Submissions from 2020

Using Validated Assessments to Learn About Your Students, Michael Clancy, Cynthia Lee, Soohyun Nam Liao, Leo Porter, Cynthia Taylor, and Kevin C. Webb

Privacy Norms and Preferences for Photos Posted Online, Roberto Hoyle, Luke Stark, Qatrunnada Ismail, David Crandall, Apu Kapadia, and Denise Anthony

Privacy and Activism in the Transgender Community, Ada Lerner, Helen Yuxun He, Anna Kawakami, Silvia Catherine Zeamer, and Roberto Hoyle

The Practical Details of Building a CS Concept Inventory, Cynthia Taylor, Michael Clancy, Kevin C. Webb, Daniel Zingaro, Cynthia Lee, and Leo Porter

Submissions from 2019

Big Data Meets Survey Science, Adam Eck, Ana Lucia Cordova, Mario Callegaro, and Paul Biemer

Can Privacy Be Satisfying? On Improving Viewer Satisfaction for Privacy-Enhanced Photos Using Aesthetic Tranforms, Rakibul Hasan, Yifang Li, Eman Hassan, Kelly Caine, David J. Crandall, Roberto Hoyle, and Apu Kapadia


An Improved Welfare Guarantee for First-Price Auctions, Daniel Hoy, Sam Taggart, and Zihe Wang

);DROP TABLE textbooks;--: An Argument for SQL Injection Coverage in Database Textbooks, Cynthia Taylor and Saheel Sakharkar

Moving beyond 'one size fits all', Ashley Marie Walker, Yaxing Yao, Christine Geeng, Roberto Hoyle, and Pamela Wisniewski

Submissions from 2018

Neural Networks for Survey Researchers, Adam Eck

Submissions from 2017


Understanding the Physical Safety, Security, and Privacy Concerns of People with Visual Impairments, Tousif Ahmed, Roberto Hoyle, Patrick Shaffer, Kay Connelly, David Crandall, and Apu Kapadia

Submissions from 2016

Considering Privacy Implications of Assistive Devices for People with Visual Impairments, Tousif Ahmed, Roberto Hoyle, Patrick Shaffer, Kay Connelly, David Crandall, and Apu Kapadia

Assignment Games with Conflicts: Robust Price of Anarchy and Convergence Results via Semi-Smoothness, Elliot Anshelevich, John Postl, and Tom Wexler

Submissions from 2015

Tactics and Strategies for Managing Ebola Outbreaks and the Salience of Immunization, Wayne M. Getz, Jean-Paul Gonzalez, Richard Salter, James Bangura, Colin Carlson, Moinya Coomber, Eric Dougherty, David Kargbo, Nathan D. Wolfe, and Nadia Wauquier

Panmictic and Clonal Evolution on a Single Patchy Resource Produces Polymorphic Foraging Guilds, Wayne M. Getz, Richard Salter, Andrew J. Lyons, and Nicolas Sippl-Swezey

Submissions from 2014

Leveraging Open Source Principles for Flexible Concept Inventory Development, Leo Porter, Cynthia Taylor, and Kevin C. Webb

The Proximal Workspace Architecture for Wearable I/O-Device Cloud Applications, Cynthia Taylor and Joe Pasquale


Computer Science Concept Inventories: Past and Future, Cynthia Taylor, Daniel Zingaro, Leo Porter, Kevin C. Webb, C. B. Lee, and Michael Clancy

Developing a Pre- and Post-Course Concept Inventory to Gauge Operating Systems Learning, Kevin C. Webb and Cynthia Taylor

Submissions from 2013

Peer Instruction in Computer Science at Small Liberal Arts Colleges, Leo Porter, Saturnino Garcia, John Glick, Andrew Matusiewicz, and Cynthia Taylor

A Highly-Extensible Architecture for Networked I/O, Cynthia Taylor and Joe Pasquale

Submissions from 2011

The Price of Civil Society, Russell Buehler, Zachary Goldman, David Liben-Nowell, Yuechao Pei, Jamie Quadri, Alexa Sharp, Sam Taggart, Tom Wexler, and Kevin Woods

A toolkit for design and simulation of computer system architecture., John L. Donaldson, Richard Salter, and Rebecca E. Punch

Submissions from 2010


Design of a Virtual Computer Lab Environment for hands-on Information Security Exercises, Nathaniel Gephart and Benjamin A. Kuperman

Audlib: A Configurable, High-fidelity Application Audit Mechanism, Benjamin A. Kuperman and Eugene H. Spafford

Submissions from 2009

Mediated equilibria in load balancing games, Joshua R. Davis, David Liben-Nowell, Alexa Sharp, and Tom Wexler

Equilibria and efficiency loss in games on networks, Joshua R. Davis, David Liben-Nowell, Alexa Sharp, Tom Wexler, Zachary Goldman, Jacob Hilty, Elizabeth N. Koch, and Emma Zhou

Illustrating CPU design concepts using DLSim 3, John L. Donaldson, Richard Salter, Akshat Singhal, Joseph Kramer-Miller, and Serguei Egorov

Abstraction and extensibility in digital logic simulation software, Richard Salter and John L. Donaldson

Circuit modeling in DLSim 3, Richard Salter, John L. Donaldson, Serguei Egorov, and Kiron Roy

Submissions from 2008

Implementation of Threads as an Operating Systems Project, John L. Donaldson

Using DLSim 3: a scalable, extensible, multi-level logic simulator, Richard Salter and John L. Donaldson

Submissions from 2007

An information theoretic framework for eukaryotic gradient sensing, Joseph M. Kimmel, Peter J. Thomas, and Richard Salter

Distance Coloring, Alexa Sharp

Submissions from 1994


Concepts in the Classroom, Programming in the Lab, Robert Geitz

Submissions from 1991


Algorithms and Images: Computer Graphics as an Introduction to Science, Robert Geitz

Submissions from 1981


Vector-Valued Functions as Families of Scalar-Valued Functions, Robert Geitz