Submissions from 2020

State-Level Determinants of Hate Crime Reporting: Examining the Impact of Structural and Social Movement Influences, Heather L. Scheuerman, Christie L. Parris, Alison H. Faupel, and Regina Werum

Evolution of l-DOPA 4,5-dioxygenase activity allows for recurrent specialisation to betalain pigmentation in Caryophyllales, Hester Sheehan, Tao Feng, Nathanael Walker-Hale, Samuel Lopez-Nieves, Boas Pucker, Rui Guo, Won C. Yim, Roshani Badgami, Alfonso Timoneda, Lijun Zhao, Helene Tiley, Dario Copetti, Michael J. Sanderson, John C. Cushman, Michael J. Moore, Stephen A. Smith, and Samuel F. Brockington


Popular Protest in Postwar Japan: The Antiwar Art of Shikoku Gorō, Ann Sherif

Transitions across tobacco use profiles among adolescents: results from the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) study waves 1 and 2, Patricia Simon, Eugenia Buta, Ralitza Gueorguieva, Grace Kong, Meghan E. Morean, Deepa R. Camenga, Krysten W. Bold, and Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin

Review: Revenants of the German Empire: Colonial Germans, Imperialism, and the League of Nations, Leonard V. Smith

On the separation of identical particles in quantum mechanics, Daniel Styer

Midterm Evaluations, Swing State Aesthetics, Harrod Suarez

Genome Sequencing of the Endangered Kingdonia uniflora (Circaeasteraceae, Ranunculales) Reveals Potential Mechanisms of Evolutionary Specialization, Yanxia Sun, Tao Deng, Aidi Zhang, Michael J. Moore, Jacob B. Landis, Nan Lin, Huajie Zhang, Xu Zhang, Jinling Huang, Xiujun Zhang, Hang Sun, and Hengchang Wang

The Coevolution of Cellularity and Metabolism Following the Origin of Life, Yuta A. Takagi, Diep H. Nguyen, Tom B. Wexler, and Aaron D. Goldman

The Practical Details of Building a CS Concept Inventory, Cynthia Taylor, Michael Clancy, Kevin C. Webb, Daniel Zingaro, Cynthia Lee, and Leo Porter

A connectionist account of the relational shift and context sensitivity in the development of generalisation, Paul Thibodeau, Aviva Blonder, and Stephen J. Flusberg

Answering the Natural Questions: Pliny's Ep. 4.30 and Ep. 8.20, Christopher Trinacty

Memmius, Cicero and Lucretius: A Note on Cic. Fam. 13.1, Christopher Trinacty

Review: Cassandra and the Poetics of Prophecy in Greek and Latin Literature, Christopher Trinacty

Familiarization increases face individuation measured with fast periodic visual stimulation, Sara C. Verosky, Katja A. Zoner, Corinne W. Marble, Margaret M. Sammon, and Charlotte O. Babarinsa

Implicit responses to face trustworthiness measured with fast periodic visual stimulation, Sara Verosky, Katja A. Zoner, Corinne W. Marble, Margaret M. Sammon, and Charlotte Q. Babarinsa

A Discontinuous ODE Model of the Glacial Cycles with Diffusive Heat Transport, James Walsh and Esther Widiasih

Plastid phylogenomic insights into the evolution of the Caprifoliaceae s.l. (Dipsacales), Hong-Xin Wang, Huan Liu, Michael J. Moore, Sven Landrein, Bing Liu, Zhi-Xin Zhu, and Hua-Feng Wang

Plastome phylogenomic insights into the Sino-Japanese biogeography of Diabelia (Caprifoliaceae), Hong-Xin Wang, Michael J. Moore, Russell L. Barrett, Sven Landrein, Shota Sakaguchi, Masayuki Maki, Jun Wen, and Hua-Feng Wang

The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect, Jeffrey Witmer

Corrigendum: Phytoplankton Phenology in the North Atlantic: Insights From Profiling Float Measurements, Bo Yang, Emmanuel S. Boss, Nils Haëntjens, Matthew C. Long, Michael J. Behrenfeld, Rachel Eveleth, and Scott C. Doney

Phytoplankton Phenology in the North Atlantic: Insights From Profiling Float Measurements, Bo Yang, Emmanuel S. Boss, Nils Haëntjens, Matthew C. Long, Michael J. Behrenfeld, Rachel Eveleth, and Scott C. Doney

Exploration of Plastid Phylogenomic Conflict Yields New Insights into the Deep Relationships of Leguminosae, Rong Zhang, Yin-Huan Wang, Jian-Jun Jin, Gregory W. Stull, Anne Bruneau, Domingos Cardoso, Luciano Paganucci de Queiroz, Michael J. Moore, Shu-Dong Zhang, Si-Yun Chen, Jian Wang, De-Zhu Li, and Ting-Shuang Yi

Submissions from 2019

It's More than Gender Pronouns: Let's Talk About That, Kathleen A. Abromeit

Small (but Mighty) Outreach Ideas: Four One-Shot Programs from the Oberlin Conservatory Library, Kathleen A. Abromeit

