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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Arts (MA)




Frederick Foreman

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Reuel Frost
Erwin Stumm


Oriskany sandstone, Sedimentation, Monterey (VA), Virginia, Analysis


The primary purpose of this paper is to present specific data as a means of explaining the sedimentation conditions at the time of deposition of the Oriskany Sandstone. The data were obtained through the use of laboratory methods upon specimens taken from several outcrops in the vicinity of Monterey, Virginia (see Darton's U.S.G.S. folio No. 51). In addition to the presentation of objective results, the author has attempted to make tentative interpretations of them, based primarily upon textural and shape analysis of the sediment. The writer realizes that the investigation is inadequate in many respects, due to lack of time available for field study and collection, and the little experience with similar types of problems. It is to be hoped, however, that a more complete report may be forthcoming in the near future.

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