Submissions from 2017

Inspiring Future Generations of Reformers: Using Mary Church Terrell’s Papers For Teaching and Research, Ken M. Grossi


Librarian As Mentor: Grow, Discover, Inspire, Eboni A. Johnson

Submissions from 2016


Recent Efforts Toward Collaborative Preservation of Recorded Sound, Jeremy A. Smith

Submissions from 2015

Spirituals: A Multidisciplinary Bibliography for Research and Performance, Kathleen A. Abromeit

Submissions from 2012

Happy New Ears! In Celebration of 100 Years: The State of Research on John Cage, Deborah Campana

Submissions from 2011


Paradigm Shift in Reference Services at the Oberlin College Library: A Case Study, Megan S. Mitchell, Cynthia H. Comer, Jennifer M. Starkey, and Eboni A. Francis

Submissions from 2010

portal adds a new way in: Open access in a Project MUSE context, Ray English


Review: Simple, Not Easy: Reflections On Community, Social Responsibility And Tolerance, Eboni A. Johnson


Review: The Denzel Principle: And Other Reasons Black Women Can't Find Good Black Men, Eboni A. Johnson

The NIH Public Access Policy: Advocating for open access to federally funded research, Heather Joseph and Ray English

Submissions from 2008


The NIH mandate: An open access landmark, Ray English and Heather Joseph

Submissions from 2006


Collaboration: Paradigm of the Digital Cultural Content Environment, Anne Cuyler Salsich


Open Access to Federally Funded Research--The Time is Now, Ray English


The next big library legislative issue, Ray English and Molly Raphael


Public access to federally funded research: The Cornyn-Lieberman and CURES bills, Ray English and Peter Suber

Submissions from 2005


Teaching About Records, Ethics, and Accountability: Three Cases, Richard J. Cox, Barbara Meister, David L. Reynolds, and Anne Cuyler Salsich


The system of scholarly communication: Shaping the future, Ray English

Submissions from 2004


The ACRL Scholarly Communications Initiative: A Progress Report, Ray English

Submissions from 2003

Scholarly communication and the academy: The importance of the ACRL initiative, Ray English

Submissions from 2002

Reforming the system of scholarly communication: It's time to get involved, Ray English and John Collins


ACRL's New Scholarly Communication Initiative: Addressing a Growing Crisis, Ray English and Deborah Dancik

Submissions from 2000


Create change: Shaping the future of scholarly journal publishing, Ray English and Larry Hardesty