It's More than Boy George's Gender Pronouns, Kathleen A. Abromeit and Holling Smith-Borne

Allenby wa Thawrat 1919...Qira’a fi Daw’al-Arshif al-Britani (Lord Allenby and the 1919 Revolution: A Study in the light of the British Archives), Zeinab Abul-Magd

Correction: "Expedient synthesis of eumelanin-inspired 5,6-dihydroxyindole-2-carboxylate ethyl ester derivatives" (2018), Andrew H. Aebly, Jeffrey N. Levy, Benjamin J. Steger, Jonathan C. Quirke, and Jason M. Belitsky

New monetary services (Divisia) indexes for the post-war U.S, Richard A. Anderson, John V. Duca, Adrian R. Fleissig, and Barry E. Jones

Conference on financial services indices, liquidity and economic activity, Richard G. Anderson and John V. Duca

From Muse to Insoumuse: Delphine Seyrig, Vidéaste, E. Grace An

Isotopic variation of parity violation in atomic ytterbium, D. Antypas, A. Fabricant, Jason Stalnaker, Konstantin Tsigutkin, V. V. Flambaum, and D. Budker

Isotopic variation of parity violation in atomic ytterbium: Description of the measurement method and analysis of systematic effects, D. Antypas, A. Fabricant, Jason Stalnaker, Konstantin Tsigutkin, V. V. Flambaum, and D. Budker

"Short Stories": Reflections on Tom Short's Impact on Statistics Education, Charlie Ashley, Thomas Bradstreet, Ruth Carver, Patrick Chen, Jaki Fesq, Christine Franklin, Rob Gould, Jeff Haberstroh, Brad Hartlaub, John Holcomb, Daniel Joyce, Lawrence M. Lesser, Jack Miller, Tom Moore, Jerry Morenod, Roxy Peck, Allan Rossman, Josh Tabor, Doug Tyson, and Jeff Witmer

Venture capital restrained after Sarbanes–Oxley, Tyler Atkinson and John V. Duca

Review: Hindu Pasts: Women, Religion, History, Emilia Bachrach

Saints and Hagiography in Hinduism, Emilia Bachrach

Indigenous Prosperity and American Conquest: Indian Women of the Ohio River Valley, 1690-1792, Matthew Bahar

Better, Emily Barton

Review: "G. Willow Wilson Reimagines the Last Days of Moorish Spain": The Bird King, Emily Barton

Soap: Touching Objects of Critique in Critical Global Health Studies, Crystal Biruk


The Politics of Global Health, Crystal Biruk

New Democracy, Marc J. Blecher

Review: How China Escaped the Poverty Trap, Marc J. Blecher

Review: Market in State: The Political Economy of Domination in China, Marc J. Blecher

Parametric Presburger arithmetic: complexity of counting and quantifier elimination, Tristram Bogart, John Goodrick, Danny Nguyen, and Kevin Woods

Opt Art: From Mathematical Optimization to Visual Design, Robert Bosch

Natural Gas Prices, Electric Generation Investment, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Paul Brehm

On Uniqueness of End Sums and 1-handles at Infinity, Jack S. Calcut and Robert E. Gompf

Youth generated prevention messages about electronic cigarettes, Dana Cavallo, Grace Kong, Daniel M. Ells, Deepa Camenga, Meghan Morean, and Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin

The Breath of Life: Speech, Gender, and Authority in the Garden of Eden, Cynthia Chapman

Pharmacological convergence reveals a lipid pathway that regulates C. elegans lifespan, Alice L. Chen, Kenneth M. Lum, Pablo Lara-Gonzalez, Daisuke Ogasawara, Armand B. Cognetta, Alan To, William H. Parsons, Gabriel M. Simon, Arshad Desai, Michael Petrascheck, Liron Bar-Peled, and Benjamin F. Cravatt

The Underground Silk Road: Pictorial Affinities in 5th century Chinese Cave Temples and Tombs, Bonnie Cheng

A Brief Introduction to the Old Testament: The Hebrew Bible in its Context, Michael D. Coogan and Cynthia Chapman

Life Practices, Ann Cooper Albright

Review: The Translated Jew: German Jewish Culture outside the Margins, Gabriel S. Cooper

Matching Methods to Theory: Using Dynamic Systems Models to Understand Nested Systems of Adolescent Development, Nancy Darling and Ian Burns

All in the Family: Within-Family Differences in Parental Monitoring and Adolescent Information Management, Nancy Darling and Lauree Tilton-Weaver


Academic Art Museum and Library Collaborations: Current Practices and Future Directions, Andria Derstine, Alexia Hudson-Ward, Elizabeth Edgar, and Pamela Snyder

Tras la conjuración de brujería en Cartagena de Indias (1634-1636): retractaciones, espacios carcelarios y tortura, Ana María Díaz Burgos

Scattering features and variability of the Crab pulsar, Laura Nicole Driessen, Gemma Janssen, C. Bassa, Benjamin Stappers, and Daniel Stinebring

