Submissions from 2022

A Plethora of Polynomials: A Toolbox for Counting Problems, Tristam Bogart and Kevin Woods


Controlling Textures in TSP Art, Robert Bosch and Robert Klock

Artin presentations, triangle groups, and 4-manifolds, Jack S. Calcut

Extreme nonuniqueness of end-sum, Jack S. Calcut, Craig R. Guilbault, and Patrick V. Haggerty

Universal Systole Bounds for Arithmetic Locally Symmetric Spaces, Sara Lapan, Benjamin Linowitz, and Jeffrey S. Meyer

Submissions from 2021

Periodic behavior in families of numerical and affine semigroups via parametric Presburger arithmetic, Tristam Bogart, John Goodrick, and Kevin Woods

Dependence of the density of states outer measure on the potential for deterministic Schrodinger operators on graphs with applications to ergodic and random models, Peter D. Hislop and Chris A. Marx

Areas of totally geodesic surfaces of hyperbolic 3-orbifolds, Benjamin Linowitz, D.B. McReynolds, and Nicholas Miller

Synchronous Glacial Cycles in a Nonsmooth Conceptual Climate Model with Asymmetric Hemispheres, Alice Nadeau, James Walsh, and Esther Widaish

Combinatorics in the exterior algebra and the Bollobas Two Families Theorem, Alex Scott and Elizabeth Wilmer

Simpson's Paradox, Visual Displays, and Casual Diagrams, Jeffrey Witmer

Submissions from 2020

A Parametric Version of LLL and Some Consequences: Parametric Shortest and Closest Vector Problems, Tristram Bogart, John Goodrick, and Kevin Woods


Domino Steganography, Robert Bosch and Aaron Kreiner

Dependence of the Density of States on the Probability Distribution for Discrete Random Schrödinger Operators, Peter D. Hislop and Chris Marx

Dependence of the Density of States on the Probability Distribution. Part II: Schrodinger Operators on R-d and Non-compactly Supported Probability Measures, Peter D. Hislop and Chris Marx

A Window into the World of KAM Theory, James `. Walsh

A Discontinuous ODE Model of the Glacial Cycles with Diffusive Heat Transport, James Walsh and Esther Widiasih

Review: Or/And: A Review of Figuring Fibers, Elizabeth Wilmer

The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect, Jeffrey Witmer

Submissions from 2019

"Short Stories": Reflections on Tom Short's Impact on Statistics Education, Charlie Ashley, Thomas Bradstreet, Ruth Carver, Patrick Chen, Jaki Fesq, Christine Franklin, Rob Gould, Jeff Haberstroh, Brad Hartlaub, John Holcomb, Daniel Joyce, Lawrence M. Lesser, Jack Miller, Tom Moore, Jerry Morenod, Roxy Peck, Allan Rossman, Josh Tabor, Doug Tyson, and Jeff Witmer

Parametric Presburger arithmetic: complexity of counting and quantifier elimination, Tristram Bogart, John Goodrick, Danny Nguyen, and Kevin Woods

Opt Art: From Mathematical Optimization to Visual Design, Robert Bosch

On Uniqueness of End Sums and 1-handles at Infinity, Jack S. Calcut and Robert E. Gompf

The Danger of Testing by Selecting Controlled Subsets, with Applications to Spoken-Word Recognition, David Liben-Nowell, Julia Strand, Alexa Sharp, Tom Wexler, and Kevin Woods

Brauer equivalent number fields and the geometry of quaternionic Shimura varieties, Benjamin Linowitz

Commensurability classes of fake quadrics, Benjamin Linowitz, Matthew Stover, and John Voight

The Ocean and Climate Change: Stommel's Conceptual Model, James Walsh

Submissions from 2018

Lower Bounds for Heights in Relative Galois Extensions, Shabnam Akhtari, Kevser Aktas, Kirsti D. Biggs, Alia Hamieh, Kathleen Petersen, and Lola Thompson

