Submissions from 2022

Cannabidiol (CBD) drives sex-dependent impairments in omission, but has no effect on reinforcer devaluation, Caroline Morehouse, Charlie J. Maddox, Rochelle K. van der Merwe, Robert McLaughlin, Jesse R. Scott, Marwan Ghanem, Eric Ramsson, and Christopher D. Howard

Submissions from 2021

Nigrostriatal dopamine signals sequence-specific action-outcome prediction errors, Nick G. Hollon, Elora W. Williams, Christopher Howard, Hao Li, Tavish I. Traut, and Xin Jin

Synthetic Control of Mitochondrial Dynamics: Developing Three-Coordinate Au(I) Probes for Perturbation of Mitochondria Structure and Function, Tyler R. Mertens, William C. Jennings, Samuel Ofori, Jong Hyun Kim, Sean Parkin, Gunnar Kwakye, and Samuel G. Awuah

Juvenile stress increases cocaine-induced impulsivity in female rats, Tracie A. Paine, Sarah Brainard, Emma Keppler, Rachel Poyle, Elise Sai-Hardebeck, Vaughan Schwob, and Cecelia Tannous-Taylor

Submissions from 2020

Reducing luteinizing hormone levels after ovariectomy improves spatial memory: Possible role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, Nathaniel Bohm-Levine, Alexander R. Goldberg, Monica Mariani, Maya Frankfurt, and Janice E. Thornton

Lowering luteinizing hormone (LH) reverses spatial memory deficits associated with neurotoxin infusion into the hippocampus of ovx rats, Monica A. Mariani, Kirsten Mojziszek, Emily Curley, and Janice E. Thornton

Lesion of striatal patches disrupts habitual behaviors and increases behavioral variability, Jacob A. Nadel, Sean S. Pawelko, Della Copes-Finke, Maya Neidhart, and Christopher Howard

Contribution of GABAA receptor subunits to attention and social behavior, Tracie A. Paine, Sara Chang, and Rachel Poyle

Submissions from 2019

Brief Report: Differences in Multisensory Integration Covary with Sensory Responsiveness in Children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder, Jacob I. Feldman, Wayne Kuang, Julie G. Conrad, Alexander Tu, Pooja Santapuram, David M. Simon, Jennifer Foss-Feig, Leslie Kwakye, Ryan Stevenson, Mark Wallace, and Tiffany Woynaroski

Heterozygous huntingtin promotes cadmium neurotoxicity and neurodegeneration in striatal cells via altered metal transport and protein kinase C delta dependent oxidative stress and apoptosis signaling mechanisms, Gunnar F. Kwakye, Jessica A. Jimenez, Morgan G. Thomas, Brett A. Kingsley, Matthew McIIvin, Mak A. Saito, and Edmund M. Korley

Bayesian causal inference modeling of attentional effects on the temporal binding window of multisensory integration, Leslie Kwakye, Victoria Fisher, Margaret Jackson, and Oona Jung-Beeman

Discarding Optimality: Throwing Out the Baby with the Bathwater?, Patrick Simen and Fuat Balci

Submissions from 2018

Audiovisual Integration Varies With Target and Environment Richness in Immersive Virtual Reality, Hudson Bailey, Aidan B. Mullaney, Kyla D. Gibney, and Leslie Kwakye

Chemokines and Cytokines in Neural Development and Regeneration, Kate Barald, Lynne M. Bianchi, and Richard Zigmond

Chemokines and cytokines on the neuroimmunoaxis: Inner ear neurotrophic cytokines in development and disease. Prospects for repair?, Kate F. Barald, Yu-chi Shen, and Lynne M. Bianchi


Atropa belladonna neurotoxicity: Implications to neurological disorders, Gunnar Kwakye, Jennifer Jimenez, Jessica A. Jimenez, and Michael Aschner

An Electroencephalography Investigation of the Differential Effects of Visual versus Auditory Attention on Crossmodal Temporal Acuity, Leslie Kwakye, Kathryn Hirabayashi, Zoii Barnes-Scott, and Samantha Papadakis


