Events from 2020

4 in 1: Uncovering Hidden Species within Tiquilia palmeri, Gabriela Castillo, Jill Sarazen, and Michael J. Moore

Phylogeography of Petalonyx crenatus (Loasaceae): Genetic Structure Across a Gypsum Archipelago, Renée Geyer

Mapping out the Evolution of Sexual Systems in Hawaiian Plants using Big Data, Michelle Liu, Gabriela Castillo, Renée Geyer, Luisa McGarvey, Emily Humphreys, Angela McDonnell, Norman Wickett, Ann Sakai, Stephen Weller, Warren Wagner, Kenneth Wood, and Michael J. Moore

Exploring Species Boundaries of Thelesperma (Astaraceae) on Gypsum Using Phylogenetic and Morphometric Analysis, Luisa McGarvey, Lynn Jiao, Norm Douglas, Hilda Flores, and Michael J. Moore

The Role of beta-Hydroxybutyrate in Glucagon Receptor Stimulated Food Intake Suppression in Obese Mice, Evan Suppa, Shelly R. Nason, Jessica Antipenko, Teayoun Kim, and Kirk M. Habegger

Events from 2019


Community Genomic Drivers of Moss Microbiome Assembly and Function in Rapidly Changing Alaskan Ecosystems, Julia Butler

Ash Loss in an Era of Climate Change: Examining the Growth and Distribution of Understory Trees in High-ash Mortality Areas, Sophie Everbach

Oberlin's Experimental Hazelnut Orchard: Exploring Woody Agriculture’s Potential for Climate Mitigation & Food System Resilience, Naomi Fireman


Identifying the Effects of T cell Deficient Mice in Alzheimer’s Disease Model, Lauren Fries

Phylogeny of Gypsum Endemic Gaillardia Species: How Location Influences Gene Flow Across the Chihuahuan Desert, Cameron Moss

The Origin of Cellularity and Organismal Individuality in Digital Life Simulations, Diep Nguyen

Events from 2018

A Reconstruction of Emerald Ash Borer-induced Mortality in a Northeast Ohio Forest, CJ Blair

Phylogenetics and Niche Evolution in Members of the Four O'clock Family, Abronia and Tripterocalyx, Caroline Edwards

The Path to Fertilization: SPAM 1 and Sperm Pairing in Monodelphis domestica, Kobi Griffith

Effects of Emerald Ash Borer on Ant Diversity at Chance Creek Nature Preserve, Stephanie Gunter

Gendering Genitals: Medical Discourse and Healthcare Provider Education on Intersex Conditions, Tess Jewell


Invertebrate Diversity in an Agricultural and Post-Agricultural Field in Oberlin, Ohio, Hannah Rodgers

"Unsex Me Here": Teaching Shakespeare Across Race and Gender, Han Taub

Optimization of Magnetic Fluidic SELEX to Select Aptamers for Ovarian Cancer Biomarker HE4, Gabrielle Walsh

Structure-Function Study of the Lab Opossum Prostate, Julie Watiker

The Nature of Narratives and the Narratives of Nature: Wildlife Film, the Ecology of Folklore, and Wild Metamorphoses, Cella Wright

Events from 2017

Volatile Components of Preen Gland Secretions and Community-Level Interactions in Disease Transmission, Maxwell Butler

Does Position Along the Watershed Affect Hybridization Dynamics Between the Native Orconectes Sanbornii and Invasive O. rusticus?, Elisa Casado Henderson

Inadvertent Naturalists: Turgenev, Aksakov, and Russia's New Ornithology, Walker Griggs

By Any Genes Necessary: Enlightened Self-Interest in Soren Kierkegaard’s Works of Love, Noah Last

Bird Chatter as an Indicator of Safety: To What Extent Do Eastern Gray Squirrels Rely on Public Information?, Marie Lilly

The Role of Millet in Pre-Roman Italy, Scott Russell

Pathways In & Out of STEM: An Exploration of School Structure and Its Effects on Underrepresented Minorities at Oberlin College, Xavier Tirado

