Submissions from 2023

“But Now": The Temporality of Archaic Greek Invective, Kirk Ormand

C. H. Sisson in Exile, or, Versions and Perversions of Ovid’s Tristia, Christopher Trinacty


Review: Seneca's Characters: Fictional Identities and Implied Human Selves, Christopher Trinacty

Submissions from 2022

Ion: Into the Queer Ionisphere, Kirk Ormand

Ovid's Hermaphroditus and the Mollis Male, Kirk Ormand

Perversion in Antiquity? Foucault, Seneca, and Psychiatric Reasoning, Kirk Ormand

Submissions from 2021


Gender and Sexuality, Kirk Ormand

Submissions from 2020

Atalanta and Sappho: Women in and out of time, Kirk Ormand

Review: "In Love, At War, With Home: Theodor Kallifatides' 'The Siege of Troy'", Kirk Ormand


Answering the Natural Questions: Pliny's Ep. 4.30 and Ep. 8.20, Christopher Trinacty

Memmius, Cicero and Lucretius: A Note on Cic. Fam. 13.1, Christopher Trinacty


Review: Cassandra and the Poetics of Prophecy in Greek and Latin Literature, Christopher Trinacty

Review: Intertextuality in Seneca’s Philosophical Writings, Christopher Trinacty

Review: Lucretius and the Language of Nature, Christopher Trinacty

Review: Orazio: Epistol I, Christopher Trinacty

Review: The Latin of Science, Christopher Trinacty


Ritual Specialists and the Curse Tablets from Amathous, Cyprus, Andrew T. Wilburn

Submissions from 2019

Fear and Healing: Seneca, Caecilius Iucundus and the Campanian Earthquake of 62/63 ce, Christopher Trinacty

Music, Meaning, and the Muses: Teaching Latin Intertextuality with Wild Nothing’s “Paradise”, Christopher Trinacty

Review: Campania in the Flavian Poetic Imagination, Christopher Trinacty


Building Ritual Agency: Foundations, Floors, Doors, and Walls, Andrew T. Wilburn


Figurines, Images and Representations Used in Ritual Practices, Andrew T. Wilburn

Submissions from 2018

Controlling Desires: Sexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome, Kirk Ormand

The Archaeology of Ritual in the Domestic Sphere: Case Studies from Karanis and Pompeii, Andrew T. Wilburn

Submissions from 2017


Review: Ovid's Women of the Year: Narratives of Roman Identity in the Fasti, Christopher Trinacty


Tibullus' Comedy: A Note on Tib.1.2.87-98, Christopher Trinacty

Submissions from 2016

Divine Perspective and the Plots of Zeus in the Hesiodic Catalogue, Kirk Ormand

Peut-on parler de perversion dans l'Antiquité? Foucault et l'invention du raisonnement psychiatriqu, Kirk Ormand


Review: From Agent to Spectator: Witnessing the Aftermath in Ancient Greek Epic and Tragedy, Kirk Ormand


Catastrophe in Dialogue: Aeneid 2 and Seneca’s Agamemnon, Christopher Trinacty

Imago Res Mortua Est: Senecan Intertextuality, Christopher Trinacty


Intertextual translation in Ovid, Seneca, and Ted Hughes, Christopher Trinacty


Review: Brill's Companion to Roman Tragedy, Christopher Trinacty


Review: Lucius Annaeus Seneca: Letters on Ethics to Lucilius, Christopher Trinacty


Review: Seneca: Oedipus. Companions to Greek and Roman Tragedy, Christopher Trinacty

Review: Seneca Philosophus, Christopher Trinacty


Review: The Senecan Aesthetic: A Performance History, Christopher Trinacty


Review: Translation As Muse: Poetic Translation in Catullus's Rome, Christopher Trinacty


The Death of Hippolytus: Reception and Representation in Seneca, Racine, and Kane, Christopher Trinacty


Tragic Translatio: Epistle 107 and Senecan Tragedy, Christopher Trinacty

Submissions from 2015


Ancient Sex: New Essays, Ruby Blondell and Kirk Ormand


Buying Babies in Euripides's Hippolytus, Kirk Ormand

Greek Love: Classical, Kirk Ormand

Towards Iambic Obscenity, Kirk Ormand

One Hundred and Twenty-five Years of Homosexuality, Kirk Ormand and Ruby Blondell


Review: Seneca: Medea, Christopher Trinacty


Late Sophocles: The Hero’s Evolution in Electra, Philoctetes, and Oedipus at Colonus, Thomas Van Nortwick


Inscribed Ostrich Eggs at Berenike and Materiality in Ritual Performance, Andrew T. Wilburn

