Submissions from 2019

At Obrycki's (translation), Stiliana Milkova

Review: "Framing By Fragmentation": Incidental Inventions, Stiliana Milkova

The Boodman Syndrome (translation), Stiliana Milkova

Submissions from 2018

Labor Protests and Their Consequences in Putin’s Russia, Stephen Crowley

Russia’s Truckers and the Path from Economic to Political Protest, Stephen Crowley

The Rise and Fall of the Creative Capitals: Female Directors on Post-Soviet Urban Space, Arlene Forman and Anzhelika Arktyukh

Review: Crossing Over and Beyond: Distant Light, Stiliana Milkova

Review: Nel nome della madre. Ripensare la figura della maternità, Stiliana Milkova

Spazio liminale, labirinto urbano e citta femminile ne L'amica geniale, Stiliana Milkova

That's Enough, Paolo = Basta Paolo, Stiliana Milkova

The Strange, Dark History of North Korea and the Olympics, Sheila Miyoshi Jager

Submissions from 2017

Tamburas of Eurasia: Tracing a Musical Instrument Family from India to the Czech Republic, Ian MacMillen

Submissions from 2016

Review: Radovan Karadzic: Architect of the Bosnian Genocide, Veljko Vujacic

Submissions from 2011


Review: "Can Intoxicated Interactions Produce Satisfaction? (or What Men Drink About)": Satisfaction (film), Arlene Forman

Submissions from 2008


Review: "Can You Go Home Again? Arvo Iho's Olympic Dreams and Olympian Desires": Gooseberries, Arlene Forman


Review: "Timur and His Gang Strike Back": Timur Bekmambetov: The Irony of Fate. The Continuation, Arlene Forman

Submissions from 2007

Review: El-dar Riazanov: Andersen, Life, Without Love, Arlene Forman