Submissions from 2022

Reevaluating the Long-Term Impact of In Utero Exposure to the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, Brian Beach, Ryan Brown, Joseph Ferrie, Martin Saavedra, and Duncan Thomas

Segregation and the Initial Provision of Water in the United States, Brian Beach, John Parman, and Martin Saavedra

How new Fed corporate bond programs cushioned the Covid-19 recession, Michael D. Bordo and John V. Duca

Drill, baby, drill: Natural resource shocks and fertility in Indonesia, Margaret Brehm and Paul Brehm

The Ohio Vaccine Lottery and Starting Vaccination Rates, Margaret Brehm, Paul Brehm, and Martin Saavedra

Homeowner associations and city cohesion, Ron Cheung, Timothy C. Salmon, and Kuangli Xie

Targeting relief aid after natural disasters: Should donors work through governments or NGOs?, Ben Fitch-Fleischmann and Evan Plous Kresch

Submissions from 2021

Taxes and Adoptions from Foster Care: Evidence from the Federal Adoption Tax Credit, Margaret Brehm

Information asymmetry, trade, and drilling: evidence from an oil lease lottery, Paul Brehm and Eric Lewis

The efficiency and environmental impacts of market organization: Evidence from the Texas electricity market, Paul Brehm and Yiyuan Zhang

Off the Rails: The Real Effects of Railroad Bond Defaults Following the Panic of 1873, Chris Cotter

Electrification, Telecommunications, and the Finance-Growth Nexus: Evidence from Firm-Level Data, Chris Cotter, Peter L. Rousseau, and Nam T. Vu

The resilience and realignment of house prices in the era of Covid-19*, John V. Duca, Martin Hoesli, and Joaquim Montezuma

What Drives House Price Cycles? International Experience and Policy Issues, John V. Duca, John Muellbauer, and Anthony Murphy

Story of the hurricane: Government, NGOs, and the difference in disaster relief targeting, Benjamin Fitch-Fleischmann and Evan Plous Kresch

The influence of hidden researcher decisions in applied microeconomics, Nick Huntington-Klein, Andreu Arenas, Emily Beam, Marco Bertoni, Jeffrey R. Bloem, Pralhad Burli, Naibin Chen, Paul Grieco, Godwin Ekpe, Todd Pugatch, Martin Saavedra, and Yaniv Stopnitzky

Kenji or Kenneth? Pearl Harbor and Japanese-American assimilation, Martin Saavedra

Submissions from 2020

Making Sense of Increased Synchronization in Global House Prices, John V. Duca

The Other (Commercial) Real Estate Boom and Bust: The Effects of Risk Premia and Regulatory Capital Arbitrage, John V. Duca and David C. Ling

Can Machine Learning on Economic Data Better Forecast the Unemployment Rate?, Aaron Kreiner and John V. Duca

The Buck Stops Where? Federalism, Uncertainty, and Investment in the Brazilian Water and Sanitation Sector, Evan Plous Kresch

Political determinants of investment in water and sanitation: Evidence from Brazilian elections, Evan Plous Kresch and Rodrigo Schneider

Externalities and Spillovers from Sanitation and Waste Management in Urban and Rural Neighborhoods, Evan Plous Kresch, Molly Lipscomb, and Laura Schechter

Pull Up a Chair: Municipal Council Size and Local Taxes in Brazil, Evan Plous Kresch, Rodrigo Schneider, Henrique Veras de Paiva Fonseca, and Meredith Walker

Birth weight and infant health for multiple births, Martin Saavedra

A machine learning approach to improving occupational income scores, Martin Saavedra and Tate Twinam

Submissions from 2019

New monetary services (Divisia) indexes for the post-war U.S, Richard A. Anderson, John V. Duca, Adrian R. Fleissig, and Barry E. Jones

Conference on financial services indices, liquidity and economic activity, Richard G. Anderson and John V. Duca

Venture capital restrained after Sarbanes–Oxley, Tyler Atkinson and John V. Duca

Natural Gas Prices, Electric Generation Investment, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Paul Brehm

Real Estate and the Great Crisis: Lessons for Macro-Prudential Policy, John V. Duca, Lilit Popoyan, and Susan M. Wachter

Submissions from 2018


The Effects of Federal Adoption Incentive Awards for Older Children on Adoptions from U.S. Foster Care, Margaret Brehm

Induced Earthquakes and Housing Markets: Evidence from Oklahoma, Ron Cheung, Daniel Wetherall, and Stephanie Whitaker

What drives economic policy uncertainty in the long and short runs: European and U.S. evidence over several decades, John V. Duca and Jason L. Saving


(Not so) Gently Down the Stream: River Pollution and Health in Indonesia, Teevrat Garg, Stuart E. Hamilton, Jacob P. Hochard, Evan Plous Kresch, and John Talbot

The Electoral College, battleground states, and rule-utilitarian voting, Andrew Jorgenson and Martin Saavedra

Submissions from 2017

Achievement Effects of Individual Performance Incentives in a Teacher Merit Pay Tournament, Margaret Brehm, Scott A. Imberman, and Michael F. Lovenheim


Capitalization of Charter Schools into Residential Property Values, Margaret Brehm, Scott A. Imberman, and Michael Naretta

Remote-Sensing Supports Economic Inference in Developing Countries, Jacob Hochard and Evan Kresch


Children's health insurance, family income, and welfare enrollment, Martin Saavedra


Early-life disease exposure and occupational status: The impact of yellow fever during the 19th century, Martin Saavedra

Submissions from 2016


Typhoid Fever, Water Quality, and Human Capital Formation, Brian Beach, Joseph Ferrie, Martin Saavedra, and Werner Troesken

