Submissions from 2022

'Pure or Tainted?': Representing a Source of Colonial Bengali-English Music in RISM, Emerson Morgan, Christina Linklater, and Pramantha Tagore

Submissions from 2020

I cannot be the only one: creating a community of practice for outreach librarians, Eboni A. Johnson

Submissions from 2019

Small (but Mighty) Outreach Ideas: Four One-Shot Programs from the Oberlin Conservatory Library, Kathleen A. Abromeit

It's More than Boy George's Gender Pronouns, Kathleen A. Abromeit and Holling Smith-Borne

It's More than Gender Pronouns: Let's Talk About That, Kathleen A. Abromeit and Holling Smith-Borne


Academic Art Museum and Library Collaborations: Current Practices and Future Directions, Andria Derstine, Alexia Hudson-Ward, Elizabeth Edgar, and Pamela Snyder

Williams County Obscura, Heath Patten

Review: Birds of Nunavut: v. 1: Nonpasserines; v. 2: Passerines, Alison Ricker

Review: Downriver: Into the Future of Water in the West, Alison Ricker

Science for the People: The Science Library as a Welcoming Space for Exploration, Alison Ricker

Why Edit Wikipedia as a Citizen Science Project? And Does It Really Count as Citizen Science?, Alison Ricker

Tidied Treasures or Hoarder's House? Best Practices for Data Management in Library Catalogs, Sarah Weeks

Submissions from 2018

Ideas, Strategies, and Scenarios in Music Information Literacy, Kathleen A. Abromeit

Peer Instruction in the Oberlin Conservatory Library: Three Models of Engagement, Kathleen A. Abromeit

Passport to Academic Success: An Engaging, Active-Learning Library Orientation for New Students, Cynthia H. Comer

Taking a Stand: Notable African American Oberlin College Alumni, Kenneth M. Grossi

Librarian as Archivist in Africatown: A Grassroots Experiment (Ohio Library Council), Eboni A. Johnson

Selected Resources, Rosalinda H. Linares

Be a Force for Science, Alison S. Ricker

Review: EDGI: Environmental Data & Governance Initiative [internet resource], Alison S. Ricker

Review: Oklahoma Winter Bird Atlas, Alison S. Ricker

Review: Speaking for the River: Confronting Pollution on the Willamette, 1920s-1970s, Alison S. Ricker

Review: The Oceanographer's Companion: Essential Nautical Skills for Seagoing Scientists and Engineers, Alison S. Ricker

Review: UN Climate Change Newsroom [internet resource], Alison S. Ricker

Vote as if Your Life Depends on it: Engaging Students in Advocacy for Science and the Environment, Alison S. Ricker

Sanctuary Communities: Answering to a Higher Law, Anne Cuyler Salsich

An Angle Never Seen: Milt Hinton as Jazz Documentarian, Jeremy Smith

Submissions from 2017

Inspiring Future Generations of Reformers: Using Mary Church Terrell’s Papers For Teaching and Research, Kenneth M. Grossi


Librarian As Mentor: Grow, Discover, Inspire, Eboni A. Johnson


Library Instruction and Information Literacy 2016, Latisha Reynolds, Amber Willenborg, Samantha McClellan, Rosalinda H. Linares, and Elizabeth Alison Sterner

Librarians March for Science Recap, Alison S. Ricker

Report from the Liaison to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Alison S. Ricker

Review: American Bee Books: An Annotated Bibliography of Books on Bees and Beekeeping, 1492 to 2010, Alison S. Ricker

Review: Encyclopedia of Climate Change, Alison S. Ricker

Lantern Slides and Lost Narratives, Anne Cuyler Salsich

Should I Stay or Should I Go: What to Do When Your Beloved Software is No Longer Supported? Update it Yourself!, Anne Cuyler Salsich, Caitlin Nelson, and Nat Wilson

Review: The Miles Davis Lost Quintet and Other Revolutionary Ensembles, Jeremy Smith

Treasures of the Conservatory's Special Collections, Jeremy Smith

Submissions from 2016

Peer Instruction in the Oberlin Conservatory Library: Three Models of Engagement, Kathleen A. Abromeit


