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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Arts (MA)




J. William Lee


Miguel de Unamuno, Generation of 1898, Christian philosophy


The major thesis of this research work has been that Unamuno’s life and writings can best be seen in terms of a philosophy of tragedy. Tragedy, in the Unamunian sense, means an agonizing struggle between opposing forces so well matched that no final victory of one over the other is possible. Unamuno wrote about and lived within this “tragic sense of life,” which consists of this agonizing struggle; and it is the centrality of this fact which can be demonstrated in his writings. Unamuno’s own life and the life of the so-called “Generation of 1898” serves as an introduction to the meaning of the tragic sense of life in human existence and in the Christian faith. Moreover, it has also been the concern of this thesis to show that the tragic sense of 1ife, far from being the occasion for resignation, is a source of creativity for Christian existence. In short, I have attempted to demonstrate how conflicting modes of being – heart and head, faith and reason, peace and conflict, life and logic – struggled with each other in the Unamunian universe, and how they could lead to creative courage and meaning.

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