Events from 2019

Examining the Current Realities of Indie Music Distribution in Cape Town, South Africa, Lauren Brown

Events from 2018

"Crooked" Language: Moroccan Heritage, Identity, and Belonging on Youtube, Radia Lahlou

The Terror Experts: Producing and Policing Terrorist Subjects at a University Research Center, Liam McLean

Elementary School Students and STEM: Creating an Archaeology Lesson Plan for Get With the Program, Emma Schechter

Events from 2017

Mapping Mikt’sqaq Angayuk: A GIS Analysis of a Nineteenth-Century Sod House, Maggie Gossiaux

Investigating Allomorphy in a Coordinating Conjunction: A Corpus Study of Hiaki (Yaqui) Into(k(o)), Olivia Hay and Mattea Scheiber Koon

Codeswitching in Hiaki Conversational Discourse: An Evaluation of Myers-Scotton's Matrix Language Frame Model, Sophie Pierson

"This is a Closed Space for Queer Identifying Folx": Queer Spaces on Campus, Tory Sparks

What's In A Neanderthal: A Comparative Analysis, Taylorlyn Stephan

Synthetic Melanin Filtration Agents, Alejandro Vera

Events from 2016

Spiritual Approaches to Type 2 Diabetes Management, Zoe Braunstein

Events from 2015

Timekeeping in Roundworm Digestion, Christopher Ayoub

Eat me/Drink me: Lewis Carroll’s Alice as Canonical Commodity, Emma Hadden

A Story of Old Bones, Margaret Miller

Events from 2014

Minds, Bodies, and Political Selves: Embodying Pro-Choice Activism, Samantha Aisen

“Anyone Can Improvise”: Technology and the Quantification of Jazz Improvisation, Nicholas LoVallo

Events from 2013

Human Connection as Activism: Analysis of a Student Movement for Global Health, Julie Christensen

Reconsidering the Puebloan Languages in a Southwestern Areal Context, Michael Everdell

Events from 2012

The Mozart Effect: Music, Success, and Socioeconomic Status in an American Classroom, Netta Rappaport

Nonactive Verb Morphology in Classical Nahuatl, Miriam Rothenberg