Events from 2024

Positive bystander intervention training for allies to gender minorities, Nissa Berle

Does exposure to positive climate action by others enhance efficacy and motivation to act?, Bryn Kearney, Peyton Sinnet, Emily Bengston, Megan Swing, Cindy Frantz, and John Petersen

Can hyper-localized information on climate impacts and positive action motivate climate mitigation and adaptation behavior?, Martina Novajas, Peyton Sinnet, Bryn Kearney, Yunzhang Chi, Nyakwea Ndegwa, Sophia Steckler, Cindy Frantz, and John Petersen

Are Smartphones Outsmarting Us? Examining the effects that smartphone presence has on connectedness to nature and well-being, Sophie R. Qano

Power and Emotion Perception from Faces and Bodies, Adrienne Sato

How does a second language influence native Mandarin speakers' representation of time?, Yiyin (Coco) Song

Theses/Dissertations from 2023


Vicarious Dissonance: Impacts on Group Identification and Ingroup Member Likability, Emma Hart

Social Media Engagement & Color, Hillel Hinton-Williams and Ada Ates


“I go to a crazy competitive HS and I hate it”: A Reflexive Thematic Analysis of High School Competitive Suffering Using Reddit, Ish Houle


Emotion Word Use by English Speakers: An Analysis of Speaker Status, Extraversion, and Vocabulary Size, Jessica Norris


The effects of behavioral synchrony on Theory-of-Mind among collaborative music-makers, Harriet C. Skowronek

Events from 2022

Investigating Conceptual Metaphors for Covid-19 on Social Media, Olivia K. Badrinath and Alaina M. D Dio

Fuzzy-logic Cognitive Mapping as a tool for measuring and increasing systems thinking: A test of MentalModeler, Julia Blotner, Cindy Frantz, and John Petersen

Promoting Political Action through Community Based Social Marketing, Alita Boyse-Peacor

Prospection: Can Thinking About the Future Change Attitudes About Climate Change in the Present?, Larisa Bushkin

Cuing Racial Disparities of Climate Change Burden Reduces White People’s Pro-Environmental Intentions, Jewel Cameron, Devlin O'Keefe, Wiley Smith, Mikaela de Lemos, and Jessie Yuan

“Rediscovering Humanity”: Cultivating Community and Defying Norms in the Wake of Tragedy, Isabel Ratner

Dreaming of a White Christmas: Examining Nostalgia, Trend Perceptions, & Climate Change Attitudes, Kasia Tuzzolino

Events from 2020

A Framework for Growth and Sustainability in Fish Farming, Zach Arfa

Imagining Apocalypse: Prospection Increases Systems Thinking, James Cato

How Lowering Thermostat Set Points Influences Student Comfort and Behavior, Karly Coleman, James Cato, and Maya Russell


Assessing the Feasibility of Machine Learning to Predict Chronic Pain in Adolescence, Max A. Kramer

Effect of Comorbid Major Depressive Disorder on Severity of Alcohol Use Disorder & Treatment Seeking Behavior, Catherine Russell

Negative Emotional Action Termination: An Empirical Validation, Jinhan Wu, M. McLean Sammon, Max A. Kramer, Jinhan Wu, Christina Wu, and Kenneth J.D. Allen

Events from 2019

Carpooling on Campus, Ilana Ascher and Skyler (Yuxuan) Yin

Skilled Narration, Beautiful Language, and Sympathy for the Villain: How Texts Dehumanize the Lolitas and Ledas of Literature, Julia Berrebi

Developing a Novel Measure of College Student’s Attitudes towards Sexual Misconduct, Eli Silverman-Lloyd

The Effect of Systems Thinking on Pro-Environmental Behavior, Emery Webster

Theses/Dissertations from 2018


Acute Exercise Effects on Error Processing in Adult ADHD, Mia K. Bates

Zebrafish (D. Rerio) Preferentially Associate with Bolder, but not Familiar Conspecifics, Aviva Blonder

Medical Cannabis Expectancies Questionnaire, Ellyn R. Butler

Bearing the Dream: Undocumented Students in Higher Education, Zurisaday Gutierrez Avila

The Chinese Student Commencement Speech Controversy: A Discourse Analysis of Responding Microblogs, Jenny Xin Luan