Events from 2016

To Sound Jewish: An Exploration of Faith in the Music of Felix Mendelssohn, Lisa Learman

How Do You Describe a New Species? Botanical Illustration of Gysophilic Plants from the Chihuahan Desert, Mexico, Elena Loke

Do Squirrels Let Birds Do Their Work for Them?, Emma Lucore

Habitat Selection and Activity Patterns Among Wading Birds, Nathaniel Wehr

Events from 2015

Timekeeping in Roundworm Digestion, Christopher Ayoub

Epigenetic Modifying Drugs and Cohesin Mutations in Leukemia, Ellen Drake

Genetic Control of Lateral Root Positioning and Root Elongation, Jeremy Gottfried

The Language of Intersex: Definitions of Sex and Gender in Research on Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Sophie Meade

The Importance of Water Availability for Plant Community Structure in Restored Prairies, Laura Messman

Sperm Pairing in the Gray Short-tailed Opossum, Monodelphis domestica, Megan Michel

Moved by the Spirit or the Music? Analyzing Modern Evangelical Worship Music Practices, Gabriel Moore

The Effects of Light on Ant-Aphid Mutualisms, Annika Nelson

Competitive Facility Location: Where Should I Put my Banana Stand?, Amanda Strominger

Investigating Filovirus Expression in Monodelphis domestica, Daniel Stuff

Northern Goshawk Diversity and Connectivity Among the Forests of the Northern Great Basin, Stephanie Szarmach

Events from 2014

Analysis of an RNAi-Induced Defect in the Caenorhabditis elegans Defecation Motor Program, Trip Freeburg

Parasites of the Damselfly Ischnura verticalis: Relationships to Sex and Egg Load, Ben Garfinkel

My Summer in Costume: Crane Reintroduction and the Conservation of Small Populations, Emily Lumsdaine

Calcium Signaling and Neuropeptide Secretion in the Expulsion Step of the Caenorhabditis Elegans Defecation Motor Program, Sam McCright

Tree Core Analysis for Heavy Metal Carcinogens in a Childhood Cancer Cluster, Anne Nigra

Response of Herbivorous Fish Communities to a New Resource: Insight into Macroalgal Phase Shifts on Coral Reefs, Christopher Pickens

Interactions Among Myosin, Twitchin, and Troponin I in Caenorhabditis elegans Muscle Contraction, Helen Rich

Do Eastern Gray Squirrels Eavesdrop on Black-Capped Chickadee Referential Alarm Calls?, Pearl Rivers

The Complete Mitochondrial Genomes of Two Crayfish in the Genus Orconectes: O. Rusticus and O. Sanbornii, Dyani Sabin

Understanding Lateral Root Formation: Genetic Control of Lateral Root Spacing and Emergence, Ari Schwartz

Histological Changes in Monodelphis domestica Uteri During Pregnancy, Karin Yoshida

Events from 2013

Media Coverage of the US HIV/AIDS Epidemic's Blood Bank Controversy, Anna Dardick

Remote Sensing Gypsum in the Chihuahuan Desert, Arianna Goodman

The Evolution of Ecophysiological Divergence in Asteraceae Tribe Coreopsideae, Jonah Joffe

The Phylogenetic Reach of Hybridization-Based Enrichment, Rebecca Mostow

Widespread Population Sampling of Gaillardia (Asteraceae), Spencer Wight

Events from 2012

Genetic Investigation of a Digestive Motor Program, Renee Brielmann

The Age and Origins of Arid Adaptations and Gypsum Endemism in Nyctaginaceae Inferred Using Relaxed Molecular Dating, Chloe Drummond

The Acrosome Reaction of Paired Sperm in Monodelphis domestica, Jebran Haddad

Phylogenetics and Phylogeography in a Gypsum Endemic Clade: Haploësthes and Sartwellia, Rachel Plumb

Role of pYap1 in Trophoblast Formation in the Laboratory Opossum, Nadia Safa

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Assessment of Four Years of Marsh Restoration at the Jones Farm Experimental Restoration Facility in Northeast Ohio: Water Quality, Plant Community Development, and Adaptive Management, Jake J. Grossman