Events from 2018

Returns on Privacy: Phase Transitions in Repeated Sales, Yuan Cui and Ezra Goss

An Exploratory Study of Web Foraging to Understand and Support Programming Decisions, Jane Hsieh

The Effect of Living-Cost Adjusted Minimum Wage on Low Birth Weights: A County-Level Analysis, Louisa Liles

Events from 2017

Understanding Collective Motion: Jamming and Crowd Dynamics, Dominic Bosco

Oligomerization of β-Propiolactone as a Model for the Formation of 2-Methyl Glyceric Acid Based Oligomers, Daniel R. Hill

Local Chemical Environments in Magnetic “High Entropy” Alloys, Daniel Mukasa

Determining the Magnetic Structure of Ferrite Nanoparticles, Wesley Patterson, Carter North, and Jane Hsieh

Events from 2016

Chronology of Epidemics in Aggregated Temporal Networks, Andrea Allen

Exact Pattern Containment in Restricted Growth Functions, Robert Dorward

Water Cycle Music: Sonifying Hubbard Brook Data, Torrin J. Hallett

Advancements in Hydrogen Storage: A Study of ZIF-8, Daniel Mukasa

Events from 2015

Selfish Routing on the Deterministic Queuing Model, Christine Antonsen

Monte Carlo Investigation of Quark Gluon Plasma, Ian Hunt-Isaak

Monte Carlo Investigation of Quark Gluon Plasma, Ian Hunt-Isaak

Metal Organic Frameworks, Daniel Mukasa

Suddenly, I Remember: Hormonal Treatments and Memory Rescue in an Animal Model of Schizophrenia, Alexander Riordan

Events from 2014

Dynamical Systems Models of Odor-Tracking Behavior, Alexander Riordan

Events from 2013

Did Glaciers Cover the Planet? An Inquiry into “Snowball Earth”, Christopher Rackauckas

Events from 2012

Nuclear Power Policy in Japan, Sarah Fries

Los niños que se quedan atrás: The Double Standard of Bilingualism for Minority Language Children in American Public Schools, Emily Gazda