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Thesis - Oberlin Community Only

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Bachelor of Arts




Chris Marx

Committee Member(s)

Meredith Shea


Distribution theory, Structure theorems


In this paper, we prove the structure theorems for the space of compactly supported distributions (E′(R)), distributions (D′(R)), and tempered distributions (S′(R)). We introduce a notion of antiderivative defined on the distribution class D′(R), and use the Riesz representation theorem to show that each element of space E′(R) can be written as a derivative of a distribution generated by a continuous function. Then, we show that the result for E′(R) may be extended to the spaces D′(R) and S′(R) with some modifications. For D′(R), we extend our conclusion about E′(R) via a partition of unity. For S′(R), we modify the definition of the distributional antiderivative, based on which we prove that each element of the space S′(R) can be written as a derivative of a tempered distribution generated by a polynomially bounded continuous function.