Submissions from 2014


Sky Ward; Square; Centralia, Kazim Ali

The Dress-Maker of Galilee, Kazim Ali


The Dress-Maker of Galilee; The Labors of Psyche, Kazim Ali

Tower of Babel; Plunder; The Astronomber; Atlas, Kazim Ali

Urdu; Phenomenal Survivals of Death in the Mountains, Kazim Ali

Wind Instrument, Kazim Ali

Yoga and the Cessation of the Self, Kazim Ali


Best Wishes, Stiliana Milkova


Latin American Icons: Fame Across Borders, Dianna C. Niebylski and Patrick O'Connor


Fictions of the Bad Life: The Naturalist Prostitute and Her Avatars in Latin American Literature, 1880–2010, Claire Solomon

Submissions from 2013

Flower Gate; Tower of Babel, Kazim Ali

Letter to Matthew, Kazim Ali

Mosque in Galillee; Dome of the Rock, Kazim Ali

Sky Ward, Kazim Ali

Trick, Kazim Ali

Calling for You, Kazim Ali and Mohammad Jafar Mahallati

The Oasis of Now: Selected Poems of Sohrab Sepehri, Kazim Ali and Mohammad Jafar Mahallati

Astonished Thinking: Dickinson and Heidegger, Jed Deppman

Joyce – Event – Derrida – Event – Joyce, Jed Deppman

‘Say some philosopher:’ Emily Dickinson as Thinker, Jed Deppman


Emily Dickinson and Philosophy, Jed Deppman, Marianne Noble, and Gary Stonum

Mothers, Daughters, Dolls: On Disgust in Elena Ferrante's La figlia oscura, Stiliana Milkova

La riscrittura della storia. Fokine, Diaghilev e il nuovo balleto russo, Tim Scholl

Submissions from 2012


James Joyce: From Hero to Author of the Bildungsroman, Jed Deppman

Jean Anouilh's Antigone, Jed Deppman

Submissions from 2011

Monochromatic: Three-act Tragedy, Kazim Ali


Water’s Footfall, Kazim Ali and Mohammad Jafar Mahallati

George Balanchine, Tim Scholl

Lev Ivanov, Tim Scholl

Marius Petipa, Tim Scholl

Presence of Absence: Diaghilev's Ballets Russes in the Soviet Union, Tim Scholl

Review: Mamontov's Private Opera: The Search for Modernism in Russian Theater, Tim Scholl


Sergei Diaghilev's Sleeping Princess, Tim Scholl


Reconsidering Anti-Semitism and White Slavery in Contemporary Historical Fiction about Argentina, Claire Solomon

Submissions from 2010

Random Search, 2010, Kazim Ali

The Problem of Genesis in the Texts of Joyce, Jed Deppman


Recasting Global Feminisms: Toward A Comparative Historical Approach To Women's Activism And Feminist Scholarship, Jayati Lal, Kristin McGuire, Abigail J. Stewart, Magdalena Zaborowska, and Justine M. Pas

Conversations About Russian Ballet: Commentaries On The Recent Past, Tim Scholl

Marius Petipa, Tim Scholl


Review: Electric Salome, Loie Fuller's performance of modernism, Tim Scholl

Review: Mythmaking In The New Russia: Politics And Memory During The Yeltsin Era, Tim Scholl

Skiftande tider för rysk danskonst, Tim Scholl

Tales of Two Cities, Tim Scholl

Trois chorégraphes, Tim Scholl

Submissions from 2009


blue my promise a swan: to alice coltrane, Kazim Ali


Bright Felon: Autobiography and Cities, Kazim Ali

Persephone as a Boy, 2009, Kazim Ali

Poetry and Space, Faith and Silence, Body and Lyric in the Work of Jane Cooper, Ersatz Everything: The Value of Meaning, The Architecture of Loneliness, Write Something on My Wall: Body and Identity, Kazim Ali


