Most Recent Additions*


Estradiol and luteinizing hormone reverse memory loss in phencyclidine model of schizophrenia: Evidence for hippocampal GABA action
Alexander J. Riordan, Ari W. Schaler, Jackson B. Fried, Tracie A. Paine, and Janice E. Thornton


Ligand-Induced Variations in Symmetry and Structural Dimensionality of Lead Oxide Carboxylates
Elaine E. Liu, Calvin Gang, Matthias Zeller, Douglas H. Fabini, and Catherine M. Oertel


Phylogenetic patterns of foliar mineral nutrient accumulation among gypsophiles and their relatives in the Chihuahuan Desert
Clare T. Muller, Michael J. Moore, Zoe Feder, Helene Tiley, and Rebecca E. Drenovsky


Systoles of arithmetic hyberbolic surfaces and 3-manifolds
Benjamin Linowitz, D.B. McReynolds, Paul Pollack, and Lola Thompson


Bounded gaps between primes and the length spectra of arithmetic hyperbolic 3-orbifolds
Benjamin Linowitz, D.B. Reynolds, Paul Pollack, and Lola Thompson


Counting isospectral manifolds
Mikhail Belolipetsky and Benjamin Linowitz


Local Selectivity of Orders in Central Simple Algebras
Benjamin Linowitz and Thomas R. Shemanske


DPRK (podcast)
Sheila Miyoshi Jager


Locality Conditions on Suppletive Verbs in Hiaki
Heidi Harley, Mercedes Tubino, and Jason D. Haugen

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