Submissions from 2022


"Beyond Beyond": Cymbeline, the Camera Obscura, and the Ontology of Elsewhere, Wendy Beth Hyman


Patterns, the Shakespearean Sonnet, and Epistemologies of Scale, Wendy Beth Hyman


Introduction: Interstitial Fiction, Wendy Beth Hyman and Jennifer Waldron


Review: Finding Ferrante: Authorship and the Politics of World Literature, Stiliana Milkova

Storia delle prime volte, Stiliana Milkova

Submissions from 2021

Elena Ferrante in a Global Context (Modern Language Notes, Italian Issue), Tiziana de Rogatis, Stiliana Milkova, and Katrin Wehling-Giorgi

Introduction: Friendship and Scholarship, Tiziana de Rogatis, Stiliana Milkova, and Katrin Wehling-Giorgi

Teaching Social Justice Through Shakespeare: Why Renaissance Literature Matters Now, Hillary Eklund and Wendy Beth Hyman


Beyond Postmoderism: Mirrors, Mise en Abîmes, and Labyrinths in Elena Ferrante's Works, Stiliana Milkova


Mapping Turin's Urban Topography in Elena Ferrante's The Days of Abandonment, Stiliana Milkova

Reading Elena Ferrante in Bulgaria(n), Stiliana Milkova


Side by Side: Female Collaboration in Ferrante’s Fiction and Ferrante Studies, Stiliana Milkova

The Visual Politics of R. Crumb's Bulgaria: A Sketchbook Report, Stiliana Milkova


Review: Sea Monsters, Claire Solomon


Yehuda Amichai, the Unlikely National Poet, Sheera Talpaz

Submissions from 2020

Broadcast from Home, Lisa Bielawa and Claire Solomon

Dispatches: Mythologies, Stiliana Milkova

Elena Ferrante’s The Lying Life of Adults (special issue), Stiliana Milkova

Ferrante Breaks the Frame, Stiliana Milkova


Margherita, Stiliana Milkova

Mediterranean Crossings: Nadia Terranova’s "Farewell, Ghosts", Stiliana Milkova

Non solo Napoli: Torino e il senso delle città nel ciclo de «L’Amica Geniale» e oltre, Stiliana Milkova

On a Change of Location in Season 2 of My Brilliant Friend, Stiliana Milkova

Review: "Mediterranean Crossings": Farewell, Ghosts, Stiliana Milkova

Translation is a Performance of Language: An Interview with Translator and Poet Will Schutt, Stiliana Milkova

Translators and Their Ghosts: Iginio Ugo Tarchetti’s "Fantastic Tales", Stiliana Milkova

Editors’ Introduction: Special issue on Elena Ferrante, Stiliana Milkova and Barbara Halla

Review: "In Love, At War, With Home: Theodor Kallifatides' 'The Siege of Troy'", Kirk Ormand


Storytelling Philosophy and Self Writing—Preliminary Notes on Elena Ferrante: An Interview with Adriana Cavarero, Isabella Pinto, Stiliana Milkova, and Adriana Cavarero

Jorge Luis Borges, "The Secret Miracle": A Great Jewish Books Teacher Workshop Resource Kit, Claire Solomon

Review: "Anna Karenina, Recomposed": The Book of Anna, Claire Solomon

Review: "On the Scale of Conflict, Its Crimes and Traumas": Minor Detail, Sheera Talpaz

Submissions from 2019

Seeing the Invisble Under the Microscope: Natural Philosophy and John Donne's Flea, Wendy Beth Hyman

Impossible Desire and the Limits of Knowledge in Renaissance Poetry, Wendy Beth Hyman

At Obrycki's, Stiliana Milkova

Review: "Framing By Fragmentation": Incidental Inventions, Stiliana Milkova

Review: "Grappling with God’s Language": I Am God, Stiliana Milkova

Review: Indigo, Stiliana Milkova

The Boodman Syndrome, Stiliana Milkova


Review: Baroni: A Journey, Claire Solomon

Submissions from 2018

Inquisition, Kazim Ali

Silver Road: Essays, Maps, and Calligraphies, Kazim Ali

Poems by Emily Dickinson (Chinese translation), Jed Deppman


Review: The Poetics of Scientific Investigation in Seventeenth-Century England, Wendy Beth Hyman


