Submissions from 2020

Extracurricular Activities in Russian Language and Culture Programs: Challenges and Perspectives, Alla Epsteyn and Maia Solovieva

The French Language in Russia: A Social, Political, Cultural, and Literary History, Thomas Newlin

Review: The French Language in Russia: A Social, Political, Cultural, and Literary History, Tom Newlin

Tropical Moscow. Narratives of Deep Time in Nineteenth-Century Russia, Tom Newlin

Submissions from 2019

Peasant Dreams, Peasant Nightmares: On Tolstoy and Cross‐Dressing, Tom Newlin

Submissions from 2017


Review: "When Payment Comes Due": Aleksei Krasovskii's The Collector, Arlene Forman

Submissions from 2016

Reading Chekhov’s Short Fiction: the Invisible Language of Culture, Maia Solovieva

Submissions from 2015

Decadent Ecosystems in Uncle Vanya: A Chorographic Meditation, Tom Newlin

Among Empires: Marius Petipa’s Responses to Late Nineteenth-Century Russian Nationalisms, Tim Scholl


From Moscow and Back: Creating and Assessing the “National” Ballets of Caucasia in the 1930s, Tim Scholl

Student Interactions, Race, and the Media: The Oberlin College Choir 1964 of the USSR and Romania, Tim Scholl

Submissions from 2014


Review: Freedom From Violence and Lies: Essays on Russian Poetry and Music by Simon Karlinsky, Polina Dimova

Review: Heart-Pine Russia: Walking and Writing the Nineteenth-Century Forest, Tom Newlin

Submissions from 2013


Review: "Walking (and Skiing and Dancing) in a Winter Wonderland": My Boyfriend's an Angel, Arlene Forman

The Thermodynamics of Desire in Turgenev's Notes of a Hunter, Tom Newlin

La riscrittura della storia. Fokine, Diaghilev e il nuovo balleto russo, Tim Scholl

Submissions from 2012

Review: Leo Tolstoy and the Alibi of Narrative, Tom Newlin

“Swarm Life” and the Biology of War and Peace, Tom Newlin

Писать зеленой палочкой: Толстой в поисках естественной истории, Tom Newlin

Submissions from 2011


Review: Early Modern Russian Letters: Texts And Contexts, Tom Newlin

George Balanchine, Tim Scholl

Lev Ivanov, Tim Scholl

Marius Petipa, Tim Scholl

Presence of Absence: Diaghilev's Ballets Russes in the Soviet Union, Tim Scholl

Review: Mamontov's Private Opera: The Search for Modernism in Russian Theater, Tim Scholl

Sergei Diaghilev's Sleeping Princess, Tim Scholl

Submissions from 2010

Povestvovatel’naja nit’ “Vol’chego l’na. Bella Ulanovskaja, Odinakoe pis’mo, Arlene Forman


Review: Vsevold Pudovkin: Selected Essays, Arlene Forman

Conversations About Russian Ballet: Commentaries On The Recent Past, Tim Scholl

Marius Petipa, Tim Scholl


Review: Electric Salome, Loie Fuller's performance of modernism, Tim Scholl

Review: Mythmaking In The New Russia: Politics And Memory During The Yeltsin Era, Tim Scholl

Skiftande tider för rysk danskonst, Tim Scholl

Tales of Two Cities, Tim Scholl

Trois chorégraphes, Tim Scholl

Submissions from 2009

Dream of Two Dark-Complected Dames, Tom Newlin

A Cinderella Story for a Sleeping Princess, Tim Scholl

Dansdiplomati genom kalla kriget, Tim Scholl

'George Balanchine,’ ‘Divertimento No. 15,’ Tschaikovsky Suite no. 3,’ ‘Tarantella,’ ‘Barber Violin Concerto', Tim Scholl

Submissions from 2008

Moving Pictures: The Optics of Serfdom on the Russian Estate, Tom Newlin


Review: Consequences of Consciousness: Turgenev, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy, Tom Newlin

Balanchine in America, a Career in Three Acts, Tim Scholl

Balanchine in America: A Career in Three Acts [Баланчин в Америке: Карьера в трех актах], Tim Scholl

Submissions from 2007

Couer de ballet, Tim Scholl

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Russian Culture: 6 entries, Tim Scholl

Review: Balletglamour, Tim Scholl

Review: Pedagogen Vera Volkova, Tim Scholl

Sotheby’s Chiparus and The Ballets Russes (catalog copy), Tim Scholl

The "New" Russian and Soviet Dance in the Twentieth Century, Tim Scholl

Submissions from 2002

Review: Body ascendant: Modernism and the physical imperative, Tim Scholl

Submissions from 2001


Review: The Gorsky Problem, Tim Scholl

Submissions from 1999

Review: The art of Ballets Russes: The Serge Lifar Collection of theater designs, costumes, and paintings at the Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut, Tim Scholl

Submissions from 1998

Review: "The enigma of Lev Ivanov": The Life and Ballets of Lev Ivanov: Choreographer of 'The Nutcracker' and 'Swan Lake', Tim Scholl

Submissions from 1997


Out of the blue: Russia's hidden gay literature - an anthology, Tim Scholl

Submissions from 1995

Review: Creating life: The aesthetic utopia of Russian modernism, Tim Scholl

Submissions from 1993

Review: Early memoirs, Tim Scholl

Submissions from 1992

Review: A century of Russian ballet, Tim Scholl