Estradiol and luteinizing hormone regulate recognition memory following subchronic phencyclidine: Evidence for hippocampal GABA action, Alexander Riordan, Ari W. Schaler, Jenny Fried, Tracie A. Paine, and Janice E. Thornton

Submissions from 2017

Developmental Neurobiology, Lynne M. Bianchi


Reduced bioavailable manganese causes striatal urea cycle pathology in Huntington's disease mouse model, Terry Jo Bichell, Michal Wegrzynowicz, K. Grace Tipps, Emma M. Bradley, Michael A. Uhouse, Miles Bryan, Kyle Horning, Nicole Fisher, Karrie Dudek, Timothy Halbesma, Preethi Umashanker, Andrew D. Stubbs, Hunter K. Holt, Gunnar F. Kwakye, Andrew M. Tidball, Roger J. Colbran, Michael Aschner, M. Diana Neely, and Aaron B. Bowman


Luteinizing hormone acts at the hippocampus to dampen spatial memory, Veronica L. Burnham, Christopher Sundby, Abigail Laman-Maharg, and Janice Thornton


α-Synuclein Enhances Cadmium Uptake and Neurotoxicity via Oxidative Stress and Caspase Activated Cell Death Mechanisms in a Dopaminergic Cell Model of Parkinson’s Disease, Weelic Chong, Jessica Jimenez, Matthew McIIvin, Mak A. Saito, and Gunnar Kwakye


Auditory and visual distractors disrupt multisensory temporal acuity in the crossmodal temporal order judgment task, Cassandra L. Dean, Brady A. Eggleston, Kyla David Gibney, Enimielen Aligbe, Marissa Blackwell, and Leslie Kwakye


Acute exposure to chlorpyrifos caused NADPH oxidase mediated oxidative stress and neurotoxicity in a striatal cell model of Huntington’s disease, Gifty A. Dominah, Rachael A. McMinimy, Sallay Kallon, and Gunnar Kwakye

Visual Distractors Disrupt Audiovisual Integration Regardless of Stimulus Complexity, Kyla David Gibney, Enimielen Aligbe, Brady A. Eggleston, Sarah R. Nunes, Willa G. Kerkhoff, Cassandra L. Dean, and Leslie Kwakye


Evidence accumulation detected in BOLD signal using slow perceptual decision making, Paul M. Krueger, Marieke K. van Vugt, Patrick Simen, Leigh Nystrom, Philip Holmes, and Jonathan D. Cohen

Estrogens and the cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia: Possible neuroprotective mechanisms, Claire A. McGregor, Alexander Riordan, and Janice Thornton

Decreasing GABA function within the medial prefrontal cortex or basolateral amygdala decreases sociability, Tracie A. Paine, Nathan Swedlow, and Lucien Swetschinski

Estradiol and luteinizing hormone reverse memory loss in phencyclidine model of schizophrenia: Evidence for hippocampal GABA action, Alexander Riordan, Ari W. Schaler, Jackson B. Fried, Tracie A. Paine, and Janice E. Thornton

Submissions from 2016


A decision model of timing, Fuat Balci and Patrick Simen

Disease-Toxicant Interactions in Parkinson’s Disease Neuropathology, Gunnar Kwakye, Rachael A. McMinimy, and Michael Aschner

Why does time seem to fly when we're having fun?, Patrick Simen and Matthew Matell

Scale (In)Variance in a Unified Diffusion Model of Decision Making and Timing, Patrick Simen, Ksenia Vlasov, and Samantha Papadakis

Explicit moments of decision times for single- and double-threshold drift-diffusion processes, V. Srivastava, Philip Holmes, and Patrick Simen

Submissions from 2015

Luteinizing hormone as a key player in the cognitive decline of Alzheimer's disease, Veronica L. Burnham and Janice E. Thornton


Optimal response rates in humans and rats, David M. Freestone, Fuat Balci, Patrick Simen, and Russell M. Church


Manganese-Induced Parkinsonism and Parkinson’s Disease: Shared and Distinguishable Features, Gunnar Kwakye, Monica Paoliello, Somshuvra Mukhopadhyay, Aaron B. Bowman, and Michael Aschner