Returns on Indian Art during 2000-2013, Jenny R. Hawkins and Viplav Saini

Submissions from 2015


Vote Suppression and Insecure Property Rights, Paul Castañeda Dower and Tobias Pfutze


Demographic Factors and Price Distortions in Insurance, Ron Cheung, Cassandra R. Cole, David A. Macpherson, Kathleen A. McCullough, and Charles Nyce


Liquidity Provision During the Crisis of 1914: Private and Public Sources, Margaret M. Jacobson and Ellis Tallman


The Effects of a Noncontributory Pension Program on Labor Force Participation: The Case of 70 y Más in Mexico, Laura Juarez and Tobias Pfutze

Business Cycles and Financial Crises: The Roles of Credit Supply and Demand Shocks, James M. Nason and Ellis Tallman

School quality and educational attainment: Japanese American internment as a natural experiment, Martin Saavedra

Mitigating the Effects of Low Birth Weight: Evidence from Randomly Assigned Adoptees, Martin Saavedra and Brian Beach


Government Spending and Job Creation at Highway Construction Firms: Evidence From Texas, Viplav Saini and Dakshina G. De Silva

Capacity Constraints and Information Revelation In Procurement Auctions, Viplav Saini and Jordan Suter

Submissions from 2014

Do Homeowners Associations Mitigate or Aggravate Negative Spillovers from Neighboring Homeowner Distress?, Ron Cheung, Chris Cunningham, and Rachel Meltzer


Why and Where Do Homeowners Associations Form?, Ron Cheung and Rachel Meltzer

How Are Homeowners Associations Capitalized Into Housing and Land Values?, Rachel Meltzer and Ron Cheung

Clientelism Versus Social Learning: The Electoral Effects of International Migration, Tobias Pfutze

The Effect of Mexico’s Seguro Popular Health Insurance on Child Mortality, Tobias Pfutze


Towards an Understanding of The Performance of Ambient Tax Mechanisms in The Field: Evidence from Upstate New York Dairy Farmers, Jordan Suter and Christian A. Vossler

Submissions from 2013

Homeowners Associations and the Demand for Local Land Use Regulation, Ron Cheung and Rachel Meltzer


Context Effects in a Negatively Framed Social Dilemma Experiment, Kent D. Messer, Jordan Suter, and Jubo Yan

Specificity of Control: The Case of Mexico’s Ejido Reform, Tobias Pfutze and Paul Castañeda Dower

Returns to Residential Energy Efficiency and Conservation Measures: A Field Experiment, Jordan Suter and Md Rumi Shammin

The Banking Panic of 1907, Ellis Tallman


Experimental evidence on dynamic pollution tax policies, Christian A. Vossler, Jordan Suter, and Gregory L. Poe

Submissions from 2012

Endogenous Asymmetry in a Dynamic Procurement Auction, Viplav Saini

Submissions from 2011

Who Supports Portable Assessment Caps: The Role Of Lock-in, Mobility And Tax Share, Ron Cheung and Chris Cunningham

Son Preference In Indian Families: Absolute Versus Relative Wealth Effects, Sylvestre Gaudin


Cooling Off a Warming Planet: Analyzing the Tradeoffs in Policies for Climate Change, John E. Petersen, Md Rumi Shammin, and Jordan Suter

Submissions from 2010

Homeowners Associations and Their Impact on the Local Public Budget, Ron Cheung

The Importance of Aid Fragmentation in Sub-Saharan Africa, Tobias Pfutze


The Political Consequences of International Migration on Sending Countries, Tobias Pfutze


Reserve Prices In A Dynamic Auction When Bidders Are Capacity-constrained, Viplav Saini

Submissions from 2009

The Economics of Community College Labor Markets: A Primer, Hirschel Kasper

Monetary and Fiscal Policies in a Sudden Stop: Is Tighter Brighter?, Alberto Ortiz Bolanos, Pablo Ottonello, Federico Sturzenegger, and Ernesto Talvi


Review: Does Foreign Aid Really Work?, Tobias Pfutze

Ambient-Based Pollution Mechanisms: A Comparison of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Groups of Emitters, Jordan Suter, Christian A. Vossler, and Gregory L. Poe

Comment on "Trends in the Aggregate Labor Force", Ellis Tallman

Submissions from 2008


Sources of Economics Majors: More Biology, Less Business, Hirschel Kasper


Incentives and Choice in Health Care, Hirschel Kasper and Frank A. Sloan


Do Landowners Respond to Land Retirement Incentives? Evidence from the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program, Jordan Suter, Nelson L. Bills, and Gregory L. Poe

Experiments on Damage-Based Ambient Taxes for Nonpoint Source Polluters, Jordan Suter, Christian A. Vossler, Gregory L. Poe, and Kathleen Segerson

Errata to Gold shocks, liquidity, and the United States Economy during the National Banking Era, Ellis Tallman and Jon R. Moen

The Bank Panic of 1907, Ellis Tallman and Jon R. Moen

Submissions from 2007

The Changing Nature of Housing Markets in Upstate New York, Joseph Laquatra, Rolf Pendall, David L. Kay, Jordan Suter, and Nelson L. Bills

Submissions from 1997


International Productivity Patterns: Accounting for Input Quality, Infrastructure, and Research, Barbara J. Craig, Philip G. Pardey, and Johannes Roseboom

Submissions from 1996


Productivity Measurement in the Presence of Quality Change, Barbara J. Craig and Philip G. Pardey

Submissions from 1994


Heterogeneity and intertemporal trade: finding support for international credit contracts, Barbara J. Craig

Submissions from 1992


A Yardstick for International Comparisons: An Application to National Agricultural Research Expenditures, Philip G. Pardey, Johannes Roseboom, and Barbara J. Craig