Events from 2019

Phylogeny of Gypsum Endemic Gaillardia Species: How Location Influences Gene Flow Across the Chihuahuan Desert, Cameron Moss

It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know: Networking and Getting into Law School and Beyond, Jakheem Wheatley

Queer Fashion Within Hegemonic Institutions: The Development of a Queer and Trans* People of Color Aesthetic at Predominately White Institutions, Le'Priya White

Events from 2018

Testing and Disciplining Young Men of Color in Urban Public Schools, Brian Cabral

Bearing the Dream: Undocumented Students in Higher Education, Zurisaday Gutierrez Avila

Identifying with Mental Illness at Oberlin: Social Barriers to Help-seeking, Charis Stanek

Events from 2017

Deconstructing Hypermasculinity: Combatting the War on Black Men, Aliyah Abu-Hazeem

“Head Start Works,” But Why?: Understanding the Persistence of an American Welfare Program, Leah Awkward-Rich

At the Edges of Queer: Navigating Ambiguity, Community, and Erasure, Maddie Batzli

Dignity and Dining Halls: Relations of Power in Oberlin Labor, Jeeva Muhil

Community-Based Social Marketing Research: Sustainable Behavior Change in Oberlin, Lauren Rhodes and Abigail Carlstad

Pathways In & Out of STEM: An Exploration of School Structure and Its Effects on Underrepresented Minorities at Oberlin College, Xavier Tirado

Events from 2016

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: How the Demolition of the Chicago Housing Projects Affected Gun Violence, Jasmine Adams

Contextualizing Affordable Housing Resistance and Exclusion, Yvette Chen

Black and Still Gold: Africana Cultural Approaches to Knowledge and Formal Education, Alexandria Cunningham

Inverted Quarantine: Individual Response to Collective Fear, Katherine Moncure

Events from 2015

Slave Life at Madison’s Montpelier: Comparing Field and House Slave Quarters, Laura Weiner

Events from 2013

Social Responses to Alcohol Flush Reaction, Alex Hamada, Han Jung, and Karl Orozco

Events from 2012

The Funding of Education in Ohio and the Perpetuation of Inequality, Roger Kligerman