Submissions from 2019

Indigenous Prosperity and American Conquest: Indian Women of the Ohio River Valley, 1690-1792, Matthew Bahar

Review: Jewish Radical Feminism: Voices from the Women's Liberation Movement, Shulamit Magnus

Review: Appealing for Liberty: Freedom Suits in the South, Tamika Nunley

Review: Bound in Wedlock: Slave and Free Black Marriage in the Nineteenth Century, Tamika Nunley

Review: Crimes Unspoken: The Rape of German Women at the End of the Second World War, Annemarie Sammartino

Review: Risen From Ruins: The Cultural Politics of Rebuilding East Berlin, Annemarie Sammartino

Sovereignty under the League of Nations Mandates: The jurists' Debates, Leonard V. Smith

Submissions from 2018

Review: State and Entrepreneurs in Egypt: Economic Development since 1805, Zeinab Abul-Magd

Review: Citizens of Convenience: The Imperial Origins of American Nationhood on the U.S.-Canadian Border, Matthew Bahar

Storm of the Sea: Indians and Empires in the Atlantic's Age of Sail, Matthew Bahar

An Environmental History of India: From Earliest Times to the Twenty-First Century, Michael H. Fisher

Review: Hollywood's Spies: The Undercover Surveillance of Nazis in Los Angeles, Clayton R. Koppes


Review: The Fighting Sullivans: How Hollywood and the Military Make Heroes, Clayton R. Koppes

After the Watershed: Korean Movement and Migration Since 1965, Shelley Sang-Hee Lee

Beyond the Borders of the Law: Critical Legal Histories of the North American West, Pablo R. Mitchell and Katrina Jagodinsky

A Companion to Korean American Studies, Rachael Miyung Joo and Shelley Sang-Hee Lee

"By Stealth" or Dispute: Freewomen and the Contestation of American Citizenship, Tamika Y. Nunley

Something Old, Something New: Black Women, Interracial Dating, and the Black Marriage, Crisis,, Renee Romano

Hamilton: A New American Civic Myth?, Renee C. Romano

Historians on Hamilton: How a Blockbuster Musical is Restaging America's Past, Renee C. Romano

Review: Robert Penn Warren’s Who Speaks for the Negro?: An Archival Collection, Renee C. Romano

After the Rent Strike: Neoliberalism and Co-op City, Annemarie Sammartino


The New Socialist Man in the Plattenbau: The East German Housing Program and the Development of the Socialist Way of Life, Annemarie Sammartino

Sovereignty at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, Leonard V. Smith

“My Conscience is Free and Clear”: African-Descended Women, Status, and Slave Owning in Mid-Colonial Mexico, Danielle Terrazas Williams

Submissions from 2017


Egypt’s Coming Revolt Against the Poor, Zeinab Abul-Magd

Militarizing the Nation: The Army, Business, and Revolution in Egypt, Zeinab Abul-Magd

Review: The Oxford Handbook of Asian American History, Shelley Sang-Hee Lee


Selective Compassion: The US Approach to Haitians Hasn’t Changed in Hundreds of Years, Shelley Sang-Hee Lee, Yveline Alexis, Gina M. Perez, and Meredith Gadsby


Trump’s Muslim Ban Shows That Those in Power Have Failed to Learn the Lessons of History, Shelley Sang-Hee Lee and Richard Baldoz


Japanese Empire in Manchuria, Emer O'Dwyer


New Dimensions in Debates over the Comfort Women Issue, Emer O'Dwyer

Review: Remember Little Rock, Renee C. Romano

Review: What is African American History?, Renee C. Romano


Review: A World of Homeowners: American Power and the Politics of Housing Aid, Annemarie Sammartino

Review: Represión, tolerancia e integración en España y América: Extranjeros, esclavos, indígenas y mestizos durante el siglo XVII, Danielle Terrazas Williams

Review: Lords and Towns in Medieval Europe: The European Historic Towns Atlas Project, Ellen Wurtzel

Submissions from 2016

Egypt’s Adaptable Officers: Business, Nationalism, and Discontent, Zeinab Abul-Magd

The Military, Zeinab Abul-Magd

Businessmen in Arms: How the Military and Other Armed Groups Profit in the MENA Region, Zeinab Abul-Magd and Elke Grawert

Review: Native American Whalemen and the World: Indigenous Encounters and the Contingency of Race, Matthew Bahar


Renewing Alliances in Troubled Times, Magdalena Barrera and Shelley Sang-Hee Lee

Collaborators and Empire, Michael H. Fisher


Review: The Emergence of British Power in India 1600–1784: A Grand Strategic Interpretation, Michael H. Fisher

From Noxious Quarters to Affluent Ethno-burbs: Race and Space in Asian American History, Shelley Sang-Hee Lee


Review: Reinventing Citizenship: Black Los Angeles, Korean Kawasaki, and Community Participation, Shelley Sang-Hee Lee


Without Historical Perspective, We Are Dangerously Adrift, Shelley Sang-Hee Lee


Review: Finding Charity's Folk: Enslaved and Free Black Women in Maryland, Tamika Y. Nunley

Review: The Fight for Interracial Marriage Rights in Antebellum Massachusetts, Tamika Y. Nunley

