A two-screen model of the variable scintillation of pulsar B1737+13

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Thesis - Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts


Physics and Astronomy


Dan Stinebring

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Annemarie Exarhos


Radio astronomy, Radio pulsars, Interstellar medium, Interstellar scattering, Pulsar scintillation, Pulsars: individual (B1737+13)


In this thesis, I discuss a set of observations of the pulsar B1737+13 and develop a two scattering screen model to explain the observed variability in the pulsar’s scintillation behavior. I begin by introducing the phenomenon of pulsar scintillation and the underlying physical framework behind one-dimension scattering screen models and scintillation arcs. I then discuss the methods used to analyze the observations as well as the methods of simulating two-screen scattering to compare to the observations. I then present the results of the analysis and simulations. To do this, I develop the idea of interaction arcs to characterize scattering in the two-screen model. I find that the two-screen model and interaction arcs are able to explain key features in the observed variability in the pulsar’s scintillation behavior. The explanatory power of this two-screen model provides strong evidence for the existence of two scattering screens along the line of sight to B1737+13.


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