Ramzan Notes, Mid-Afternoon, Day 16, Kazim Ali


“Sleep Door” (2008) and “Rhinebeck” (2009), Kazim Ali


The Disappearance of Seth, Kazim Ali


Review: A Companion to James Joyce, Jed Deppman

A Cinderella Story for a Sleeping Princess, Tim Scholl

Dansdiplomati genom kalla kriget, Tim Scholl

'George Balanchine,’ ‘Divertimento No. 15,’ Tschaikovsky Suite no. 3,’ ‘Tarantella,’ ‘Barber Violin Concerto', Tim Scholl


Next Year in Buenos Aires: On the Road with the Traveling Yiddish Theater in the Americas, Claire Solomon


Review: Rethinking Jewish-Latin Americans, Claire Solomon

Submissions from 2008

adam and his mother: Lucille Clifton’s poetic line, Kazim Ali

Autobiography 2, Kazim Ali

‘blue my promise a swan: to alice coltrane’, 2008, Kazim Ali

Cairo Essay, The Poetics of Islam, Kazim Ali

Dear Father, Dear Sound; Mouth; The Far Mosque; Rope; Cave; Afternoon Prayer; The Second Funeral; Evening Prayer; Naval Missive; Night Prayer, Kazim Ali

december hour, Kazim Ali

Garland 2008, Kazim Ali

In the Hurricane’s Eye: On Mahmoud Darwish, Kazim Ali

on the line, Kazim Ali


Recomposing: On Jane Cooper’s “The Winter Road”, Kazim Ali


The Fortieth Day, Kazim Ali

The Ocean Floor, 2008, Kazim Ali


Review: Editing Emily Dickinson: The Production of an Author, Jed Deppman


Review: Lots of Fun at Finnegans Wake: Unravelling Universals, Jed Deppman

Trying to Think with Emily Dickinson, Jed Deppman


Emily Dickinson and Contemporary Poetics, Jed Deppman and Joy Ladin

Balanchine in America, a Career in Three Acts, Tim Scholl

Balanchine in America: A Career in Three Acts [Баланчин в Америке: Карьера в трех актах], Tim Scholl

Submissions from 2007


From the Book of Miriam the Prophetess, Kazim Ali


God’s Little Brother: Lucille Clifton’s Lucifer, Kazim Ali


Lostness, Sleep Door, Pip, August, Kazim Ali

Ramadan and Ash and Dust, Kazim Ali

The Second Funeral, Math, Ornithography, A Century in the Garden, Kazim Ali

Couer de ballet, Tim Scholl

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Russian Culture: 6 entries, Tim Scholl

Review: Balletglamour, Tim Scholl

Review: Pedagogen Vera Volkova, Tim Scholl

Sotheby’s Chiparus and The Ballets Russes (catalog copy), Tim Scholl

The "New" Russian and Soviet Dance in the Twentieth Century, Tim Scholl

Submissions from 2005


History in the Poetry of próspero saíz: A Reading of "document", Jed Deppman


Trying to Think with Emily Dickinson, Jed Deppman


The Anxiety of the Avunculate: Lezama Reads the Fin-De-Siècle, Patrick O'Connor

Submissions from 2004


Review: "Modernism and Melancholia": Cultures of the Death Drive: Melanie Klein and Modernist Melancholia, Jed Deppman

John Rechy, Patrick O'Connor

Latin American Fiction and the Narratives of the Perverse: Paper Dolls and Spider Women, Patrick O'Connor

Submissions from 2003


Re-Presenting Paul Valéry's Monsieur Teste, Jed Deppman

Submissions from 2002

The Philosophy Student, Stiliana Milkova


Review: Body ascendant: Modernism and the physical imperative, Tim Scholl

Submissions from 2001


Review: The Gorsky Problem, Tim Scholl

Submissions from 1999


Review: The art of Ballets Russes: The Serge Lifar Collection of theater designs, costumes, and paintings at the Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut, Tim Scholl

Submissions from 1998


Review: "The enigma of Lev Ivanov": The Life and Ballets of Lev Ivanov: Choreographer of 'The Nutcracker' and 'Swan Lake', Tim Scholl

Submissions from 1997


Out of the blue: Russia's hidden gay literature - an anthology, Tim Scholl

Submissions from 1995


Review: Creating life: The aesthetic utopia of Russian modernism, Tim Scholl