Review: Constructing East Asia: Technology, Ideology, and Empire in Japan's Wartime Era, 1931-1945, Emer O'Dwyer

Interview with The Takeaway, Renee C. Romano

Review: Emmett Till: The Murder That Shocked the World and Propelled the Civil Rights Movement, Renee C. Romano

Review: In Defense of Uncle Tom: Why Blacks Must Police Racial Loyalty, Renee C. Romano

Review: "The Pain of Passing": A Chosen Exile: A History of Racial Passing in American Life, Renee C. Romano

Review: What Can and Can't Be Said: Race, Uplift, and Monument Building in the Contemporary South, Renee C. Romano

Alternative Modernities: Imperial Germany Through the Lens of Russia, Annemarie Sammartino


Co-op City, Annemarie Sammartino

Mass Housing, Late Modernism, and the Forging of Community in New York City and East Berlin, 1965–1989, Annemarie Sammartino


Review: Purging the Empire: Mass Expulsions in Germany, 1871-1914, Annemarie Sammartino

Drawing Borders in the Middle East after the Great War: Political Geography and ‘Subject Peoples’, Leonard V. Smith

France, the Great War, and the "Return to Experience", Leonard V. Smith

Submissions from 2015

Decades of Xenophobia Shape US Response to Syrian Refugees, Richard Baldoz and Shelley Sang-Hee Lee

The Real Ambassadors? The Cleveland Orchestra Tours the Soviet Union, 1965, Clayton R. Koppes


Donald Trump fails history: How the right’s failure to understand Japanese-American internment drives anti-Muslim hatred, Shelley Sang-Hee Lee and Richard Baldoz

Review: Sites of Slavery: Citizenship and Racial Democracy in the Post–Civil Rights Imagination, Renee C. Romano


Review: Designing Tito's Capital: Urban Planning, Modernism, and Socialism in Belgrade, Annemarie Sammartino

Review: "War, International Law, and International Relations": A Scrap of Paper: Breaking and Making International Law During the Great War, Leonard V. Smith


The Historiography of Feminicide in Ciudad Juárez: Critical and Revisionist Approaches, Steven S. Volk

Submissions from 2014

Militarism, Neoliberalism, and Revolution in Egypt, Zeinab Abul-Magd

People of the Dawn, People of the Door: Indian Pirates and the Violent Theft of an Atlantic World, Matthew Bahar

Contrasting Indian and British Concepts of Race and Authority in the East India Company Armies, Michael H. Fisher


Indian Ghat Sarangs as Maritime Labour Recruiting Intermediaries During the Age of Sail, Michael H. Fisher


Review: Five Came Back A Story of Hollywood and the Second World War, Clayton R. Koppes


Men Are from Missouri, Women Are from Massachusetts: Perspectives on Narratives of Violence on the Border between Slavery and Freedom, Carol Lasser

Review: The Great Ocean: Pacific Worlds from Captain Cook to the Gold Rush, Shelley Sang-Hee Lee

Memoirs of a Grandmother: Scenes from the Cultural History of the Jews of Russia in the Nineteenth Century, Volume Two, Shulamit Magnus

History of Latinos: Exploring Diverse Roots, Pablo R. Mitchell

Review: African American History in New Mexico: Portraits from Five Hundred Years, Pablo R. Mitchell

Beyond 'Self-Congratulatory Celebration': Complicating Civil Rights Anniversaries, Renee C. Romano


Loving v. Virginia in Historical Context, Renee C. Romano


Racial Reckoning: Prosecuting America's Civil Rights Murders, Renee C. Romano


Review: The United States of the United Races: An Utopian History of Racial Mixing, Renee C. Romano

Review: Rivers of Gold, Lives of Bondage: Governing through Slavery in Colonial Quito, Danielle Terrazas Williams

Art as Evidence: Teaching the Mexican Revolution at the Allen Memorial Art Museum, Steven S. Volk


College is Still for Creating Citizens, Steven S. Volk and Marvin Krislov

Submissions from 2013


Imagined Empires: A History of Revolt in Egypt, Zeinab Abul-Magd

Being Indian in Britain during 1857, Michael H. Fisher

‘Counterflows’ to Colonialism: Indians in Britain in the 18th and 19th Centuries, Michael H. Fisher


Early Asian Travelers to the West: Indians in Britain, c.1600-c.1850, Michael H. Fisher


Migration: A World History, Michael H. Fisher


Review: Race, Religion, and Law in Colonial India: Trials of an Interracial Family, Michael H. Fisher


Review: Writing the Mughal World: Studies on Culture and Politics, Michael H. Fisher

Writing Lives of Indians in Early Nineteenth Century India and Britain, Michael H. Fisher


Review: War and State Building in Medieval Japan, Suzanne Gay


Review: Better Left Unsaid: Victorian Novels, Hays Code Films, and the Benefits of Censorship, Clayton R. Koppes


Review: Hitler and Hollywood, Clayton R. Koppes

Solving for X: Kennan, Containment, and the Color Line, Clayton R. Koppes


Review: Beyond Slavery: Overcoming Its Religious and Sexual Legacies, Carol Lasser


Review: Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte: An American Aristocrat in the Early Republic, Carol Lasser


A New History of Asian America, Shelley Sang-Hee Lee