Submissions from 2022

"Beyond Beyond": Cymbeline, the Camera Obscura, and the Ontology of Elsewhere, Wendy Beth Hyman

Patterns, the Shakespearean Sonnet, and Epistemologies of Scale, Wendy Beth Hyman

Review: Detestable and Wicked Arts: New England and Witchcraft in the Early Modern Atlantic World, Danielle C. Skeehan

Submissions from 2021

Teaching Social Justice Through Shakespeare: Why Renaissance Literature Matters Now. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2021., Hillary Eklund and Wendy Beth Hyman

Review: After Print: Eighteenth-Century Manuscript Cultures, Danielle C. Skeehan

Review: Bank Notes and Shinplasters: The Rage for Paper Money in the Early Republic, Danielle C. Skeehan

Submissions from 2020

"Following Echo": Speech and Common Profit in Chaucer’s Clerk’s Tale, Jennifer E. Bryan

Review: Beyond 1776: Globalizing the Cultures of the American Revolution, Danielle C. Skeehan

The Fabric of Empire: Material and Literary Cultures of the Global Atlantic, 1650-1850, Danielle C. Skeehan

Midterm Evaluations, Swing State Aesthetics, Harrod Suarez

Submissions from 2019

Seeing the Invisble Under the Microscope: Natural Philosophy and John Donne's Flea, Wendy Beth Hyman

Impossible Desire and the Limits of Knowledge in Renaissance Poetry, Wendy Beth Hyman

Review: The Boatman: Henry David Thoreau's River Years, T.S. McMillin

The Return of Elder Pingree – Memoir of a Departed Mormon, Geoffrey Pingree

Submissions from 2018

The Inexhaustible Weirdness of Psychoanalysis, DeSales Harrison

The Waters and the Wild, DeSales Harrison

Review: The Poetics of Scientific Investigation in Seventeenth-Century England, Wendy Beth Hyman

A Poetry Precise and Free: Selected Madrigals of Guarini, Nicholas Jones

Between the Disciplines and Beyond the Institution: Emerson’s Environmental Relevance, T.S. McMillin

Notes Towards Sighting/Citing/Siting Women in Hindu Cinema of the 1950s and 60s, Anu Needham

Archive, Danielle C. Skeehan

Archipelagoes and Oceania in Asian Pacific American Literary Studies, Harrod Suarez

Engaging Contradictions: Sigourney's Sketch of Connecticut, Forty Years Since, Sandy A. Zagarell

Review: Unconventional Politics: Nineteenth-Century Women Writers and U.S. Indian Policy, Sandy A. Zagarell

Sarah Orne Jewett's The Country of the Pointed Firs, Sandy A. Zagarell

Submissions from 2017

Joseph Addison’s Lucretian Imagination, Laura Baudot


Memories, Dreams, Shadows: Fantasy and the Reader in Susan Cooper’s The Grey King, Jennifer Bryan

Visualizing Basketball’s Past: The Historical Imagination of ESPN’s Basketball Documentaries, Santiago Colas


Review: The Blacker the Ink: Constructions of Black Identity in Comics and Sequential Art, Gillian Johns


Review: Archives of Desire: The Queer Historical Work of New England Regionalism, Danielle C. Skeehan


Review: The Intimacies of Four Continents, Harrod Suarez

The Work of Mothering: Globalization and the Filipino Diaspora, Harrod Suarez

"You Blushed": Queering Surveillance after 9/11 in the Work of Jill Magid and Hasan Elahi, Harrod Suarez

Submissions from 2016


Recovering Alice Dunbar-Nelson for the Twenty-First Century (special issue of Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers), Katherine Adams, Caroline Gebhard, and Sandra A. Zagarell

“A berd! A berd!”: Chaucer’s Miller and the Poetics of the Pun, Jennifer Bryan


Music Reviews in (23), Nicholas Jones

Listening to the Victorian Telephone: Class, Periodicals, and the Social Construction of Technology, Jessica Kuskey

Review: Unsettling India: Affect, Temporality, Transnationality, Anuradha Needham

Omena, Jeffrey Pence


ALL IT TAKES (Chagrin Documentary Film Festival), Geoffrey Pingree

ALL IT TAKES (Lorain County Town Hall Meeting), Geoffrey Pingree


BLUE DESERT ~ Towards Antarctica (Anchorage Museum of Art), Geoffrey Pingree and Rian Brown-Orso


BLUE DESERT ~ Towards Antarctica (Cleveland Clinic), Geoffrey Pingree and Rian Brown-Orso

Review: Enterprising Women: Gender, Race, and Power in the Revolutionary Atlantic, Danielle C. Skeehan

Texts and Textiles: Commercial Poetics and Material Economies in the Early Atlantic, Danielle C. Skeehan

Review: London and the Making of Provincial Literature: Aesthetics and the Transatlantic Book Trade, 1800-1850, Natasha Tessone

