Events from 2019

Memories of Silence: Music and Privilege in Communist Czechoslovakia, Catherine Lytle

The Enigmatic Abundance of Rare Earth Elements: The Political Economy of Green Technology, Rex Simmons

Japanese Buddhist Temples and their Adaptions to Contemporary Society, Julia Weldon

Events from 2018

The Nominally Morphological Behavior of the Intejection 'Ori' in Hiaki, James Fleming, Laura Jingyi Li, and Nina Lorence-Ganong

Political Survival and the Yasukuni Problem: The Logic Behind the Rising Chinese Popular Nationalism Towards Koizumi Junichiro’s Annual Prime Ministerial Visits to Yasukuni Shrine and Koizumi’s Diplomatic Policy in Relation to China, Yingyue Kang

Madness and Memory: Reading Collaboration as Trauma in Kim Sa-ryang’s “Tenma” and Patrick Modiano’s La Place de l’étoile, Melissa Karp

Limitations of NAGPRA: The Mohegan Mask in the Penn Museum’s Collection, Elka Lee-Shapiro

The Chinese Student Commencement Speech Controversy: A Discourse Analysis of Responding Microblogs, Jenny Xin Luan

Flying Tigers: Transnational Memories of a World War II Collaboration, Shang Yasuda

Mori Ogai’s Suicidal Samurai and Bushido in Early Twentieth Century Japan, Xun Zheng

Tōkaidō in Modern Representation, Yiyin (Mia) Zhong

Events from 2017

The Endangerment Turn: Tracking the Transition of Vegetarian Discourse in Contemporary China, Brendan Nuse

Events from 2016

Breaking Down “Development”: A Music Theoretical Approach to Understanding Journey in Music, Henry Aberle

Twelve Syllables and Counting: Translating Racine's Andromaque (1667) in Alexandrines, Manon Hume

Events from 2015

Rainbows and the Rising Sun, Simone Christen

Tracing the Language of Multiracialism in Postwar Japan, Taiyo Scanlon-Kimura

Events from 2014

"God Knows What I Know": Trans-Eurasian Influence on the Sacred-Secular Conflict in 13th Century Europe, Matthew Kendrick

Events from 2013

Facing Cultural Subjugation: Ainu and Okinawan Identity through Literature and Music, Cassandra Guevara

Events from 2012

Control The Past, Control The Future: The Struggles Behind The Chinese Communist Party’s Historiography of The Cultural Revolution, Ricardo Barrios

Nuclear Power Policy in Japan, Sarah Fries

The Sino-Tibetan Dialogue, Rene Kamm