Submissions from 2011

The Amerikans (web series), Jeffrey Pence and Mika Johnson

Castaway Part II, Jeffrey Pence and Benjamin Neufeld


BLUE DESERT ~ Towards Antarctica (Myers School of Art), Geoffrey Pingree and Rian Brown-Orso


Landscape With Wolves, David Young

Submissions from 2010

The Problem of Genesis in the Texts of Joyce, Jed Deppman

A Difficult Balance: Richard Wilbur, DeSales Harrison

Millennial Ephemera: Arthur Sze, DeSales Harrison


English at Oberlin: 1880-1960, Robert Longsworth

Beauty Meets Beast: Emerson’s English Traits, T.S. McMillin


Response: Theorizing The 'First Wave' Globally, Anuradha Needham

Atom Spies, New York City, 1951-53, Carol Tufts

Blue Numbers, Carol Tufts

Brighton Beach, New York 1949, Carol Tufts

Cassandra, Carol Tufts

Midwest Melancholy, Carol Tufts

Submissions from 2009

A Voyage of Undiscovery: Deciphering Horace Walpole’s Hieroglyphic Tales, Laura Baudot


What Not to Avoid in Swift’s “The Lady’s Dressing Room”, Laura Baudot


Review: A Companion to James Joyce, Jed Deppman

The Place of Difference in Cross Cultural Literacy, Anuradha Needham

Kitchen Hamlet, Jeffrey Pence and Daniel Kramer


Review: Scott’s Shadow: The Novel in Romantic Edinburgh, Natasha Tessone

High Summer Dinner Party, Carol Tufts

I Am Surviving Your Death, Carol Tufts

Selection, Carol Tufts

Virtual, Carol Tufts

Heath Anthology of American Literature, Volume C: Late Nineteenth Century, 1865-1910, Sandra A. Zagarell


Looking Back, Looking Forward: Two Legacy Roundtable Discussions, Sandra A. Zagarell

Mesmerizing Uncertainty: Alice Dunbar-Nelson’s Artistry and the Color Line, Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 2008


Review: City of Laughter: Sex and Satire in Eighteenth-Century London, Laura Baudot

Devotional Reading and the Private Self in Late Medieval England, Jennifer Bryan


Review: Editing Emily Dickinson: The Production of an Author, Jed Deppman


Review: Lots of Fun at Finnegans Wake: Unravelling Universals, Jed Deppman

Trying to Think with Emily Dickinson, Jed Deppman


Emily Dickinson and Contemporary Poetics, Jed Deppman and Joy Ladin

And the Eland Grazes on its Grave, DeSales Harrison

Restlessness and Deformation: Sylvia Plath’s Feet, DeSales Harrison

War by Other Means, DeSales Harrison

Mathematical experiments of long silver pipes: The Renaissance Trope of the Mechanical Bird, Wendy Beth Hyman


Review: Memory and Forgetting in English Renaissance Drama, Wendy Beth Hyman

Review: Shakespeare and the Mismeasure of Renaissance Man, Wendy Beth Hyman

Passing Beyond: The Novels of Nella Larsen, T.S. McMillin


Review: "A Compelling Intellectual Coterie": American Transcendentalism: A History, T.S. McMillin

Comments on "Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak’s Influence(s): Past, Present, Future", Anuradha Needham


Review: Empire and After: Englishness in Postcolonial Perspective, Anuradha Needham


"Homage to the empty armour": Maria Edgeworth’s "Harrington" and the Pathology of National Heritage, Natasha Tessone, Carol Tufts

her memory, Carol Tufts

One Year Later, Carol Tufts

Rainbow, Carol Tufts

Teshuvah, Carol Tufts

The Late Summer News, Carol Tufts

The Sirens Sing to Odysseus, Carol Tufts


Review: Cool Brittania?: British Political Drama in the 1990s, David Walker

Reflections: Community, ‘Narrative of Community,’ Mary Wilkins Freeman’s The Jamesons, in Narratives of Community: Women’s Short Story Sequences, Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 2007

Looking Inward: Devotional Reading in Late-Medieval England, Jennifer Bryan

Heraclitean Rhapsodies, DeSales Harrison

Timeless faces and faceless clocks: Mortal memory and eternity's countenance in the work of Emily Dickinson, Catherine Piozzi, and Eduardo Rosso, DeSales Harrison


Jim Trueblood and His Critic-Readers: Ralph Ellison’s Rhetoric of Dramatic Irony and Tall Humor in the Mid-Century Literary Public Sphere, Gillian Johns

Review: Epic and Empire in Nineteenth-Century Britain, Anuradha Needham


The Crisis of Secularism in India, Anuradha Needham and Rajeswari Sunder Rajan

History Is What Remains, Geoffrey Pingree

The Documentary Dilemma, Geoffrey Pingree

Abram Hears the Voice of God, Carol Tufts

After Six Years: Two Questions, Carol Tufts

My Father Awaits the Coming of the Messiah, Carol Tufts

Keyword Region, Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 2005


History in the Poetry of próspero saíz: A Reading of "document", Jed Deppman


Trying to Think with Emily Dickinson, Jed Deppman

Submissions from 2004


Queering the Contact Zone, Jan Cooper


Review: "Modernism and Melancholia": Cultures of the Death Drive: Melanie Klein and Modernist Melancholia, Jed Deppman


Review: An American Colony: Regionalism and the Roots of Midwestern Culture; Writing out of Place: Regionalism, Women, and American Literary Culture; Translating Southwestern Landscapes: The Making of an Anglo Literary Region, Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 2003


Re-Presenting Paul Valéry's Monsieur Teste, Jed Deppman


Review: Impossible Witness: Truth, Abolitionism, and Slave Testimony, Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 2002


Hoccleve, the Virgin, and the Politics of Complaint, Jennifer Bryan

Submissions from 2000


Review: Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers: A Biobibliographical Critical Sourcebook, Sandra A. Zagarell


Review: "Past Imperfect": Challenging Boundaries: Gender and Periodization, Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 1998


Response to Jacqueline Shea Murphy's "Replacing Regionalism", Sandra A. Zagarell


Troubling Regionalism: Rural Life and the Cosmopolitan Eye in Jewett's Deephaven, Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 1997


Crosscurrents: Registers of Nordicism, Community, and Culture in Jewett's Country of the Pointed Firs, Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 1996


Consuming Text, Transubstantiation and Ingestion in the Interpretation of Emerson, T.S. McMillin

Submissions from 1995


Review: Reinventing Cotton Mather in the American Renaissance: Magnalia Christi Americana in Hawthorne, Stowe, and Stoddard., Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 1994


Review: "The Conscience of Her Age": Harriet Beecher Stowe: A Life, Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 1988


Narrative of Community: The Identification of a Genre, Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 1987


Expanding "America": Lydia Sigourney's Sketch of Connecticut, Catharine Sedgwick's Hope Leslie, Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 1986


Review: "Conceptualizing Women's Literary History: Reflections on the Norton Anthology of Literature by Women": The Norton Anthology of Literature by Women, Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 1985


The Repossession of a Heritage: Elizabeth Stoddard's The Morgesons, Sandra A. Zagarell