Events from 2019

Historical Influences on Implicit Racism: White Immigrant Identity in New York City Council Campaigns, Becca Chant

How Do Black Americans Talk about Personal Responsibility?, Jaques Forbes

The Elements in Historical Propaganda Recurring in Criminal Procedurals: A Study of NCIS and its Portrayal of the War on Terror, Yonce Hitt


Intellectual Insurgency and the Subversive Academy: Palestinian Women, Violent Resistance, and the Erasure of Political Subjectivity, Nicholas Kattoura

Legal Weapons: The Supreme Court and the Decline of Tribal Sovereignty, Lior Krancer

A Theory of Christian Appeals, Andrew MacPhail


Different Paths to the Same Failure: American and French Military Involvement in Vietnam from 1945-1973, Samuel Paul

Debt: What Do We Owe Each Other?, Gabriel Shestack


From the Castle to the Margins: The Decline and Fall of the Central European Left, Nick Vachon

Events from 2018

Historical Record and Narratives of Israel's Operation Cast Lead (27 December 2008 – 18 January 2009) in Gaza, Thomas Cohn


Investigating Restorative Justice: A Four-Year Journey, Megan Cox

Making Modernity in Saudi Arabia: Technology, Territory, and Global Networks of Control, Madeleine Cravens

The Left Wing of the Possible: Building an American Labor Party in the Shadow of the New Deal: 1936-1947, Jesse Docter


The Language of Sport: Understanding Chile through Marathon Races and Fútbol Games, Lilah Drafts-Johnson

Horror Without End: Narratives of Fear Under Modern Capitalism, Andrés Emil González

After the End of History, Steven Levin

Demystifying the Education Crisis: An Analysis of the Foundational Causes for Poor Academic Outcomes in South African Rural Schools, Thobeka Mnisi

The Green Revolution in Africa: How Domestic Institutions Empower Market-Oriented Development Projects, Julia Ranney

Gender Nonconformity and the Stereotype Content Model, Ari Rosenblum

Internet Censorship in Egypt and Iran, Sydney Solomon

Philosophy of Truth, and Philosophical Life of Michel Foucault, Jiyao Tang

Events from 2017

Thomas Paine's (Un)Common Sense and the Politics of Disagreement, Jordan Ecker

Events from 2016

Terrorism in Kenya: The Role of Foreign Involvement in Islamic Radicalization, Sophie Mvurya

The Earned Income Tax Credit in the American Political Economy, Madeline Peltz

Waging Wars in Cyberspace: International Law and the Stuxnet Operation, Willa Rubin

Events from 2015

Broken Windows, Workfare, and the Battle for Public Space in Giuliani’s New York, Jacob Ertel

Climate Change and Displacement: Defining Rights in Rising Tides and Stormy Seas, Mary Esler

Multilateralism and its Discontents: India in the Post-independence Era and the United Nations, Saksham Khosla

Errors in Judgment: The Fundamental Attribution Error and Supreme Court Decision-making, Kalind Parish

Conceptualizing a Developmental State in Post-genocide Rwanda, Simbarashe Runyowa

Tracing the Language of Multiracialism in Postwar Japan, Taiyo Scanlon-Kimura

The Politics of Narrative in Post-9/11 Conceptions of Justice, Michael Stenovec

Events from 2014

An Arbitrary Death? Capital Punishment and the Supreme Court, Truman Braslaw

Aloha, Marriage Equality: Unsettling Gay Constructions of Paradise, Cuyler Otsuka

Is Participatory Democracy Possible? A Study of Participatory Budgeting in Porto Alegre, Chicago, and New York, Arielle Swernoff

Events from 2013

The Disparate Effects of Photo ID Laws on Voter Turnout Across Race and Ethnicity, Thomas La Voy

Events from 2012

Water Privatization in Latin America, Kelsey Atkinson

Control The Past, Control The Future: The Struggles Behind The Chinese Communist Party’s Historiography of The Cultural Revolution, Ricardo Barrios

Left Parties in Western Europe: Capitulating to Xenophobia, John Cheng

The Utility of Social Media in Public Diplomacy, Owen Henry

Evangelical Protestants and Political Trust, Phil Lee

Education, Citizenship, and Participation: Defining Variables for Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sonia Roubini