Submissions from 2015


“Spare Thou My Rosebud”: Interiority and Baroque Death in Richardson’s Clarissa, Laura Baudot


Music Reviews in (22), Nicholas Jones


Review: Emerson's English Traits and the Natural History of Metaphor, T. S. McMillin


Caribbean Women, Creole Fashioning, and the Fabric of Black Atlantic Writing, Danielle C. Skeehan


Maternal Diasporas and Posthuman Subjectivity in Hagedorn's Dream Jungle and Roley's American Son, Harrod Suarez


Americans, Abroad: Henry James’s Portrait of a Lady, Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 2014

Horizon Keep, DeSales Harrison

Better a Witty Fool Than a Foolish Wit’: Song, Fooling, and Intellectual Disability in Shakespearean Drama, Angela Heetderks

Embodying Rome, Wendy Beth Hyman

Physics, Metaphysics, and Religion in Lyric Poetry, Wendy Beth Hyman

Percival Everett's Erasure: That Drat Aporia When Black Satire Meets 'The Pleasure of the Text', Gillian Johns


Zora Neale Hurston and Then Ishmael Reed: Syncretizing Moses with 'Sympathetic' Comic Rhetoric, Gillian Johns


Music Reviews in (15), Nicholas Jones

The Blues Tribute Poem and the Legacies of Gertrude 'Ma' Rainey and Bessie Smith., Emily Rutter


Review: Walter Scott and Contemporary Theory, Natasha Tessone


Refractory; Counterpoise; Cremains; They Tell Me, Carol Tufts

Review: "Angels in America": Incarnadine, David Walker


The Portrait of a Lady: “No intention of deamericanising”, Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 2013

Of Elephants and the Academic Self, Jennifer Bryan

Astonished Thinking: Dickinson and Heidegger, Jed Deppman

Joyce – Event – Derrida – Event – Joyce, Jed Deppman

‘Say some philosopher:’ Emily Dickinson as Thinker, Jed Deppman


Emily Dickinson and Philosophy, Jed Deppman, Marianne Noble, and Gary Stonum

The Memory I Am, The Memory I Follow, DeSales Harrison


‘For now hath time made me his numbering clock’: Shakespeare’s Jacquemarts, Wendy Beth Hyman

Music Reviews in (21), Nicholas Jones


The Discipline of Abandonment: Emersonian Properties of Transdisciplinarity & the Nature of Method, T. S. McMillin


New Indian Cinema in Post-Independence India: The Cultural Work of Shyam Benegal’s Films London, Anuradha Needham

Performing Wom[e]n' and the Gendered National Imagination: An Exploration of Shyam Benegal's Sardari Begum, Anuradha Needham

Statist Realism And Its Discontents: Another Optics for Shyam Benegal’s Ankur, Anuradha Needham

Amerika: A Notebook in Three Parts, Jeffrey Pence


The Amerikans (web series): Walter, #12; Love & Venom, #13; Who Lives There, #14, Jeffrey Pence


Review: Beyond the Nation: Diasporic Filipino Literature and Queer Reading, Harrod Suarez


Review: Straitjacket Sexualities: Unbinding Asian American Manhoods in the Movies, Harrod Suarez


She’s Come Undone, Harrod Suarez

No Borrowed Time, Carol Tufts

Varieties of post-war Realism Prose and Poetry', 'Writing and Place', 'On the Cusp of a New Century', Sandra A. Zagarell

Submissions from 2012

An Air of History: Joseph Wright's and Robert Boyle's Air Pump Narratives, Laura Baudot


James Joyce: From Hero to Author of the Bildungsroman, Jed Deppman

Jean Anouilh's Antigone, Jed Deppman

Submissions from 2011


“Nothing Really in It”: Gothic Interiors and the Externals of the Courtship Plot in Northanger Abbey, Laura Baudot

Reading Hardy’s Effacements, DeSales Harrison

The End of the Honey: Julie Carr, DeSales Harrison

Mathematical experiments of long silver pipes: the early modern figure of the mechanical bird, Wendy Beth Hyman

The Automaton in English Renaissance Literature, Wendy Beth Hyman

Review: Mignarda; Pacifica Quartet; Case Early Music Faculty; Apollo's Fire; Cleveland Orchestra; Boston Early Music Festival; Les Delices, Nicholas Jones

Review: Weyward Macbeth: Intersections of Race and Performance, Nicholas Jones


Bodily Beauty, Socialist Evolution, and William Morris’s News from Nowhere, Jessica Kuskey


Review: Ecocritical Explorations In Literary And Cultural Studies: Fences, Boundaries, And Fields, T. S. McMillin


The Meaning of Rivers: Flow & Reflection in American Literature, T. S. McMillin


Review: Riddles Of Belonging: India In Translation And Other Tales Of Possession, Anuradha Needham

Head Turn, Head Turn, Kiss, Explosion, Jeffrey Pence

The Amerikans (web series), Jeffrey Pence and Mika Johnson

Castaway Part II, Jeffrey Pence and Benjamin Neufeld