STAT2: Modeling with Regression and ANOVA, Ann R. Cannon, George W. Cobb, Bradley A. Hartlaub, Julie M. Legler, Robin H. Lock, Thomas L. Moore, Allan J. Rossman, and Jeffrey Witmer

Cartan Prolongation of a Family of Curves Acquiring a Node, Susan Jane Colley and Gary Kennedy


Large Coupling Asymptotics for the Lyapunov Exponent of Quasi-Periodic Schrodinger Operators with Analytic Potentials, Rui Han and Chris Marx

Bounds for Arithmetic Hyperbolic Reflection Groups in Dimension 2, Benjamin Linowitz


Counting Problems for Geodesics on Arithmetic Hyperbolic Surfaces, Benjamin Linowitz


Counting and Effective Rigidity in Algebra and Geometry, Benjamin Linowitz, D.B. Reynolds, Paul Pollack, and Lola Thompson

Subcritical behavior for quasi-periodic Schrodinger cocycles with trigonometric potentials, Chris Marx, Laura H. Shou, and Jake L. Wellens

Divisor-sum Fibers, Paul Pollack, Carl Pomerance, and Lola Thompson

A Generalization of the Practical Numbers, Nicholas Schwab and Lola Thompson


Neoproterozoic glacial ages in a nonsmooth conceptual model, James Walsh

AdaM and GrahaM Play the Stock Market, Kevin Woods

Submissions from 2017


Spectral theory of extended Harper’s model and a question by Erdős and Szekeres, A. Avila, S. Jitomirskaya, and Chris Marx

Counting isospectral manifolds, Mikhail Belolipetsky and Benjamin Linowitz


Parametric Presburger arithmetic: logic, combinatorics, and quasi-polynomial behavior, Tristram Bogart, John Goodrick, and Kevin Woods

A Coarse Stratification of the Monster Tower, Alex Castro, Susan Jane Colley, Gary Kennedy, and Corey Shanbrom

What is Mathematics and Why Won’t It Go Away? Philosophy of Mathematics in a First-Year Seminar, Susan Jane Colley

Systoles of arithmetic hyberbolic surfaces and 3-manifolds, Benjamin Linowitz, D.B. McReynolds, Paul Pollack, and Lola Thompson


On the isospectral orbifold–manifold problem for nonpositively curved locally symmetric spaces, Benjamin Linowitz and Jeffrey S. Meyer

Bounded gaps between primes and the length spectra of arithmetic hyperbolic 3-orbifolds, Benjamin Linowitz, D.B. Reynolds, Paul Pollack, and Lola Thompson


Local Selectivity of Orders in Central Simple Algebras, Benjamin Linowitz and Thomas R. Shemanske


Dynamics and spectral theory of quasi-periodic Schrodinger-type operators, Chris Marx and S. Jitomirskaya


Diffusive heat transport in Budyko's energy balance climate model with a dynamic ice line, James Walsh


Bayes and MCMC for Undergraduates, Jeffrey Witmer

To Bayes or Not to Bayes (The Answer is Yes), Jeffrey Witmer

Submissions from 2016


Lights Out Animations, Robert Bosch


Bayesian Inference of Recursive Sequences of Group Activities from Tracks, Ernesto Brau, Colin Dawson, Alfredo Carrillo, David Sidi, and Clayton T. Morrison

Rational angled hyperbolic polygons, Jack S. Calcut

Double branched covers of theta-curves, Jack S. Calcut and Jules R. Metcalf-Burton

Parametrizing Shimura subvarieties of A1A1 Shimura varieties and related geometric problems, Benjamin Linowitz and Matthew Stover

Review: A First Course in the Calculus of Variations, Chris Marx

On integers n for which X-n-1 has a divisor of every degree, Carl Pomerance, Lola Thompson, and Andreas Weingartner

Statistics for the Life Sciences, 5th ed., Myra L. Samuels, Jeffrey Witmer, and Andrew Schaffner


Periodic orbits for a discontinuous vector field arising from a conceptual model of glacial cycles, James Walsh, Esther Widiasih, Jonathan Hahn, and Richard McGehee

