Submissions from 2009

JROTC and the New American Militarism, Gina M. Perez

Tools for design and analysis of experiments, John E. Petersen, R. Gardner, and W. Michael Kemp

The Politics and Print Career of C. Rajagopalachari's Tellings of Ramkatha, Paula Richman

Why Did Bhima Wed Hidimbaa, Paula Richman

Designing experimental ecosystem studies, L. Sanford, W. Michael Kemp, John E. Petersen, E. Houde, E. Porter, S. Suttles, C. Stevenson, J. Cornwell, and L. Murray

Universalism Meets Sovereignty at the International Criminal Court, Benjamin Schiff

Banded iron formations and the early atmosphere, Bruce M. Simonson and A. J. Kaufman

Wilsonian Sovereignty in the Middle East: The King-Crane Commission Report of 1919, Leonard V. Smith

Lexical articles on Barbara Honigmann, Katja Lange-Müller, Reception of DDR Literature, Heidi Thomann Tewarson

Stalinism and Russian Nationalism: A Reconceptualization, Veljko Vujacic

Talking to the Dead, Sylvia Watanabe

Vietnamese Relationships: Confucian or Western Model, Ali Yedes

Submissions from 2008

Thomas Aquinas on Christ's Prayer, Corey Barnes

Thomas Aquinas on Christ's Prayer, Corey Barnes

Gwendolyn M. Patton; Idessa Williams Redden, Pamela E. Brooks

The Montgomery Bus Boycott, Pamela E. Brooks

Evolution of the Limbic System, L.L. Bruce and M. R. Braford

The Bee's, Dan Chaon

Made in Taiwan: An Analysis of Meteor Garden as an Asian Idol Drama, Hsiu-Chuang Deppman

Trying to Be Authentic, But Not Too Authentic: Second Generation Hindu Americans in Dallas, TX, Pawan H. Dhingra

Fantasmas hispanistas y otros retos transatlánticos, Sebastiaan Faber

The Novel of the Spanish Civil War: From Militancy to Reconciliation, Sebastiaan Faber

The ancient anoxic biosphere was not as we know it, A. E. Fallick, V. A. Melezhik, and Bruce M. Simonson

Seeing England Firsthand: Women and Men from Imperial India, 1614-1769, Michael H. Fisher

The Coronation, Michael H. Fisher

Developmental Perspectives on the Psychology of Time, William J. Friedman

Flying Africans; Salt and the African Diaspora, Meredith Gadsby

Reid's Rejection of Intentionalism, Todd Ganson

Teaching German to Students Who are Blind: A Personal Essay on the Process of Inclusion, Elizabeth C. Hamilton

Restlessness and Deformation: Sylvia Plath’s Feet, DeSales Harrison

Imagining the Computer: Noyes, Eames and IBM, John Harwood

The Eames Office at Work, John Harwood

Between State and Market: Crisis and Transformation in French Industrial Relations, Chris Howell

Reef Complexities, Dennis K. Hubbard

Coral-reef geology: Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Dennis K. Hubbard, Randolph B. Burke, Ivan P. Gill, W. Ramirez, and Clark E. Sherman

Mathematical experiments of long silver pipes: The Renaissance Trope of the Mechanical Bird, Wendy Beth Hyman

The Production and Program of Fouquet's Boccaccio, Erik Inglis

Deshaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services 489 U.S. (1989), Ron Kahn

Judicial Supremacy, Ron Kahn

Life “on the edge”: a view from the Abruzzo, Susan Kane

Transforming Power: the Use of Statues in the Cult of Demeter at Cyrene, Susan Kane and C. Di Stefano

Merleau-Ponty and History, Sonia Kruks

Pour une politique de l’ambiguité, Sonia Kruks

The Potentials of Narrative: The Rhetoric of the Subjective in Tibullus, Ben Lee

Chronology of Asian American Art and History, Shelley Sang-Hee Lee and Sharon Spain

The Significance of Dream Interpretations in the Qur’an, Mohammad Jafar Mahallati

Evolution of the auditory system in anamniotes, Catherine McCormick and M. R. Braford

Passing Beyond: The Novels of Nella Larsen, T. S. McMillin

Moving Pictures: The Optics of Serfdom on the Russian Estate, Tom Newlin

Ecological Systems Thinking, David Orr

Gratitude, David Orr

Introduction to Campus Design + Planning: Culture, Context, and the Pursuit of Sustainability, David Orr and Brian Sinclair