ERIN: A Portal to Resources for Higher Education in Neuroscience, Richard F. Olivo, Joseph R. Burdo, Robert Calin-Jageman, William E. Grisham, Monica L. Linden, Robert L. Rosenberg, Laura L. Symonds, and Janice E. Thornton


Effects of chronic inhibition of GABA synthesis on attention and impulse control, Tracie A. Paine, Elizabeth K. Cooke, and Daniel C. Lowes


A Method for Remotely Silencing Neural Activity in Rodents During Discrete Phases of Learning, Siobhan Robinson and Julia S. Adelman


Toward a Unified View of the Speed-accuracy Trade-off, Dominic Standage, Da-Hui Wang, Richard P. Heitz, and Patrick Simen

Submissions from 2014

The 5-choice serial reaction time task: a task of attention and impulse control for rodents, Samuel K. Asinof and Tracie A. Paine

Audio-visual Integration Varies with Realism of Stimulus Presentation in More Realistic Virtual Environments: Towards a Naturalistic Model of Multisensory Integration, Hudson Bailey, Aidan B. Mullaney, Kyla David Gibney, and Leslie Kwakye

Decision processes in temporal discrimination, Fuat Balci and Patrick Simen

Toward a conceptualization of retrohippocampal contributions to learning and memory, David J. Bucci and Siobhan Robinson

A comparative study of drift diffusion and linear ballistic accumulator models in a reward maximization perceptual choice task, Stephanie Goldfarb, Naomi E. Leonard, Patrick Simen, Carlos H. Caicedo-Nunez, and Philip Holmes

Speed-accuracy tradeoff under response deadlines, Hakan Karsilar, Patrick Simen, Samantha Papadakis, and Fuat Balci


Effects of disrupting medial prefrontal cortex GABA transmission on decision-making in a rodent gambling task, Tracie A. Paine, A. O’Hara, B. Plaut, and Daniel C. Lowes

Chemogenetic silencing of neurons in retrosplenial cortex disrupts sensory preconditioning, Siobhan Robinson, Travis P. Todd, Anna R. Pasternak, Bryan W. Luikart, Patrick D. Skelton, Daniel G. Urban, and David J. Bucci

The neural correlates of multisensory temporal processing in an audiovisual steady-state electroencephalogram task, Susan Russ, Enimielen Aligbe, and Leslie Kwakye

The development of audiovisual crossmodal attentional cueing, Kaetlyn Schmittgen, Caroline Vilter, and Leslie Kwakye

Adolescents let sufficient evidence accumulate before making a decision when large incentives are at stake, Theresa Teslovich, Martijn Mulder, Nicholas T. Franklin, Erika J. Ruberry, Alex Millner, Leah H. Somerville, Patrick Simen, Sarah Durston, and B. J. Casey

Lateralized readiness potentials reveal properties of a neural mechanism for implementing a decision threshold, Marieke K. Van Vugt, Patrick Simen, Leigh Nystrom, Philip Holmes, and Jonathan D. Cohen

Submissions from 2013


Cue-induced conditioned activity does not incubate but is mediated by the basolateral amygdala, Geoffrey W. Diehl, Jonathan M. Wachtel, and Tracie A. Paine


Timescale Invariance in the Pacemaker-Accumulator Family of Timing Models, Peter Killeen, Francois Rivest, Fuat Balci, Patrick Simen, and Elliot A. Ludvig


Medial prefrontal cortex lesions impair decision-making on a rodent gambling task: Reversal by D1 receptor antagonist administration, Tracie A. Paine, Samuel K. Asinof, Geoffrey W. Diehl, Anna Frackman, and Joseph Leffler


Multisensory Speech Perception in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Tiffany G. Woynaroski, Leslie Kwakye, Jennifer H. Foss-Feig, Ryan A. Stevenson, Wendy L. Stone, and Mark T. Wallace

