Events from 2019

Oberlin's Experimental Hazelnut Orchard: Exploring Woody Agriculture’s Potential for Climate Mitigation & Food System Resilience, Naomi Fireman

Project Hózhó : Youth, Arts and Environment in the Navajo Nation, Brian James, Kieran Minor, and Rashad Saleh

Legal Weapons: The Supreme Court and the Decline of Tribal Sovereignty, Lior Krancer

The Enigmatic Abundance of Rare Earth Elements: The Political Economy of Green Technology, Rex Simmons

Call it Nature, Call it Instinct, Call it Education; A Curriculum for Urban Eco-Poetics, Otto Vock

Reading the Oberlin Landscape-A Place Based Natural History Exco, Will Wickham

Events from 2018

Purifying the Sacred: How Hindu Nationalism Reshapes Environmentalism in Contemporary India, Owen Ellerkamp

Effects of Emerald Ash Borer on Ant Diversity at Chance Creek Nature Preserve, Stephanie Gunter

An Environmental and Cost Comparison between Petroleum-Based Plastic Drinking Straws and a "Greener" Alternative, Madeline Moran

The Courage You're Looking For: Linking Academics to Community Based Arts Programs in Oberlin, Naomi Roswell

Events from 2017

"Interrogating the And": A Study of Environmentalism and Disability, Melissa Cabat

Rethinking Redevelopment: New Urbanism, Neoliberalism, and Sustainable Urban Design Initiatives in Cleveland, Ohio, Julian Geltman

The Endangerment Turn: Tracking the Transition of Vegetarian Discourse in Contemporary China, Brendan Nuse

Community-Based Social Marketing Research: Sustainable Behavior Change in Oberlin, Lauren Rhodes and Abigail Carlstad

Lessons in Resilience: From Biological Systems to Human Food Systems, Liv Scott

Events from 2016

Entomopathic Nematodes Found in a Population of Emerald Ash Borers from Connecticut, Alexandra Kahn

Events from 2015

German-Persian Connections: Goethe and Hafez in Dialogue in West-östlicher Divan, Caroline de Vries

The Importance of Water Availability for Plant Community Structure in Restored Prairies, Laura Messman

Northern Goshawk Diversity and Connectivity Among the Forests of the Northern Great Basin, Stephanie Szarmach

Events from 2014

Self-Made Spines: Healing, Politicization, and Education through Zines, Joelle Eliza Lingat

Effects of Providing Real-Time Feedback About Electricity and Water Consumption, Evan Tincknell

Events from 2013

Manhattan Transference: Reader Itineraries in Modernist New York, Sophia Bamert

Events from 2012

Water Privatization in Latin America, Kelsey Atkinson