An Ordinary Evening, Stiliana Milkova

Review: Crossing Over and Beyond: Distant Light, Stiliana Milkova


Review: Nel nome della madre. Ripensare la figura della maternità, Stiliana Milkova

Review: Teksty-kartiny i ekfrazisy v romane Dostoevskogo “Idiot" (Texts-paintings and Ekphrasis in Dostoevskii's Novel "Idiot"), Stiliana Milkova

Spazio liminale, labirinto urbano e citta femminile ne L'amica geniale, Stiliana Milkova

That's Enough, Paolo (Basta Paolo), Stiliana Milkova

Controlling Desires: Sexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome, Kirk Ormand

A-1, Claire Solomon

El fabricante de fantasmas (The Manufacturer of Ghosts), Claire Solomon

Los significados de Manu: Estilo, raza y globalizatión en la cultura del básquetbol, Claire Solomon

Machine Translations and Translation Machines in Roberto Arlt's Los siete locos (1929) and Los lanzallamas (1931), Claire Solomon

Submissions from 2017

Checkpoint, Kazim Ali


Mad Heart Be Brave: Essays on the Poetry of Agha Shahid Ali, Kazim Ali

Flames, Stiliana Milkova

Saturday, Stiliana Milkova

Mapping the Megalopolis: Order and Disorder in Mexico City, Patrick O'Connor


Anarcho-Feminist Melodrama and the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Claire Solomon

Submissions from 2016

Abahn Sabana David, Kazim Ali

Love’s Fool: On the Poetry of Hoshang Merchant, Kazim Ali

Missal; May; Zephyr, Kazim Ali

Morning Raga, Kazim Ali

Phenomenal Survivals of Death in the Mountains, Kazim Ali

Review: "The World We Together": The Falling Down Dance, Kazim Ali

Sapphic I am: A Rapture, Kazim Ali


The Astronomer’s Son, Kazim Ali


The Malady of Life, Kazim Ali

Uncle Sharif's Life in Music, Kazim Ali

Artistic Tradition and Feminine Legacy in Elena Ferrante’s L’amore molesto, Stiliana Milkova


A Window into the Unknown, Stiliana Milkova


Ekphrasis and the frame: on paintings in Gogol, Tolstoy, and Dostoevsky, Stiliana Milkova


Elena Ferrante’s Visual Poetics: Ekphrasis in Troubling Love, My Brilliant Friend, and The Story of a New Name, Stiliana Milkova

The Translator’s Visibility or the Ferrante-Goldstein Phenomenon, Stiliana Milkova


Translation as a Practice of Acceptance, Stiliana Milkova and Rebecca Falkoff


Review: Late Book Culture in Argentina, Patrick O'Connor

Submissions from 2015

Resident Alien: On Border-crossing and the Undocumented Divine, Kazim Ali


The Killer Will Remain Free: On Pat Parker and the Poetics of Madness, Kazim Ali

What's American About American Poetry, Kazim Ali

From Rome to Paris to Rome: Reversing the Grand Tour in Gogol’s "Rome", Stiliana Milkova

A practical daughter: Cristina Peri Rossi reads Felisberto Hernandez, Patrick O'Connor

Review: Modern Argentine Masculinities, Patrick O'Connor

Among Empires: Marius Petipa’s Responses to Late Nineteenth-Century Russian Nationalisms, Tim Scholl


From Moscow and Back: Creating and Assessing the “National” Ballets of Caucasia in the 1930s, Tim Scholl

Student Interactions, Race, and the Media: The Oberlin College Choir 1964 of the USSR and Romania, Tim Scholl


In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time: Roberto Arlt’s El fabricante de fantasmas as Minoritarian Cultural Production in 1930s America, Claire Solomon

Submissions from 2014

Acts of Faith, Kazim Ali

Advice Column, Kazim Ali


Bird Hospital, Kazim Ali

Chopping the Birch, Kazim Ali

Dear Joshua, Kazim Ali

How to Spend All One’s Blue; Son of History, Kazim Ali

Letter to Zephyr the West Wind from the Boy Hyacinth, Kazim Ali

Messy Drunk; Sent Mail, Kazim Ali

Mosaic (His Prayer), Kazim Ali


On the Poetry of Lal Ded, Kazim Ali

September 14, Kazim Ali

September; Hello My Name Is _______, Kazim Ali