Submissions from 2009

Scenes of Bravery and Determination: Walter Rosenblum's Homage to the Spanish Republicans (exhibit), Sebastiaan Faber


Evaluation of Oral Fluid Testing Devices, Lorna T. Sniegoski, Jocelyn Waddell, Michael J. Welch, Alim A. Fatah, Mac Gackstetter, and Robert Q. Thompson

Comment on "Trends in the Aggregate Labor Force", Ellis Tallman

Mesmerizing Uncertainty: Alice Dunbar-Nelson’s Artistry and the Color Line, Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 2008


Emily Dickinson and Contemporary Poetics, Jed Deppman and Joy Ladin

The English Channel, Paul Moser


A Comment on "Pedagogical In Loco Parentis: Reflecting on Power and Parental Authority in the Writing Classroom", Leonard Podis, JoAnne M. Podis, and Tim Taylor


Errata to Gold shocks, liquidity, and the United States Economy during the National Banking Era, Ellis Tallman and Jon R. Moen

Submissions from 2007

The Emergency of Climate Change: Why Are We Failing to Take Action?, Cynthia M. Frantz and F. Stephan Mayer

The Emergency of Climate Change: Why Are We Failing to Take Action?, Cynthia M. Frantz and F. Stephan Mayer


Comment on “potential role for adult neurogenesis in the encoding of time in new memories”, William J. Friedman

¿Es la seguridad un artículo vendible?, Kristina Mani

High resolution in an age of High Consequences, David Orr

Introduction, David Orr

Testimony: Hearing Before the Committee of the Judiciary One Hundred Tenth Congress First Session March 7, 2007, Eve Sandberg

Submissions from 2005


Reply to the comments by Alsop and Holdsworth on "Evidence for non-plane strain flattening along the Moine thrust, Loch Strath nan Aisinnin, North-West Scotland", Matthew Strine and Steven F. Wojtal

Submissions from 2003


Introduction: Creolization and Folklore--Cultural Creativity in Process, Robert Baron and Ana Cara

Submissions from 1998


Response to Jacqueline Shea Murphy's "Replacing Regionalism", Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 1997

Letter: Cap Replica, Norman C. Craig


Production of Aluminum Metal by Electrochemistry, Lewis V. McCarty and Norman C. Craig

"When the Beasts Spoke": Classical Animality in Descartes and La Fontaine, Matthew J. Senior

Submissions from 1996


Editorial introduction, Rianne Mahone and Chris Howell

Submissions from 1993


Comment on "Lattice phonon modes in solid C60 studied by far-infrared spectroscopy", Stephen FitzGerald and A. J. Sievers

Submissions from 1988

Chemistry in Japan, Norman C. Craig

Submissions from 1983

Oberlin College: A Historical Sketch, Geoffrey T. Blodgett

Submissions from 1981

From the Stone Age to the Space Age, Geoffrey T. Blodgett

Submissions from 1979


How Well Do We Know What We Know (Comments on Gray's American Sociology: Plight and Promise), J. Milton Yinger

Submissions from 1978


Response to Professors Bouma, Robbins, Robertson, and Means on Their Papers Dealing with 'The Sociology of Religion of J. Milton Yinger', J. Milton Yinger


American Indians Today, J. Milton Yinger and George Eaton Simpson

Submissions from 1976


Ideology and Political Culture from Jefferson to Nixon (comments), Geoffrey T. Blodgett

Submissions from 1973

Finney Chapel, Geoffrey T. Blodgett

Submissions from 1972


Towards a notation and tablature for the kora and its application to other instruments (revised), Roderic Knight

Submissions from 1961


Comment on "Five Dilemmas in the Institutionalization of Religion", J. Milton Yinger

Submissions from 1959


18 short book notices (Phi Beta Kappa, Key Reporter 1959-1960), Frederick Binkerd Artz

Submissions from 1957


American Indians and American Life, George Eaton Simpson and J. Milton Yinger

Submissions from 1932


Biological Abstracts and the College, Hope Hibbard