Submissions from 2013

Light Up The Sky, Matthew Wright

She Loves Me, Matthew Wright

The Pitmen Painters, Matthew Wright

There is a Happiness That Morning, Matthew Wright

Twelfth Night, Matthew Wright

Submissions from 2011

Steve Paxton: Physical Mindfulness, Ann Cooper Albright

Ruined, Caroline Jackson Smith and Lynn Nottage

Apparitions, 'best selections' tour, Nusha Martynuk

Events for Now and Later, Nusha Martynuk

Apparitions, 'best selections' tour, Carter McAdams

Flora, The Red Menace, Matthew Wright

Hamlet, Matthew Wright

Jerry Springer, The Opera, Matthew Wright

The Little Prince, Matthew Wright

Submissions from 2010

Encounters With Contact: Dancing Contact Improvisation In College, Ann Cooper Albright


Falling on screen, Ann Cooper Albright


Modern Gestures: Abraham Walkowitz Draws Isadora Duncan Dancing, Ann Cooper Albright

The Tanagra Effect: Wrapping the Modern Body in the Folds of Ancient Greece, Ann Cooper Albright

Tracing the Past: Writing History Through the Body, Ann Cooper Albright


Beauty and the Supercomputer: Julie Taymor Gambles on Spiderman, Roger Copeland

The Death of the Choreographer, Roger Copeland

With Friends Like Those: Reflections on Barack Obama's First Year In Office, Roger Copeland

The Price of A Cow, Caroline Jackson Smith

Out of One Glass, Caroline Jackson Smith and Margaret Lynch

A Deck of Cards: A suite in seven movements, Nusha Martynuk

Apparitions; A Deck of Cards: A Suite in Seven Movements, Nusha Martynuk

Video manipulated live in performance, Nusha Martynuk

Apparitions (videography), Carter McAdams

Betrayal, Paul Moser

Much Ado About Nothing, Paul Moser

Our Town, Paul Moser

2010 Signatures, Elesa Rosasco

Beautiful Thing, Matthew Wright

I Love A Piano, Matthew Wright

Macbeth, Matthew Wright

Much Ado About Nothing, Matthew Wright

Submissions from 2009

Disability and Dance, Ann Cooper Albright

Space and Subjectivity, Ann Cooper Albright

Training Bodies to Matter, Ann Cooper Albright

Why I still believe in beautiful books… Notes on publishing and the recession, Ann Cooper Albright

Building Bridges, Roger Copeland

Don't Call the Post-Mod Squad: (Reflections on Mapplethorpe and the Law), Roger Copeland

Protégé and Mentor: The Year of Living Collaboratively, Roger Copeland

Fabulation, Caroline Jackson Smith

Apparitions; The Great Lalula, Nusha Martynuk

The Great Lalula, Nusha Martynuk

Apparitions, Carter McAdams

The Glass Menagerie, Paul Moser

The Seagull, Paul Moser

The Tempest, Paul Moser

Reefer Madness, Matthew Wright

The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Matthew Wright

The Tempest, Matthew Wright

Twelfth Night, Matthew Wright

Submissions from 2008


A Living History, Ann Cooper Albright

Dark Times for American Dance, Roger Copeland

Director's notes for "The Unrecovered", Roger Copeland


The Critic as Thinker, Roger Copeland

2008 Improvisational Performance, Nusha Martynuk

Spring semester Improvisational Performance Ensemble, Nusha Martynuk

Fifth Business, Carter McAdams

60s Songbook, Paul Moser

Old Times, Paul Moser

The English Channel, Paul Moser

Angel of Memory, Matthew Wright

Assassins, Matthew Wright

English Channel, Matthew Wright

My Favorite Year, Matthew Wright

Urinetown, The Musical, Matthew Wright

Vieux Carre, Matthew Wright

Submissions from 2007

Improvisation, Ann Cooper Albright

Three Beginnings and a Manifesto, Ann Cooper Albright


Traces of Light: Absence and Presence in the Work of Loie Fuller, Ann Cooper Albright

Review: The Church That Jerry Built: Or, How Tabloid TV Became America's True Religion, Roger Copeland

Review: "The Importance of Being Sally": Before, Between, and Beyond, Roger Copeland

Review: The Writer of O, Roger Copeland

King Hedley II, Caroline Jackson Smith

Sleep Deprivation Chamber, Caroline Jackson Smith

Measure for Measure, Paul Moser

Where Eagles Dare Theater; Dorm Stories, Paul Moser

Equus, Matthew Wright

Holy Ghosts, Matthew Wright