Events from 2019

General Game Playing as a Bandit-Arms Problem: A Multiagent Monte-Carlo Solution Exploiting Nash Equilibria, Matt Banda

Interactive and Immersive Sound Design in Video Games: 8-bit to Adaptive Virtual Reality, Felipe Velay Ferreira

Towards More Complicated Human Security: Solving the Measurement Paradox, Sage Vousé

Events from 2018

Creating Barriers to Determination of Structurally Cohesive Subgroups (Keynote), Yasmeen Mussard-Afcari and Adam Eck

Events from 2017

Imagine Trees Like These — A Virtual Reality Narrative Concerning Forests, Futurity, and Ephemerality, Andres Cuervo

Structure and Randomness in Iannis Xenakis' Analogique A, Sam Goree

Towards a Relative-Pitch Neural Network System for Chorale Composition and Harmonization, Sam Goree

Events from 2016

Exact Pattern Containment in Restricted Growth Functions, Robert Dorward

On the Approximability of DAG Edge Deletion, Nathan Klein

Dimension to Virtual Reality: Ear-eye Coordination with Frequency-responsive Beam Tracing, James Quintana

Events from 2015

Selfish Routing on the Deterministic Queuing Model, Christine Antonsen

Competitive Facility Location: Where Should I Put my Banana Stand?, Amanda Strominger

Designing the CRISP Document Format: A Secure Declarative Language for the Web, Laura Watiker

Events from 2012

Location Security in Android Smartphones, Aaron Kanter

Automatic Generation of Shakespearean Sonnets, Claire Nelson