Most Recent Additions*


Editors’ Introduction: Special issue on Elena Ferrante
Stiliana Milkova and Barbara Halla


Gender and Sexuality
Kirk Ormand


Ligand Geometry Directs the Packing and Symmetry of One-Dimensional Helical Motifs in Lead Oxide Naphthoates and Biphenylcarboxylates
Arden C. Hammer, Xiwen Jia, Matthias Zeller, Ezra J. Coughlin, Weiguo Zhang, and Catherine M. Oertel


Diversity, distribution, development, and evolution of medullary bundles in Nyctaginaceae
Israel L. da Cunha Neto, Marcelo R. Pace, Norman A. Douglas, Michael H. Nee, Cyl Farney C. de Sá, Michael J. Moore, and Veronica Angyalossy


Gypsum and Plant Species: A Marvel of Cuatro Ciénegas and the Chihuahuan Desert
Helga Ochoterena, Hilda Flores-Olvera, Carlos Gómez-Hinostrosa, and Michael J. Moore


Taxonomy and Phylogeny of Helenium scaposum (Asteraceae, Helenieae, Gaillardiinae)
Mark W. Bierner, Bruce G. Baldwin, Helene Tiley, Flora Samis, Spencer Wright, and Michael J. Moore

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