Art and Havana's Experience of the "Special Period", Josephine Marshall

Gender Nonconformity and the Stereotype Content Model, Ari Rosenblum


Gender Nonconformity and the Stereotype Content Model, Ari M. Rosenblum

“It Takes a Village”: How the Investment in Self, Community, and Environment Can Influence Low Income Black Children to Succeed, Niya Smith-Wilson

Identifying with Mental Illness at Oberlin: Social Barriers to Help-seeking, Charis Stanek


Does What You Do Before Class Matter?, Elayne Zhou

Theses/Dissertations from 2017


Atheists are Visualized as Untrustworthy, Maria C. Bertrand


Pretrial Attitudes and Their Influence on Interpretation of Case Evidence and Mock Juror Decision-Making in Insanity Defense Cases, Justine M.L. Gonzales

The Impact of Music Education on Language Development, Gabrielle Kaufman


E-Cigarette Use among Individuals Diagnosed with an Eating Disorder, Alexa Mary L'Insalata

Whipped Cream, Whiskey, and Weight Loss: Exploring the Versatility of E-cigarette Use in Adolescents and Adults, Alexa L'Insalata and Meghan E. Morean

Oberlin College Hoops: Sport and Diversity in Higher Education, Zach Moo Young


Does Training Enhance Entraining? Musical Ability and Neural Signatures of Beat Perception, Kira Pinard-Welyczko


Metaphorically Framed Stereotypes, Victim Race, and Attitudes Toward Police: Factors Influencing Juror Cognition and Decision-Making in Police Force Cases, Aliza Jo Spruch-Feiner

Events from 2016

Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Towards Transgender People: The Role of Demographic and Psychosocial Variables, Stephanie Atwood


Metaphor and Memory: How Metaphors Instantiate Schemas in and Influence Memory of Narrative, Sarah Elizabeth Cox


Power Dynamics in Conversation : The Role of Gender, Caitlyn Grubb

Architecture and Connectedness to Nature, Sarah Kahl


Biophilic Architecture, Connectedness to Nature, and the Importance of Environmental Issues, Sarah Michelle Kahl

Children's Endorsement of Mastery Goals Predicts Their Academic Competence, Carly Oddleifson

The Relationship Between Fat-centric Programming and the Anti-fat Stigma, Briana Thompson


Perceived Essentialism, Group Relative Deprivation, and Collective Action, Barbara Toizer

Vaping to Lose Weight: Predictors of Adult E-cigarette Use for Weight Management, Amy Wedel

Events from 2015

Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct: The Development of an Intervention Program at Oberlin, Jolie De Feis


The Complicated Relationship Between Music and Foreign Language Learning: Nuanced Conditions Required for Cognitive Benefits Due to Music, Talia Greenberg

The Efficacy of the Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct Training Program Among Student Athletes, Sarah MacFadden

Promoting Systems Thinking Through Metaphor, Annie Winneg

Events from 2014

An Exploratory Investigation of Word Aversion, Christopher Bromberg

Comparing Students’ and Educators’ Perspectives on Composing Music in the Elementary Classroom, Siena Castañares


Hegemonic Masculinity and Misconceptions of Gender and Mental Health in Violent Criminality, Mina Dailami

Effects of Providing Real-Time Feedback About Electricity and Water Consumption, Evan Tincknell

Events from 2013

A Prison of Culture: Afterlives of Dictatorship in a Community Arts Center, Sofia LeBlanc

Achievement Goals as a Factor of Homophily, Katherine A. Lemoine


Post-Learning Activities and Memory Consolidation: the Effect of Physical and Cognitive Activities on Memory Consolidation, Yue Tang

Events from 2012

La memoria histórica en España y Chile: La Influencia de los documentales de Montserrat Armengou / Ricard Belis y Patricio Guzmán, Aubrey Dueweke

Re-Transforming Identity: Testimonial Literature by Jewish Argentine Survivors of Argentina's Dirty War, Maya Matalon


The Spatial Properties of Music Perception: Differences in Visuo-spatial Performance According to Musicianship and Interference of Musical Structure, Christa Theresa Vassillière

Sexual Relationships at the Transition to College, Rose Wesche

Theses/Dissertations from 2010


Letting the Outside In: Connectedness to Nature’s Buffering Effects Against Social Rejection, Case E. Lovell