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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Arts (MA)




Frederick Foreman

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Reuel Frost
Erwin Stumm


Stratigraphy, Lorain County (OH), Cleveland, Oberlin, Shale


During the course of the school year 1936-37 spent at Oberlin, which is situated near the center of Lorain County, Ohio, the writer had the opportunity to study the outcrops and to gather records of wells in this area.

A study of the strata of this county is confusing because the same rocks have been described under different formational names. Originally many of these strata were traced northward from type sections in central Ohio or westward from type sections near Cleveland. At a later date many of the strata were reclassified and assigned to formations which had been traced westward from Pennsylvania.

The object of this thesis is two-fold: first, to describe the strata as classified by the most recent studies in the region, which both the extent and the individual characteristics of these formation given, and second to determine the conditions under which the strata were deposited.

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