Degree Year


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Bachelor of Arts


Comparative American Studies


Wendy Kozol

Committee Member(s)

Angela LaGroterria
Emily Barton




This honors thesis is a collection of short stories and other writings orbiting the central theme of gender euphoria. A play on gender dysphoria, a diagnostic term denoting a sense of incongruity between one’s body and one’s understanding of one’s own gender, gender euphoria seeks to describe a state of being, often but not always ecstatic, realized when one is recognized as the gender one identifies with, either by oneself or by outside observers. What would it be like if transgender and gender non-conforming people could explain themselves not just with their pain, but also with their joy at becoming themselves? And would it be like to live in that joyful and painful becoming, and not have to explain yourself at all? Drawing from interviews with and artworks by trans and gender non-conforming people, this project seeks to illustrate instances of gender euphoria, in all their contexts and complexities through fiction and creative nonfiction.