Submissions from 2016


Lady Windermere’s Fan, Heather Anderson Boll

Detroit '67, Justin Emeka


Stick Fly, Justin Emeka

Submissions from 2014

Knock Me A Kiss, Caroline Jackson Smith

As You Like It, Paul Moser

Come Back, Little Sheba, Paul Moser

Pericles, Paul Moser

The Secret Garden, Paul Moser

A Civil War Christmas, Matthew Wright

As You Like It, Matthew Wright

Come Back Little Sheba, Matthew Wright

Ghosts, Matthew Wright

Spirits to Enforce, Matthew Wright

Submissions from 2013

The Diary of Anne Frank, Heather Anderson Boll

Time Stands Still, Heather Anderson Boll

Light Up The Sky, Paul Moser

Lucia Mad, Paul Moser

Twelfth Night, Paul Moser

Submissions from 2011

Ruined, Caroline Jackson Smith and Lynn Nottage

Submissions from 2010

The Price of A Cow, Caroline Jackson Smith

Out of One Glass, Caroline Jackson Smith and Margaret Lynch

Submissions from 2009

Fabulation, Caroline Jackson Smith

Submissions from 2007

King Hedley II, Caroline Jackson Smith

Sleep Deprivation Chamber, Caroline Jackson Smith