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The ALMaQUEST survey – III. Scatter in the resolved star-forming main sequence is primarily due to variations in star formation efficiency
Sara Ellison, Mallory D. Thorp, Lihwai Lin, His-An Pan, Asa F.L. Bluck, Jillian Scudder, Hossen Teimoorinia, Sebastian Sánchez, and Mark Sargent


Complete plastome sequences of two Neottia species and comparative analysis with other Neottieae species (Orchidaceae)
Zhi-Xin Zhu, Jian-Hua Wang, Shota Sakaguchi, Kun-Kun Zhao, Michael J. Moore, and Hua-Feng Wang


Exploration of Plastid Phylogenomic Conflict Yields New Insights into the Deep Relationships of Leguminosae
Rong Zhang, Yin-Huan Wang, Jian-Jun Jin, Gregory W. Stull, Anne Bruneau, Domingos Cardoso, Luciano Paganucci de Queiroz, Michael J. Moore, Shu-Dong Zhang, Si-Yun Chen, Jian Wang, De-Zhu Li, and Ting-Shuang Yi


Phytoplankton Phenology in the North Atlantic: Insights From Profiling Float Measurements
Bo Yang, Emmanuel S. Boss, Nils Haëntjens, Matthew C. Long, Michael J. Behrenfeld, Rachel Eveleth, and Scott C. Doney


Familiarization increases face individuation measured with fast periodic visual stimulation
Sara C. Verosky, Katja A. Zoner, Corinne W. Marble, Margaret M. Sammon, and Charlotte O. Babarinsa


Scaffolding Parents to Accept Adult Children's Intervention
Noriko Toyokawa, Nancy Darling, and Teru Toyokawa


The Practical Details of Building a CS Concept Inventory
Cynthia Taylor, Michael Clancy, Kevin C. Webb, Daniel Zingaro, Cynthia Lee, and Leo Porter


Evolution of l-DOPA 4,5-dioxygenase activity allows for recurrent specialisation to betalain pigmentation in Caryophyllales
Hester Sheehan, Tao Feng, Nathanael Walker-Hale, Samuel Lopez-Nieves, Boas Pucker, Rui Guo, Won C. Yim, Roshani Badgami, Alfonso Timoneda, Lijun Zhao, Helene Tiley, Dario Copetti, Michael J. Sanderson, John C. Cushman, Michael J. Moore, Stephen A. Smith, and Samuel F. Brockington


Querying About the Use of Specific E-Cigarette Devices May Enhance Accurate Measurement of E-Cigarette Prevalence Rates Among High School Students
Meghan E. Morean, Deepa R. Camenga, Krysten W. Bold, Grace Kong, Asti Jackson, Patricia Simon, Dana A. Cavallo, and Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin


Dispatches: Mythologies
Stiliana Milkova

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