Submissions from 2014


Apuleius and Africa, Ben Lee, Ellen Finkelpearl, and Luca Graverini

Foucault’s History of Sexuality and the Discipline of Classics, Kirk Ormand


Review: Sex and Sexuality in Classical Athens, Kirk Ormand


The Hesiodic Catalogue of Women and Archaic Greece, Kirk Ormand


Review: A Companion to Terence, Christopher Trinacty


Review: Brill’s Companion to Seneca, Christopher Trinacty

Review: Seneca’s Tragedies and the Aesthetics of Pantomime, Christopher Trinacty


Senecan Tragedy and the Reception of Augustan Poetry, Christopher Trinacty

Excavating the Karanis Archives and Finding Magic in the Kelsey Museum, Andrew T. Wilburn

The Karanis Housing Project: A New Approach to an Old Excavation, Andrew T. Wilburn, Jennifer Gates-Foster, and R. James Cook

Submissions from 2013

Collected Studies on the Roman Novel / Ensayos sobre la novela romana, Marcos Carmignani, Luca Graverini, and Ben Lee

Medea's Erotic Text in Jason and the Argonauts (1963), Kirk Ormand


Review: L’homosexulité feminine dans l’antiquité grecque et romaine, Kirk Ormand

Uncertain Geographies of Desire in the Catalogue of Women: Atalanta, Kirk Ormand

Review: Seneco Tragico, Christopher Trinacty

Woman Warrior? Aeneas’ Encounters with the Feminine, Thomas Van Nortwick

A Wall Painting at Karanis used for Architectural Protection: The Curious Case of Harpocrates and Toutou in Granary C65, Andrew T. Wilburn


Materia Magica: The Archaeology of Magic in Roman Egypt, Cyprus and Spain, Andrew T. Wilburn

Submissions from 2012


A Companion to Sophocles, Kirk Ormand

Last Things: Oedipus at Colonus and the End of Tragedy, Thomas Van Nortwick

Submissions from 2011

Agamemnon, Thomas Van Nortwick

Argos, Thomas Van Nortwick

Hector, Thomas Van Nortwick

Patroklos, Thomas Van Nortwick

Priam, Thomas Van Nortwick

Submissions from 2010


Review: Petronii Arbitri Satyricon 100-115. Edizione critica e commento. Beiträge zur Altertumskunde Bd. 281, Ben Lee


Review: Latein: Geschichte einer Weltsprache, Ben Lee and Branden Kosch


Testing Virginity in Achilles Tatius and Heliodorus, Kirk Ormand

Penelope, Thomas Van Nortwick

Re-Mapping Karanis: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Site Analysis, Andrew T. Wilburn

Submissions from 2009


Review: The Protean Ass, Ben Lee

Electra in Exile, Kirk Ormand


The Unknown Odysseus: Alternate Worlds in Homer's Odyssey, Thomas Van Nortwick

Submissions from 2008

The Potentials of Narrative: The Rhetoric of the Subjective in Tibullus, Ben Lee


Controlling Desires: Sexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome, Kirk Ormand

Review: Loraux La tragedie d'Athenes. La politique entre l'ombre et l'utopie, Kirk Ormand


Imagining Men: Ideals of Masculinity in Ancient Greek Culture, Thomas Van Nortwick


Living in the Moment: A Teacher's Thoughts on Higher Education, Thomas Van Nortwick

Submissions from 2007

Review: Empire and Decline: Rhetorical Continuities from the Romans to the Modern Era, Ben Lee

Review: Postmodern Spiritual Practices: The Construction of the Subject and the Reception of Plato in Lacan, Derrida, and Foucault, Ben Lee

Excavating Magical Practice at Roman Karanis, Andrew T. Wilburn

Submissions from 2006


Review: Sexuality in Greek and Roman Culture and Sex in the Ancient World from A to Z, Kirk Ormand


Achilles at Work, Thomas Van Nortwick

Submissions from 2005

Impossible Lesbians in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Kirk Ormand


Review: Andreia: Studies in Manliness and Courage in Classical Antiquity, Kirk Ormand


Alternate Worlds in Homeric Epic, Thomas Van Nortwick

Submissions from 2004


"Howl" and Other Poems: Is There Old Left in These New Beats?, Ben Lee


LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka and the Limits of Open Form, Ben Lee


Marriage, Identity, the Tale of Mestra in the Hesiodic Catalogue of Women, Kirk Ormand


Review: The Medusa Reader, Kirk Ormand

Old Men Walking: Using Performance to Teach Greek Drama, Thomas Van Nortwick

Submissions from 2003


Oedipus the Queen: Cross-gendering Without Drag, Kirk Ormand