Submissions from 2021

Diaries of a Surveilled Citizen after a Failed Revolution in Egypt, Zeinab Abul-Magd

When Upper Egypt Spoke: Dramatized Rebellion, Zeinab Abul-Magd

Apology and Forgiveness: A Comparative View (Persian), Mohammad Jafar Mahallati

Peace in the Universe of Sa'di's Thoughts (Persian), Mohammad Jafar Mahallati

Submissions from 2020


Egypt’s Defense Industry: Dependency, Civilian Production, and Attempts at Autonomy, Zeinab Abul-Magd

Submissions from 2019

Allenby wa Thawrat 1919...Qira’a fi Daw’al-Arshif al-Britani (Lord Allenby and the 1919 Revolution: A Study in the light of the British Archives), Zeinab Abul-Magd


Aristotle and Iranian Ethicists: Friendship as a Moral and a Political Paradigm, Mohammad Jafar Mahallati


Friendship in Islamic Ethics and World Politics, Mohammad Jafar Mahallati

Imam Hossein Studies for the Contemporary World (Persian), Mohammad Jafar Mahallati

Submissions from 2018


Building "Community" and Markets in Contemporary Cairo, Sarah El-Kazaz

Submissions from 2017

Thinking in Four Dimensions: New Directions in Spatial Analysis of the Middle East, Sarah El-Kazaz


Introduction to Special Section: The Un-Exceptional Middle Eastern City, Sarah El-Kazaz and Kevin Mazur

Friendship as a Worldview, Mohammad Jafar Mahallati

Submissions from 2016

Ethics of War and Peace in Iran and Shi'i Islam, Mohammad Jafar Mahallati

Submissions from 2013


How the Iranian Civilization and Shi‘ism should help the Making of Iran’s Foreign Policy, Mohammad Jafar Mahallati

Submissions from 2011

Water’s Footfall, Kazim Ali and Mohammad Jafar Mahallati