Submissions from 2020

Korean War: Open Questions, Gregg Brazinsky, Chen Jian, Sheila Miyoshi Jager, Jiyul Kim, and Michael Devine

New and Old Sources on Select Korean War Topics and Issues, Jiyul Kim and Sheila Miyoshi Jager.

Broederstrijd in Korea: Het oneindige conflict tussen Noord en Zuid (Brothers at War: The Unending Conflict in Korea), Sheila Miyoshi Jager and Roelof Posthuma

Review: Nation-Empire: Ideology and Rural Youth Mobilization in Japan and Its Colonies, Emer O'Dwyer


Popular Protest in Postwar Japan: The Antiwar Art of Shikoku Gorō, Ann Sherif

Submissions from 2019

New Democracy, Marc J. Blecher

Review: How China Escaped the Poverty Trap, Marc J. Blecher

Review: Market in State: The Political Economy of Domination in China, Marc J. Blecher

The Underground Silk Road: Pictorial Affinities in 5th century Chinese Cave Temples and Tombs, Bonnie Cheng

Review: Bombing the City: Civilian Accounts of the Air War in Britain and Japan, 1939-1945, Ann Sherif

Submissions from 2018

A Camel's Pace: A Cautionary Global, Bonnie Cheng

Review: "Paranoia Strikes Deep: An Up-close Account of a Country Little Known in the West": See You Again in Pyongyang: A Journey Into Kim John Un's North Korea, Sheila Miyoshi Jager

The Strange, Dark History of North Korea and the Olympics, Sheila Miyoshi Jager

Submissions from 2017

Confucian Heroes in Popular Asian Dramas in the Age of Capitalism, Hsiu-Chang Deppman

DPRK (podcast), Sheila Miyoshi Jager


What Trump Needs to Know About North Korea’s History, Sheila Miyoshi Jager

Book Histories, Material Culture, and East Asian Studies, Ann Sherif

Submissions from 2016


Toward the Comparative Analysis of Transitions from State Socialism: Structure, Agency and Contingency, Marc J. Blecher

Working Class Re-formation and De-formation in the PRC, Marc J. Blecher

Chinese Literature and Film Adaptation, Hsiu-Chuang Deppman

D.T. Suzuki in Transition 1949-53, James C. Dobbins

NGO Policy and Politics in China: a Changing Game, Qiusha Ma


Decoding North Korea’s Bluster, Sheila Miyoshi Jager

Review: Cold War Crucibles: The Korean Conflict and the Postwar World, Sheila Miyoshi Jager

Review: "Held in the Hermit Kingdom": The Invitation-Only Zone: The True Story of North Korea's Abduction Project, Sheila Miyoshi Jager


Review: The Invitation-Only Zone, Sheila Miyoshi Jager

For Dignity, Justice, and Revolution: An Anthology of Japanese Proletarian Literature, Ann Sherif

Submissions from 2015


Review: Insurgency Trap: Labor Politics in Postsocialist China, Marc J. Blecher


Migrants and Mobilization: Sectoral Patterns in China, 2010-2013, Marc J. Blecher and Daniel Zipp

Selected Works of D.T. Suzuki, Volume II: Pure Land, James C. Dobbins and Richard M. Jaffe

Submissions from 2014


Equal in Inequality? How Does Piketty’s ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ Apply to China?, Marc J. Blecher

Exchange Across Media in Northern Wei China, Bonnie Cheng

Reading Docufiction: Jia Zhangke’s 24 City, Hsiu-Chuang Deppman


Review: The Invention of Religion in Japan, James C. Dobbins

The Local Press in Japan and Discourses of National Sacrifice, Ann Sherif

Submissions from 2013

Class Formation and the Labour Movement in Revolutionary China, Marc J. Blecher

Mao Zedong: State and Social Movement Leader, Marc J. Blecher

Review: China's Changing Workplace: Dynamism, Diversity, and Disparity; Trade Unions in China: The Challenge of Labour Unrest, Marc J. Blecher


Review: Walmart in China, Marc J. Blecher

The Structure and Contradictions of Productive Relations in Socialist Agrarian 'Reform': A Framework for Analysis and The Chinese Case, Marc J. Blecher


Review: War and State Building in Medieval Japan, Suzanne Gay


Grassroots Organizations in China: Definitions, Categories, and Significance in the Emergence of Civil Society, Qiusha Ma

改变中国:洛克菲勒基金会在华一百年 (Change of China (100 Years History of Rockefeller Foundation in China)), Qiusha Ma


Brothers at War: The Unending Conflict in Korea, Sheila Miyoshi Jager

A Brief History of Chinese and Japanese Civilizations, Conrad Schirokauer, Miranda Brown, David Lurie, and Suzanne Gay


Review: Experimental Arts in Postwar Japan: Moments of Encounter, Engagement, and Imagined Return, Ann Sherif


Review: The Demimonde in Japanese Literature: Sexuality and the Literary Karyūkai, Ann Sherif

Sôzô jô no sensô: bunka ni totte reisen to wa nani ka (An imaginary war: What is the Cold War to Culture?), Ann Sherif

Submissions from 2012


Review: China's Cotton Industry: Economic Transformation and State Capacity, Marc J. Blecher


