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Thesis - Oberlin Community Only

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Bachelor of Arts




Eric Steggall

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Eric Steggall, Chair
Kari Barclay
KJ Cerankowski


Educational theatre, Educational theater, Occupational safety, Intimacy, Staged intimacy, Theatrical intimacy, Occupational accountability, DEI, DEI in theatre, DEI in theater


Theaters in both educational and professional environments can be wonderful spaces for artistic growth, but they can also play host to significant and continual issues that make the space unsafe and uncomfortable at all levels. This is especially the case when sensitive or otherwise high-risk work, such as those featuring intimacy, is involved. This thesis analyzes professional theatrical institutions’ histories of, and policies for, maintaining healthy internal environments for approaching this work. Through this analysis and my personal experiences as a stage manager, I propose several such policies for potential adoption by Oberlin College’s Department of Theater, as well as any other organizations interested in making similar changes. I argue that these policies will help ensure that the Department of Theater can continue to ensure that it is creating and supporting safe, accountable, and evolving spaces for theatrical education.