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Youth generated prevention messages about electronic cigarettes
Dana Cavallo, Grace Kong, Daniel M. Ells, Deepa Camenga, Meghan Morean, and Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin


The role of metaphor in communication and thought
Paul Thibodeau, Teenie Matlock, and Stephen Flusberg


The Impact of the 2006 Consensus Statement on Medical Discourse on Differences of Sex Development (DSD)
Tess Jewell, Rebecca Whelan, Greggor Mattson, Evangeline M. Heiliger, and Michelle M. Ernst


The Danger of Testing by Selecting Controlled Subsets, with Applications to Spoken-Word Recognition
David Liben-Nowell, Julia Strand, Alexa Sharp, Tom Wexler, and Kevin Woods


Scattering features and variability of the Crab pulsar
Laura Nicole Driessen, Gemma Janssen, C. Bassa, Benjamin Stappers, and Daniel Stinebring


Plastid phylogenomic insights into the evolution of Caryophyllales
Gang Yao, Jian-Jun Jin, Hong-Tao Li, Jun-Bo Yang, Venkata Mandala, Matthew Croley, Rebecca Mostow, Norman A. Douglas, Mark W. Chase, Maarten J.M. Christenhusz, Douglas Soltis, Pamela Soltis, Stephen Smith, Samuel Brockington, Michael Moore, Ting-Shuang Yi, and De-Zhu Li


Isotopic variation of parity violation in atomic ytterbium
D. Antypas, A. Fabricant, Jason Stalnaker, Konstantin Tsigutkin, V. V. Flambaum, and D. Budker

*Updated as of 06/23/19.