Concept maps in introductory statistics, Jeffrey Witmer

Submissions from 2015

The explicit algebraic autonomy of Artin presentation theory and the Fox Calculus. I, Jack S. Calcut and Horst E. Winkelnkemper

Bounded Gaps Between Primes in Number Fields and Function Fields, Abel Castillo, Chris Hall, Robert J. Lemke Oliver, Paul Pollack, and Lola Thompson


The sign changes of Fourier coefficients of Eisenstein series, Benjamin Linowitz and Lola Thompson


Arithmetic functions at consecutive shifted primes, Paul Pollack and Lola Thompson


The Parametric Frobenius Problem, Bjarke Hammersholt Roune and Kevin Woods

On the Budyko-Sellers energy balance climate model with ice line coupling, James Walsh and Christopher Rackauckas

Submissions from 2014

Computing Severi degrees with long-edge graphs, Florian Block, Susan Jane Colley, and Gary Kennedy

Designing Game of Life mosaics with integer programming, Robert Bosch and Julia Olivieri

Game-of-Life Mosaics, Robert Bosch and Julia Olivieri

Integer Programming, Robert Bosch and Michael Trick

Connected sum at infinity and 4-manifolds, Jack S. Calcut and Patrick V. Haggerty

Borromean rays and hyperplanes, Jack S. Calcut, Jules R. Metcalf-Burton, Taylor J. Richard, and Liam T. Solus

Abelian surfaces with prescribed groups, Chantal David, Derek Garton, Zachary Scherr, Arul Shankar, Ethan Smith, and Lola Thompson

Variations on a theorem of Davenport concerning abundant numbers, Emily Jennings, Paul Pollack, and Lola Thompson

Dominated Splittings and the Spectrum for Almost Periodic Jacobi Operators, Chris Marx

Hypergraphs of bounded disjointness, Alex Scott and Elizabeth Wilmer

Variations on a question concerning the degrees of divisors of x^n-1 J, Lola Thompson

A dynamics approach to a low order climate model, James Walsh and Esther Widiasih


The unreasonable ubiquitousness of quasi-polynomials, Kevin Woods

Submissions from 2013

Figurative mosaics from flexible Truchet tiles, Robert Bosch and Urchin Colley

From path-segment tiles to loops and labyrinths, Robert Bosch, Sarah Fries, Maneka Puligandla, and Karen Ressler

Orbit spaces of gradient vector fields, Jack S. Calcut and Robert E. Gompf

Connected sum at infinity and Cantrell-Stallings hyperplane unknotting, Jack S. Calcut, Henry C. King, and Laurent C. Siebenmann

STAT2: Building Models for a World of Data, Ann R. Cannon, George W. Cobb, Bradely A. Hartlaub, Julie M. Legler, Robin H. Lock, Thomas L. Moore, Allan J. Rossman, and Jeffrey Witmer


Algebra, Analysis, and Eating Corn, Susan Jane Colley

Review: The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra and Math Girls, Susan Jane Colley


Computing Severi degrees with long-edge graphs, Susan Jane Colley, Florian Block, and Gary Kennedy


On geometric trilateral-free (n_3) configurations, Michael Raney


Distribution of squarefree values of sequences associated with elliptic curves, Akhtari Shabnam, David Chantal, Hahn Heekyoung, and Lola Thompson

On the divisors of xn − 1, Lola Thompson

Modeling climate dynamically, James Walsh and Richard McGehee

Presburger arithmetic, rational generating functions, and quasi-polynomials, Kevin Woods


Review: Symmetry: A Mathematical Exploration, Kevin Woods


The unreasonable ubiquitousness of quasi-polynomials (abstract), Kevin Woods

Another quick proof that e < 3, Robert M. Young

Submissions from 2012


On Fundamental Groups of Quotient Spaces, Jack S. Calcut, Robert E. Gompf, and John D. McCarthy


Which Numbers Are Real?, Michael Henle


Martin Gardner in the Twenty-First Century, Michael Henle and Brian Hopkins