Editorial: Root Branching: From Lateral Root Primordium Initiation and Morphogenesis to Function, Joseph G. Drubrovsky, Hidehiro Fukaki, Laurent Laplaze, and Marta Laskowski

Real Estate and the Great Crisis: Lessons for Macro-Prudential Policy, John V. Duca, Lilit Popoyan, and Susan M. Wachter

Big Data Meets Survey Science, Adam Eck, Ana Lucia Cordova, Mario Callegaro, and Paul Biemer

The Role of Water in Fast Plant Movements, J. Edwards, Marta Laskowski, T.I. Baskin, N. Mitchell, and B. DeMeo

Passages and Malls in Translation: Commerical Architecture in Pahlavi Iran, Farshid Emami

Review: The Fascination of Persia: the Persian-European Dialogue in Seventeenth-century Art and Contemporary Art of Tehran, Farshid Emami

Royal Assemblies and Imperial Libraries: Polygonal Pavilions and Their Functions in Mughal and Safavid Architecture, Farshid Emami

Paradise Blue, Justin Emeka

Transatlantic Studies: Latin America, Iberia, and Africa, Cecilia Enjuto-Rangel, Sebastiaan Faber, Pedro García-Caro, and Robert Patrick Newcomb


Chronicling the Age of Hobsbawm: A Q&A With Historian Richard Evans, Sebastiaan Faber

The United States and World Fascism: Teaching Human Rights through the Spanish Civil War, Sebastiaan Faber


In a Polarized Spain: Voters Give the Socialists Another Chance, Sebastiaan Faber and Bécquer Seguín

Will Spain Follow Europe’s Right-Wing Populist Trend?, Sebastiaan Faber and Bécquer Seguín

Man in Tidal Blue, Chanda Feldman

Money Tree, Chanda Feldman

To the Old Square, Chanda Feldman

University Market, Chanda Feldman

Brief Report: Differences in Multisensory Integration Covary with Sensory Responsiveness in Children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder, Jacob I. Feldman, Wayne Kuang, Julie G. Conrad, Alexander Tu, Pooja Santapuram, David M. Simon, Jennifer Foss-Feig, Leslie Kwakye, Ryan Stevenson, Mark Wallace, and Tiffany Woynaroski

Hydrogen Isotope Separation within the Metal-Organic Framework Cu(I)-MFU-4l, Stephen FitzGerald, Daniel Mukasa, Katharine N. Rigdon, Naiyuan Zhang, and Brandon R. Barnett

Legitimacy without Mobilization? How Social Justice Organizations Defend their Democratic Credentials, David Forrest

Evidentialism and Pragmatic Constraints on Outright Belief, Dorit Ganson

Responding to Racial Resentment: How Racial Resentment Influences Legislative Behavior, Jennifer Garcia and Christopher T. Stout

La proyección del neoliberalismo: La transformacion del cine mexicano (1988-2012), Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón

Preciosos perdedores, Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón

Review: Liminal Sovereignty: Mennonites and Mormons in Mexican Culture, Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón

Review: The Wounded Self: Writing Illness in Twenty-First-Century German Literature, Elizabeth C. Hamilton


Assessing Synergy between Climate and Development Projects: Which One is More Effective, Efficient and Transparent?, A.K. Enamul Haque, Estiaque Bari, and Md Rumi Shammin

Can Privacy Be Satisfying? On Improving Viewer Satisfaction for Privacy-Enhanced Photos Using Aesthetic Tranforms, Rakibul Hasan, Yifang Li, Eman Hassan, Kelly Caine, David J. Crandall, Roberto Hoyle, and Apu Kapadia

Framing and Feeling Fuel Environmentally Responsible Behaviors of Black Residents in the United States, Karen A. Hegtvedt, Christie L. Parris, and Cathryn Johnson

Human and natural controls on erosion in the Lower Jinsha River, China, Amanda C. Henck Schmidt, Alison R. Denn, Alan J. Hidy, Paul R. Bierman, and Ya Tang

Principles of Life, David M. Hillis, G V. Price, Richard W. Hill, David W. Hall, and Marta Laskowski

Reading Smiles, Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway

Labouring Under the New Capitalism, Chris Howell

Neoliberalism, capitalist growth models, and the state: An agenda for industrial relations theory, Chris Howell

Regulation, representation, crise: I'evolution de la conception du syndicalisme en France et en Grande-Bretagne, Chris Howell

The Neo-Liberal State and the Regulation of Class Relations, Chris Howell


An Improved Welfare Guarantee for First-Price Auctions, Daniel Hoy, Sam Taggart, and Zihe Wang

Tropical Asian Origin, boreotropical migration and long-distance dispersal in Nettles (Urticeae, Urticaceae), Xianhan Huang, Tao Deng, Michael J. Moore, Hengchang Wang, Zhimin Li, Nan Lin, Ziyoviddin Yusupov, Komiljon Sh. Tojibaev, Yuehua Wang, and Hang Sun

Seeing the Invisble Under the Microscope: Natural Philosophy and John Donne's Flea, Wendy Beth Hyman