Submissions from 2012


Macrophage migration inhibitory factor acts as a neurotrophin in the developing inner ear, Lisa M. Bank, Lynne M. Bianchi, Fumi Ebisu, Dov Lerman-Sinkoff, Elizabeth C. Smiley, Yu-chi Shen, Poornapriya Ramamurthy, Deborah L. Thompson, Therese M. Roth, and Christine R. Beck


Review: Genetics, Embryology, and Development of the Auditory and Vestibular Systems, Lynne M. Bianchi

Inhibition of GABA synthesis in the prefrontal cortex increases locomotor activity but does not affect attention in the 5-choice serial reaction time task, Tracie A. Paine


Evidence accumulator or decision threshold - which cortical mechanism are we observing?, Patrick Simen

Submissions from 2011

Optimal temporal risk assessment, Fuat Balci, David M. Freestone, Patrick Simen, Laura deSouza, Jonathan D. Cohen, and Philip Holmes

Acquisition of decision making criteria: Reward rate ultimately beats accuracy, Fuat Balci, Patrick Simen, Ritwik Niyogi, Andrew Saxe, Jessica A. Hughes, Philip Holmes, and Jonathan D. Cohen

Hebbian learning in linear-nonlinear networks with tuning curves leads to near-optimal, multi-alternative decision making, Tyler McMillen, Patrick Simen, and Sam Behseta


Schizophrenia- Like Attentional Deficits Following Blockade Of Prefrontal Cortex Gaba(a) Receptors, Tracie A. Paine, Lauren E. Slipp, and William A. Carlezon Jr.

Preventing combinatorial explosion in a localist neural network architecture using temporal synchrony, Patrick Simen

A model of interval timing by neural integration, Patrick Simen, Fuat Balci, Laura deSouza, Philip Holmes, and Jonathan D. Cohen

Interval timing by long-range temporal integration, Patrick Simen, Fuat Balci, Laura deSouza, Philip Holmes, and Jonathan D. Cohen

Trial-by-trial adaptation of decision making performance: a model-based EEG analysis, Marieke K. Van Vugt and Patrick Simen

Submissions from 2010

Past And Future Decisions: A Positive Component Of The Feedback Event-related Potential Predicts Subsequent Choice In A Gambling Task, R. Bhatia, D. Wick, N. Hammack, and Michael D. Loose

Development of the Inner Ear, Lynne M. Bianchi


Role of kappa-opioid receptors in the effects of salvinorin A and ketamine on attention behavior in rats, Christina L. Nemeth, Tracie A. Paine, Joseph E. Rittiner, Cécile Béguin, F. Ivy Carroll, Bryan L. Roth, Bruce M. Cohen, and William A. Carlezon Jr.

Potentiation Of The Anxiogenic Effects Of Serotonin2c Receptor Agonism In An Animal Model Of Anxiety, A. T. Richards and K. D. Caldwell

The Neuroprotective Effect Of Decreased Luteinizing Hormone On Astrocytic Pathology In An Alzheimer's Disease Model, T. Soderborg, M. Burke, J. Cohen, and Janice E. Thornton

Low Luteinizing Hormone Enhances Spatial Memory And Has Protective Effects On Memory Loss In Rats, Shira G. Ziegler and Janice E. Thornton

Submissions from 2009

Effects of antipsychotic drugs on MK-801-induced attentional deficits in rats, Tracie A. Paine and William A. Carlezon Jr.

Attention deficits and hyperactivity following inhibition of cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) within the medial prefrontal cortex of rats, Tracie A. Paine, Rachael L. Neve, and William A. Carlezon Jr.

Estradiol Alleviates Cognitive Deficits Induced By Sub-chronic Phencyclidine Administration In Ovariectomized Rats, Alexander S. Roseman and Janice E. Thornton

Effects of prenatal androgens on rhesus monkeys: A model system to explore the organizational hypothesis in primates, Janice E. Thornton, Julia L. Zehr, and Michael D. Loose

Submissions from 2008

Human chorionic gonadotropin (a Luteinizing Hormone homologue) decreases spatial memory and increases brain amyloid-ß levels in female rats, Anne Berry, Yasushi Tomidokoro, Jorge Ghiso, and Janice E. Thornton