Priming, Michael Parkin and Paul Lavrakas

Discipline and Citizenship: Latina/o Youth in Chicago JROTC Programs, Gina M. Perez

Generic Definitions: Taxonomies of Identity in AIDS Discourse, Meredith Raimondo

We cry for the orphan: Picturing Amercian global citizenship in the AIDS Pandemic, Meredith Raimondo, Cindy Patton, and Helen Loshny

Holocene coral reef exposure at Cañada Honda, Lago Enriquillo, W. R. Ramirez-Martinez, Dennis K. Hubbard, and Clark E. Sherman

Transformations, Dalit Narrative, and Verbal Art in the Tamil Novels of Bama, Paula Richman

Transformations, Dalit Narrative, and Verbal Art in the Tamil Novels of Bama, Paula Richman

Culture, Belonging, and the Law: Naturalization in the Weimar Republic, Annemarie Sammartino

Balanchine in America, a Career in Three Acts, Tim Scholl

Geology of Vermilion Watershed, Bruce M. Simonson

’Ce que finir veut dire’: l’excipit dans le roman de la grande guerre des années 30, Leonard V. Smith

Les États-Unis et l’échec d’une seconde mobilisation, Leonard V. Smith

The Bank Panic of 1907, Ellis Tallman and Jon R. Moen

Toni Morrison, Heidi Thomann Tewarson

Formalism, Katherine Thomson-Jones

Introduction to New Waves in Aesthetics, Katherine Thomson-Jones

One Year Later, Carol Tufts

The Sirens Sing to Odysseus, Carol Tufts

Citoyens ou Immigrés? Les Beurs au carrefour identitaire, Ali Yedes

Poèmes pour l’Algérie heureuse d’Assia Djebar ou la reconquête du patrimoine algérien, Ali Yedes

Reflections: Community, ‘Narrative of Community,’ Mary Wilkins Freeman’s The Jamesons, in Narratives of Community: Women’s Short Story Sequences, Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 2007

Targeting Galectin-1 with Self-Assembled Multivalent Pseudopolyrotaxanes, Jason M. Belitsky and J. Fraser Stoddart

Big Me, Dan Chaon

Introduction to The Best of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, Dan Chaon

Shepherdess, Dan Chaon

The Farm. The Gold. The Lily-White Hands, Dan Chaon

Wild Chili, Dan Chaon

墓葬,美術與政治 - 寧夏固原北周李仙墓再思考 (Modest Burials? Circumventing Imperial Decree in Northern Zhou Tombs), Bonnie Cheng

Improvisation, Ann Cooper Albright

Three Beginnings and a Manifesto, Ann Cooper Albright

El estilo como ideología: de la Rebelión de Ortega a los Rituales de Monsiváis.” El arte de la ironía. Carlos Monsiváis ante la crítica, Sebastiaan Faber

The Exile’s Dilemma: Writing the Civil War from Elsewhere, Sebastiaan Faber

Working across the Seas: Indian Maritime Labourers in India, Britain, and in Between, Michael H. Fisher

Van Fraassen’s Dutch Book Argument Against Explanationism, Dorit Ganson

Usereins muß auf die Bühne: The Tin Drum and the Stage, Elizabeth C. Hamilton

Beating Up Queers: Discrimination, Violence, and Political Attitudes in Sexual Minority Communities, Harry Hirsch

G.W.F. Hegel, David G. Kamitsuka

Enacting Emancipation: African American Women Abolitionists from Oberlin College and the Quest for Empowerment, Equality, and Respectability, Carol Lasser

A comparative study of the development of corporatism in China: a case study of NGOs in economic realm, Qiusha Ma

On the Uses of Cultural Knowledge, Sheila Miyoshi Jager

The Korean War After the Cold War: Commemorating the Armistice Agreement in South Korea, Sheila Miyoshi Jager

The Politics of Identity: History, Nationalism, and the Prospect for Peace in Post-Cold War Asia, Sheila Miyoshi Jager

Introduction: Re-Envisioning Asia, Past and Present, Sheila Miyoshi Jager and Rana Mitter

Architecture, Ecological Design, and Human Ecology, David Orr

Ecological Design and Education, David Orr

Ian McHarg: Conversations with Students / Dwelling in Nature, David Orr

The Extinction of Experience, David Orr and Robert Pyle

History Is What Remains, Geoffrey Pingree