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Hawaii, Chinese, History, Education, Language, Learning


In the transplanting of any race or people, a period of acclimatization by the process of natural or formal education must inevitably ensue if that group wishes to survive both mentally and spiritually; and in many cases physically.

In any community a human, in order to make himself agreeable and useful, must learn to cooperate with his or hers neighbors. This is usually accomplished by first learning the language of one's country of adoption, then to learn the philosophy of the inhabitants already established there, and finally to apply one's self diligently by industry and perseverance to occupation.

The Chinese in Hawaii have shown their ability in adapting themselves to American ways and learning, and have succeeded in making themselves amongst the most powerful and progressive forces in the educational and economic life of the Islands.

Since economic development is a factor which influences the educational opportunities of the state, this thesis will attempt to treat the progress of the Chinese in industry, commerce and the professions in their relation to the cultural and educational progress which is co-relative to the former.

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