Submissions from 2016

Review: The Fight for Interracial Marriage Rights in Antebellum Massachusetts, Tamika Y. Nunley

Review: Late Book Culture in Argentina, Patrick O'Connor

Review: Constructing East Asia: Technology, Ideology, and Empire in Japan's Wartime Era, 1931-1945, Emer O'Dwyer

Review: Mapping the Country of Regions: The Chorographic Commission of Nineteenth-Century Colombia, Karl Offen


Review: From Agent to Spectator: Witnessing the Aftermath in Ancient Greek Epic and Tragedy, Kirk Ormand

Review: Jean-Michel Basquiat: Now's the Time, Matthew Rarey

Review: Gender and Climate Change: Impact, Society, Policy, Alison S. Ricker

Review: Emmett Till: The Murder That Shocked the World and Propelled the Civil Rights Movement, Renee C. Romano

Review: In Defense of Uncle Tom: Why Blacks Must Police Racial Loyalty, Renee C. Romano

Review: "The Pain of Passing": A Chosen Exile: A History of Racial Passing in American Life, Renee C. Romano

Review: What Can and Can't Be Said: Race, Uplift, and Monument Building in the Contemporary South, Renee C. Romano

Review: Early Inuit Studies: Themes and Transitions, 1850s-1980s, Chie Sakakibara

Review: Native American Whalemen and the World, Chie Sakakibara


Review: The Courtiers’ Anatomists’: Animals and Humans in Louis XIV’s Paris, Matthew J. Senior

Review: The Wisdom of Animals: Creatureliness in Early Modern French Spirituality, Matthew J. Senior

Review: Landscapes and Landforms of South Africa, Bruce M. Simonson

Review: Enterprising Women: Gender, Race, and Power in the Revolutionary Atlantic, Danielle C. Skeehan


Review: RefME, Jennifer M. Starkey and Rosalinda H. Linares

Review: London and the Making of Provincial Literature: Aesthetics and the Transatlantic Book Trade, 1800-1850, Natasha Tessone


Review: Brill's Companion to Roman Tragedy, Christopher Trinacty


Review: Lucius Annaeus Seneca: Letters on Ethics to Lucilius, Christopher Trinacty


Review: Seneca: Oedipus. Companions to Greek and Roman Tragedy, Christopher Trinacty

Review: Seneca Philosophus, Christopher Trinacty


Review: The Senecan Aesthetic: A Performance History, Christopher Trinacty


Review: Translation As Muse: Poetic Translation in Catullus's Rome, Christopher Trinacty