Review: Coins, Trade, and the State: Economic Growth in Early Medieval Japan, Suzanne Gay

Thermonuclear Weapons and Tuna: Testing, Protest, and Knowledge in Japan, Ann Sherif

Submissions from 2011

Workers' Politics in China, Marc J. Blecher

Exchange and a Renewed Perspective on Stone, Bonnie Cheng

Non/Functional Realism: Imagined Space for the Dead in Northern Dynasties China, Bonnie Cheng


Cycles of History: China, North Korea and the End of the Korean War, Sheila Miyoshi Jager


Review: The Other Women's Lib: Gender And Body In Japanese Women's Fiction, Ann Sherif

Submissions from 2010

China Against the Tides, Marc J. Blecher

Globalization, Structural Reform, and Labour Politics in China, Marc J. Blecher

Globalization, Structural Reform, and Labour Politics in China, Marc J. Blecher

Review: States' Gains, Labor's Losses: China, France, And Mexico Choose Global Liaisons, 1980-2000, Marc J. Blecher


Review: Workers' Democracy in China's Transition from State Socialism, Marc J. Blecher

The Space Between – Placing ‘Culture’ in Artistic Exchange, Bonnie Cheng

Adapted for the Screen: The Cultural Politics of Modern Chinese Fiction and Film, Hsiu-Chuang Deppman


Review: Hokkeji And The Reemergence Of Female Monastic Orders In Premodern Japan, James C. Dobbins

Art as Activism: Tomiyama Taeko and the Marukis, Ann Sherif

Translation of “Koku”, Ann Sherif

Submissions from 2009

China in 2008: Meeting Olympian challenges, Marc J. Blecher


Review: Donors of Longmen, Bonnie Cheng

Cinema of Disillusionment: Chen Guofu, Cai Mingliang, and Taiwan’s Second New Wave, Hsiu-Chuang Deppman


The Lamp-Oil Merchants of Iwashimizu Shrine: Transregional Trade in Medieval Japan, Suzanne Gay

Entry: Wenzhou Model, Qiusha Ma

Globalization, International NGOs, and the Development of Chinese NGOs: Opportunity and Challenge, Qiusha Ma

Grassroots Organizations In China: Definitions, Categories, and the Significance in the Emergence of Civil Society, Qiusha Ma

Medicine, Western, 1800-1949, Qiusha Ma

The Nongovernmental Organizations in Contemporary China: Paving the Way to Civil Society?, Qiusha Ma

Cold War: Media, Literature, and the Law, Ann Sherif

Submissions from 2008


Into Space: The Local Developmental State, Capitalist Transition, and the Political Economy of Urban Planning in Xinji, Marc J. Blecher


Review: Some Assembly Required: Work, Community and Politics in China's Rural Enterprises, Marc J. Blecher

What—and how—have Tianjin workers been thinking?, Marc J. Blecher

When Wal-Mart wimped out, Marc J. Blecher

Made in Taiwan: An Analysis of Meteor Garden as an Asian Idol Drama, Hsiu-Chuang Deppman


Review: Jøkei and Buddhist Devotion in Early Medieval Japan, James C. Dobbins

Review: Selling Songs and Smiles: The Sex Trade in Heian and Kamakura Japan, Suzanne Gay

Review: War and Faith: Ikkø Ikki in Late Muromachi Japan, Suzanne Gay

Submissions from 2007

Fashioning a Political Body: The Tomb of a Rouran Princess, Bonnie Cheng

Review: China: Dawn of a Golden Age 200-750 CE, Bonnie Cheng

墓葬,美術與政治 - 寧夏固原北周李仙墓再思考 (Modest Burials? Circumventing Imperial Decree in Northern Zhou Tombs), Bonnie Cheng

‘Free’ Lady Knight-Errant? A Comparative Study of Wang Dulu’s and Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (“ziyou” nüxia? shilun wang dulu he li an de wohucanglong), Hsiu-Chuang Deppman

A comparative study of the development of corporatism in China: a case study of NGOs in economic realm, Qiusha Ma

On the Uses of Cultural Knowledge, Sheila Miyoshi Jager


Review: Militarized Modernity and Gendered Citizenship in South Korea, Sheila Miyoshi Jager

The Korean War After the Cold War: Commemorating the Armistice Agreement in South Korea, Sheila Miyoshi Jager

The Politics of Identity: History, Nationalism, and the Prospect for Peace in Post-Cold War Asia, Sheila Miyoshi Jager

Introduction: Re-Envisioning Asia, Past and Present, Sheila Miyoshi Jager and Rana Mitter


Ruptured Histories: War, Memory and the Post-Cold War in Asia, Sheila Miyoshi Jager and Rana Mitter

Lost Men and War Criminals: Public Intellectuals at Yasukuni Shrine, Ann Sherif

Submissions from 2006


Review: Patrolling the Revolution: Worker Militias, Citizenship, and the Modern Chinese State, Marc J. Blecher


Review: Chinese Steles: Pre-Buddhist and Buddhist Use of a Symbolic Form, Bonnie Cheng


Review: Approaching the Land of Bliss: Religious Praxis in the Cult of Amitābha, James C. Dobbins


Review: State of War: The Violent Order of Fourteenth-Century Japan; Samurai, Warfare, and the State in Early Medieval Japan, Suzanne Gay