Polling Tools, Suzanne Bernsten and Rosalinda H. Linares

Free in the Ether: Digital Scores for Music Research, Deborah Campana

Starting from Scratch: Tips for Building a First-year Outreach Program, Cynthia H. Comer and Julie Weir

Navigating Choppy Waters: Catalysts for Smooth Leadership Sailing, Eboni A. Johnson


Comparing Apples to Oranges: An Exploration of the Use of Libguides in ARL Libraries, Rosalinda H. Linares and Anna Marie Johnson

It's Not About You: Empathetic Marketing as a Framework for Understanding and Reaching First Year Students, Rosalinda H. Linares, Jennifer M. Starkey, and Ann Marie Smeraldi


Library Instruction and Information Literacy 2015, Latisha Reynolds, Samantha McClellan, Susan Finley, George Martinez, and Rosalinda H. Linares

Review: Gender and Climate Change: Impact, Society, Policy, Alison S. Ricker

Reading, Writing, and Peer Review: Engaging With Chemical Literature in a 200-Level Analytical Chemistry Course, Alison S. Ricker and Rebecca J. Whelan


Recent Efforts Toward Collaborative Preservation of Recorded Sound, Jeremy Smith


Review: RefME, Jennifer M. Starkey and Rosalinda H. Linares

Special Collections at Oberlin College Libraries: A Dynamic, Hands-on Approach, Edward Vermue

Submissions from 2015

Navigating Multiple Choice to Research as a Process: The Neuroscience of Teaching the First-year Music Student, Kathleen A. Abromeit

Spirituals: A Multidisciplinary Bibliography for Research and Performance, Kathleen A. Abromeit

Hidden Gems Uncovered - Discovering China Studies Special Collections in Liberal Arts Colleges in the U.S., Xi Chen


Library Instruction and Information Literacy 2014, Robert Detmering, Anna Marie Johnson, Claudene Sproles, Samantha McClellan, and Rosalinda H. Linares

Google Drive for Library Productivity, Teri Oaks Gallaway and Jennifer M. Starkey

Music Has Its Destiny: On Collecting Audio in a Digital Age, Jeremy Smith

Review: Free Jazz/Black Power, Jeremy Smith

Submissions from 2012

Happy New Ears! In Celebration of 100 Years: The State of Research on John Cage, Deborah Campana

Submissions from 2011


Paradigm Shift in Reference Services at the Oberlin College Library: A Case Study, Megan S. Mitchell, Cynthia H. Comer, Jennifer M. Starkey, and Eboni A. Francis

Submissions from 2010

portal adds a new way in: Open access in a Project MUSE context, Ray English


Review: Simple, Not Easy: Reflections On Community, Social Responsibility And Tolerance, Eboni A. Johnson


Review: The Denzel Principle: And Other Reasons Black Women Can't Find Good Black Men, Eboni A. Johnson

The NIH Public Access Policy: Advocating for open access to federally funded research, Heather Joseph and Ray English

Submissions from 2008


The NIH mandate: An open access landmark, Ray English and Heather Joseph

Submissions from 2006


Open Access to Federally Funded Research--The Time is Now, Ray English


The next big library legislative issue, Ray English and Molly Raphael


Public access to federally funded research: The Cornyn-Lieberman and CURES bills, Ray English and Peter Suber


Collaboration: Paradigm of the Digital Cultural Content Environment, Anne Cuyler Salsich

Submissions from 2005

Teaching About Records, Ethics, and Accountability: Three Cases, Richard J. Cox, Barbara Meister, David L. Reynolds, and Anne Cuyler Salsich


The system of scholarly communication: Shaping the future, Ray English

Submissions from 2004


The ACRL Scholarly Communications Initiative: A Progress Report, Ray English

Submissions from 2003

Scholarly communication and the academy: The importance of the ACRL initiative, Ray English

Submissions from 2002

Reforming the system of scholarly communication: It's time to get involved, Ray English and John Collins


ACRL's New Scholarly Communication Initiative: Addressing a Growing Crisis, Ray English and Deborah Dancik

Submissions from 2000


Create change: Shaping the future of scholarly journal publishing, Ray English and Larry Hardesty