Reverse engineering the lordosis behavior circuit, D. Pfaff, L. Kow, Michael D. Loose, and L. Flanagan-Cato

Submissions from 2006

Embryonic inner ear cells use migratory mechanisms to establish cell patterns in vitro, Lynne M. Bianchi, Daniel Huri, and Ian O. White

Submissions from 2005


Immortalized Mouse Inner Ear Cell Lines Demonstrate a Role for Chemokines in Promoting the Growth of Developing Statoacoustic Ganglion Neurons, Lynne M. Bianchi, Zeeba Daruwalla, Therese M. Roth, Naweah P. Attia, Nicholas W. Lukacs, Ayo-Lynn Richards, Ian O. White, Susan J. Allen, and Kate F. Barald

Submissions from 2004

Methods for providing therapeutic agents to treat damaged spiral ganglion neurons, Lynne M. Bianchi and Y. Raz

Submissions from 2002


LacZ histochemistry and immunohistochemistry reveal ephrin-B ligand expression in the inner ear, Lynne M. Bianchi, Kyl Dinsio, and Katherine Davoli

EphB receptors influence growth of ephrin-B1-positive statoacoustic nerve fibers, Lynne M. Bianchi and Neil A. Gray

Embryonic inner ear cells reaggregate into specific patterns in vitro, Lynne M. Bianchi, Abigail Person, and Ellen B. Penney

Submissions from 2001

Microwave decalcification of human temporal bones, Calhoun D. Cunningham, Bradley A. Schulte, Lynne M. Bianchi, Peter C. Weber, Barbara N. Schmiedt, and Barbara N.


Brn3a is a transcriptional regulator of soma size, target field innervation and axon pathfinding of inner ear sensory neurons, Eric J. Huang, Wei Liu, Bernd Fritzsch, Lynne M. Bianchi, Louis F. Reichardt, and Mengqing Xiang


Identification of subtypes of muscarinic receptors that regulate Ca2+ and K+ channel activity in sympathetic neurons, Mark S. Shapiro, Jesus Gomeza, Susan E. Hamilton, Bertil Hille, Michael D. Loose, Neil M. Nathanson, John P. Roche, and Jürgen Wess

Submissions from 2000


Role of voltage-dependent calcium channel long-term potentiation (LTP) and NMDA LTP in spatial memory, Albert Borroni, H. Fichtenholtz, B. L. Woodside, and T. J. Teyler

EphB2 guides axons at the midline and is necessary for normal vestibular function, Chad A. Cowan, Nobuhiko Yokoyama, Lynne M. Bianchi, Mark Henkemeyer, and Bernd Fritzsch

Analysis of BDNF production in the aging gerbil cochlea, Amy M. Medd and Lynne M. Bianchi

Submissions from 1999

Comparison of Ephrin-A ligand and EphA receptor distribution in the developing inner ear, Lynne M. Bianchi and H. Liu


Selective and transient expression of a native chondroitin sulfate epitope in Deiters’ cells, pillar cells, and the developing tectorial membrane, Lynne M. Bianchi, H. Liu, E. L. Krug, and A. A. Capehart


Assignment of muscarinic receptor subtypes mediating G-protein modulation of Ca2+ channels by using knockout mice, Mark S. Shapiro, Michael D. Loose, Susan E. Hamilton, Neil M. Nathanson, Jesus Gomeza, Jürgen Wess, and Bertil Hille

Submissions from 1998

Developmental changes in growth factors released by the embryonic inner ear, Lynne M. Bianchi, R. Dolnick, Amy M. Medd, and Christopher S. Cohan

Distribution of Eph-related molecules in the developing and mature cochlea, Lynne M. Bianchi and N. W. Gale

Submissions from 1997

Effects of neurotrophin and neurotrophin receptor disruption on the afferent inner ear innervation, Bernd Fritzsch, I. Silos-Santiago, Lynne M. Bianchi, and I. Fariñas

The role of neurotrophic factors in regulating the development of inner ear innervation, Bernd Fritzsch, I. Silos-Santiago, Lynne M. Bianchi, and I. Fariñas