Submissions from 2009

Foreword to Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind, David Orr

Retrospect & Prospect: The Unbearable Lightness of Conservation, David Orr

Shelf-Life, David Orr

Tools for design and analysis of experiments, John E. Petersen, R. Gardner, and W. Michael Kemp


Enclosed Experimental Ecosystems and Scale: Tools for Understanding and Managing Coastal Ecosystems, John E. Petersen, Victor S. Kennedy, William C. Dennison, and Michael W. Kemp

Designing experimental ecosystem studies, L. Sanford, W. Michael Kemp, John E. Petersen, E. Houde, E. Porter, S. Suttles, C. Stevenson, J. Cornwell, and L. Murray

Impact of Cap and Trade Policies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions on U.S. Households, Md Rumi Shammin and Clark Bullard

Ambient-Based Pollution Mechanisms: A Comparison of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Groups of Emitters, Jordan Suter, Christian A. Vossler, and Gregory L. Poe

Submissions from 2008

A World of Difference: The Lure of Plants in Gary Paul Nabhan, Janet Fiskio


Review: Ecology Without Nature, Janet Fiskio

Framing the question of survival: Psychological insights and limitations, F. Stephan Mayer and Cynthia M. Frantz

Ecological Systems Thinking, David Orr

Gratitude, David Orr

Land Use and Climate Change, David Orr

The Psychology of Survival, David Orr

Introduction to Campus Design + Planning: Culture, Context, and the Pursuit of Sustainability, David Orr and Brian Sinclair


Commentary: A Green Curriculum Involves Everyone on the Campus, John E. Petersen


Do Landowners Respond to Land Retirement Incentives? Evidence from the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program, Jordan Suter, Nelson L. Bills, and Gregory L. Poe

Experiments on Damage-Based Ambient Taxes for Nonpoint Source Polluters, Jordan Suter, Christian A. Vossler, Gregory L. Poe, and Kathleen Segerson

Submissions from 2007

The Emergency of Climate Change: Why Are We Failing to Take Action?, Cynthia M. Frantz and F. Stephan Mayer

The Changing Nature of Housing Markets in Upstate New York, Joseph Laquatra, Rolf Pendall, David L. Kay, Jordan Suter, and Nelson L. Bills

Review: Ecosublime: Environmental awe and terror from new world to oddworld, T. S. McMillin

Architecture, Ecological Design, and Human Ecology, David Orr

Ecological Design and Education, David Orr

High resolution in an age of High Consequences, David Orr

Hope in a Hotter Time, David Orr

Ian McHarg: Conversations with Students / Dwelling in Nature, David Orr

Introduction, David Orr

One Hundred Days of Climate Action, David Orr

The Carbon Connection, David Orr

The Extinction of Experience, David Orr and Robert Pyle

Dormitory residents reduce electricity consumption when exposed to real-time visual feedback and incentives, John E. Petersen, Vladislav Shunturov, Kathryn Janda, Gavin Platt, and Kate Weinberger

Submissions from 2005


There is no “I” in nature: The influence of self-awareness on connectedness to nature, Cynthia M. Frantz, F. Stephan Mayer, Chelsey Norton, and Mindi Rock

Submissions from 2004


The connectedness to nature scale: A measure of individuals’ feeling in community with nature, F. Stephan Mayer and Cynthia M. Frantz

Submissions from 2002

Four Challenges of Sustainability, David Orr