100+ Days, Julia Christensen

"Logistical Violence, Logistical Vulnerabilities": Review of The Deadly Life of Logistics: Mapping Violence in Global Trade, Charmaine Chua


Teaching Systems Thinking to 4th and 5th Graders Using Environmental Dashboard Display Technology, Shane Clark, John E. Petersen, Cynthia M. Frantz, Deborah Roose, Joel Ginn, and Daniel Rosenberg Daneri


Teaching Systems Thinking to 4th and 5th Graders Using Environmental Dashboard Display Technology, Shane Clark, John E. Petersen, Cynthia M. Frantz, Deborah Roose, Joel Ginn, and Daniel Rosenberg Daneri


Teaching Systems Thinking to 4th and 5th Graders Using Environmental Dashboard Display Technology, Shane Clark, John E. Petersen, Cynthia M. Frantz, Deborah Roose, Joel Ginn, and Daniel Rosenberg Daneri

Visualizing Basketball’s Past: The Historical Imagination of ESPN’s Basketball Documentaries, Santiago Colas

What is Mathematics and Why Won’t It Go Away? Philosophy of Mathematics in a First-Year Seminar, Susan Jane Colley

Perverse Satisfaction of Gravity, Ann Cooper Albright

The Politics of Perception, Ann Cooper Albright


Feuchtwanger's Jud Süß and the Ambiguities of Jewish Political Power, Gabriel S. Cooper


The Medium is the Knapsack. Johann Gottfried Seume's Travelogue Spaziergang nach Syrakus im Jahre 1802, Gabriel S. Cooper


Kinetics of the Aqueous Phase Reactions of Atmospherically Relevant Monoterpene Epoxides, Diego A. Cortes and Matthew J. Elrod

Review: Beyond the Euromaidan: Comparative Perspectives on Advancing Reform in Ukraine, Stephen Crowley


The laboratory opossum, Monodelphis domestica, as an experimental system, Yolanda P. Cruz


Auditory and visual distractors disrupt multisensory temporal acuity in the crossmodal temporal order judgment task, Cassandra L. Dean, Brady A. Eggleston, Kyla David Gibney, Enimielen Aligbe, Marissa Blackwell, and Leslie Kwakye

Confucian Heroes in Popular Asian Dramas in the Age of Capitalism, Hsiu-Chang Deppman